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Cyclist killed in Agoura Hills hit-and-run; driver arrested on suspicion of DUI

A motorist in Agoura Hills who allegedly struck and killed a bicyclist and fled the scene was arrested after witnesses followed her to a nearby parking lot and alerted authorities.

The collision occurred at about 3:45 p.m. Saturday on Agoura Road, just east of Liberty Canyon Road, the California Highway Patrol reported.

The motorist, S. D. Whitmansegal, 44, was driving eastbound on Agoura Road in a 2002 Mercedes-Benz when she collided with James Laing, 46, who was riding a bicycle and also going eastbound on Agoura Road. Laing, of West Hills, suffered fatal injuries and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Whitmansegal drove away but was followed by witnesses who alerted authorities to her presence in a parking lot, the CHP reported. 

The Woodland Hills resident was detained by sheriff’s deputies until California Highway Patrol officers arrived. She was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence, hit-and-run and gross vehicular manslaughter.

-- Carla Rivera

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Another upstanding Valley resident.

So is S. D. Whitmansegal, 44, a legal resident or an illegal alien?

Since the State of California and the L A Times so adamantly advocates "sanctuary" for illegal aliens (mostly latino), I feel it necessary to question the immigration status of all California residents who are not identified or who have foreign sounding names. I will have no reason to continue this practice when the State of California and the L A Times begins to advocate upholding the laws of this country.

Sounds Hebrew to me.

@ CaliPHOBE...

"... or who have foreign sounding names?"

What does that mean?

I guess to you a name like John Smith would not qualify as "foreign sounding" even though he might be an illegal alien from Britain who, shall we say, has overstayed his visa.

How about questioning the immigration status of all those whose surnames end with a vowel?

Talk about xenophobes.

caliPHOBE: If you want anyone with an ounce of wisdom to listen to your twisted political rant I would suggest you start by showing some compassion for the victim of this crime.

LOL @ CaliPHOBE. With the surname "Whitmansegal" and a 2002 Mercedes-Benzes, this just has to be an undocumented immigrant from Latin America.

this is so sad...just that quickly lives are forever changed.

that poor guy, out enjoying his ride.

I wonder what time she started drinking?

Only a fool would drive away and think they could get away with it.

I applaud the witnesses who followed the suspect and took the responsibility of reporting this very serious crime the authorities. As avid cyclists who train on public roads, we are frequently victims of many incidents involving motorists that either go unseen or ignored by police. These range from road rage by those who are ignorant of the laws which allow cyclists to share public roads to poor or intoxicated drivers who venture to drive their cars into cyclist in the bike lane. Cyclists in this country are second class citizens, an unfortunate side-effect of our motorist culture and ineffectiveness of our legal system and enforcement of laws protecting cyclists. We are all grieving for Mr. Liang and his family.

@COCO.....That isn't the point.The point is that everyone that commits a crime should have his/her immigration status checked.Laws are laws,it applies to EVERYONE.

By the way a 2002 Mercedes Benz is sooooo 8 years ago.

I gave up riding my bike in LA, its just too dangerous. I only ride on bike paths. Caliphobe, you are nuts.

This city needs more bike paths.

Immigration issues, really? A little off topic maybe?

This driver, at the least is guilty of felony hit and run. Fleeing the scene is evidence of consciousness of guilt, and most likely this will result in vehicular homicide and a wrongful death lawsuit. When will drivers start paying attention to bicyclists? You can destroy another's life as well as your own.

This is an unfortunate accident for the cyclist.

Thank you to the witness who followed the hit and run driver and reported her to police. This person is a hero to justice everywhere.

It is sad indeed when society has reached the point where one can run over a person with a car and keep on driving! Makes me wonder just how many more of these yahoos are out there on the roads with a total disregard for human life. Remember when people used to run over animals and keep on driving! Now it is we "humans" who are at risk.

Drunk drivers should have mandatory 5 years jail time. That would make people think twice before drinking and driving. Morally, it's no different from walking into a shopping mall, blindfolding yourself, and firing off a pistol in random directions.

People get all upset about terrorism, but over the last 10 years we've lost ~3,000 Americans to terrorism and more than 150,000 Americans to accidents related to drunk driving.

Wow, this sucks....She should defenitly be punished to the full extent of the law, it seems like everyweek a cyclist is dying due to a drunk driver? The cities in the state of CA, need to recognize with that rising fuel prices, people want alternative means of transportation, but not if dying is a risk.

We need protected bike paths, and we also need the closed bike trails on the riverbed's to be repaved, cut & trim the weeds that overgrow it, and allow us (bikers) the safety we require.

Mayor's, Ya'll need to step it up, this could be you getting hit in broad daylight, just like A. Villaraigosa, he's lucky to have just sprained his arm. Death is Imminent when being hit by a 3ton Mercedez Benz.

My condolences to the family that suffered the loss, and my regards to driver of the vehicle, may others learn from her mistake.

AKA: Stephanie Segal....RIP Mr. Laing

poor guy - it's why i gave up riding my bike on the roads a long time ago. if i die it will be due to my own stupidity, or at the fangs of a rattlesnake or mt lion rather than some drunk, or distracted shmuk at the wheel of an oversized monstrosity.
on the roads you are putting your life in the hands of people who feel nothing but contempt for bicyclists


A quick Google search came up with that she also goes by the name Stephanie Segal. Yeah, that's Mexican alright!

I'm sorry that the Times, state, local and federal government do not send you detailed information on every arrest made. They must not have gotten your memo!

@bike racer

Just wondering if those you feel "are second class citizens" might happen to include those who PLOW right through Stop signs, among other things.

It is they that would suffer a similar fate were it not for the GOOD drivers.

My condolences to the victim's family.

James Laing was my cousin. I would truly love to contact the people that so heroically helped him and detained the suspect. If you were one of those people, can you please contact me? maryvogt@sbcglobal.net.

Thank you.

I also am grateful to read the heartfelt comments up here from fellow cyclists and others.

Legalize marijuana...ban alcohol !

She MUST have been drunk - committing hit-and-run at a spot where the very next driveway leads directly into the motor pool of Malibu-Lost Hills sheriff's substation??

Right on to the witnesses who followed her and alerted the police! It breaks my heart to hear all the soties about people who can't be bothered to get involved...glad this wasn't the case here.

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