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California chamber begins radio ads to defeat Prop. 19

The first major advertising in the campaign against the marijuana legalization initiative hit the airwaves Friday with the California Chamber of Commerce spending $250,000 for radio ads.

The spots say, in part, that Proposition 19 "is worded so broadly that it would hurt California’s economy, raise business costs and make it harder to create jobs."

The ads, which started Friday in Los Angeles and will begin Saturday in San Diego, significantly bolster the No on 19 campaign, which has been vastly overmatched in fundraising. As the opposition campaign entered the two weeks before the election, it reported having about $47,000 available, while the main pro-Proposition 19 committees had $450,000 to spend.

The chamber maintains the initiative would undermine the rights of employers to ensure their workers are not high, raising the risk of injury, lawsuits and increased insurance costs.

"When people understand what would happen in the workplace when this becomes law, they are inclined to vote no," said Denise Davis, the chamber’s spokeswoman. "We’re going to keep working to get the message out as broadly as we can right up until election day."

Tom Angell, a spokesman for the Yes on 19 campaign, said that voters know enough about marijuana not to be swayed by the chamber’s ads.

"This is the same old reefer madness scare tactics that the voters have been bombarded with for decades," he said.

Angell declined to disclose whether the campaign intends to advertise in the final week before the Nov. 2 election. "We’re still keeping our options open," he said.

The campaign has focused on a grass-roots effort to drive turnout among young people and minorities, as well as outreach to women with children who are seen as swing voters.

Proposition 19 would allow Californians 21 and older to grow and possess marijuana, and it would allow cities and counties to approve cultivation and sales. It includes a provision that protects people who use marijuana from discrimination, but also allows employers the right to address consumption that impairs job performance.

The chamber says this mean a worker could show up high and the employer could not act unless the worker caused an accident. The Yes on 19 campaign says employers would retain their rights under current state law to refuse to hire marijuana users or dismiss those who are impaired.

In the 60-second ad, a female narrator says, "Imagine coming out of surgery, and the nurse caring for you was high. Or having to work hard on your job to make up for a co-worker who shows up high on pot. It could happen in California if Proposition 19 passes."

-- John Hoeffel

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Prop 19 is well intended but totally futile. Federal drug laws need to be changed.

All this money being wasted over a harmless plant!

Prop 19 will pass. California will lead the way into history as it's done with green energy.

Voting yes !

Actually the LA Times has already been providing free advertising to the opponents of Prop 19, in the form of a vicious character assassination of gentle cannabis, for several weeks now.

All these arguments have been made fun of for years. Please, can we grow up as a society and stop being irrationally emotional about this issue now? Legalization will sharply reduce the amount of money and time we're wasting on incarceration. Educate your children on the effects of using cannabis while young just like alcohol, etc. and let law enforcement worry about policing adults that are not responsible with their legal cannabis use, just like we do already, but without all the needless childish harassment and Cheech and Chong jokes.

Pro-supporters you better come up with something to counter act this. Get Judge Gray!

Just read the proposition. "No person shall be punished, fined, discriminated against, or be denied any right or privilege for lawfully engaging in any conduct permitted by this act or authorized pursuant to Section 11301. Provided, however, that the existing right of an employer to address consumption that ACTUALLY impairs job performance by an employee shall not be affected."

The above is a MAJOR loophole.

You have no right as an employer to address the consumption of marijuana unless you can prove that it ACTUALLY impairs job performance. So that means, you have to wait until an accident happens before you can address this with the employee. If an operator of a FAIR with rides is stoned, you cannot address his use of pot even though he appears to work with bloodshot eyes and look wasted. It has to ACTUALLY impair his job performance, so this means that to prove it, if the operator set the ride too fast and someone was thrown off the ferris wheel then that ACTUALLY proves that this has impaired his job performance.

Hahahahaha... Has anyone seen Nurse Jackie? Yeah your nurses and doctors are already high! Except on prescription pills... you know the ones where the ad says, "fixes your blood pressure, helps you live a healthy, happy life... side effects may cause severe discomfort, bloody noses, headaches, higher blood pressure, sudden death..." etc. etc. etc.

People get drunk, people get high... it is just a fact of life and it has been for almost the entire history of mankind. At least with marijuana we have an opportunity to control and regulate it as well as reap the benefits of taxes instead of making it completely uncontrollable and a gold mine for criminals!
YES ON 19!

arent these the same politicians that ruined our state and now they are telling us what we can or can not do .they should be ashamed of themselfs we need to vote them all out .

According to a new study, marijuana is the real cause of malaria, AIDS, cholera and baldness in both men and women.

These people will say anything to scare people and as the election draws nearer, expect it to get louder and more shrill not unlike the barrage of lies that scared people into voting for Prop 8.

It's past time for the lies to stop

Reefer madness all over again... Yes on 19

The L.A. Times has done a great job at showing how untrustworthy this organization is at administering quality journalism. For the past few weeks they have continuously pushed out columns suggesting Prop 19 is unpopular and dangerous to California.

Everybody that works for the L.A. Times should be ashamed at the lack of integrity at this news organization for abusing their status as a trustworthy source for news by attempting to sway public opinion. You're journalists, you're not supposed to tell people how to think, you're supposed to simply present the news in an unbiased manor. The L.A. time has now sunken to the level of Fox news.

The only people voting no on prop 19 are drug dealers and misinformed parents. Marijuana will be harder for kids to get a hold of if it is regulated! Yes on prop 19! End this phony "war on drugs" game

Every rational smoker understands the harm all out legalization will cause to our state,

A Prohibition law strikes a blow at the very principles upon which our government was founded.

There is no such wording in the proposition that says employees can be high in the workplace. The Chamber of Commerce is intentionally distorting the truth, and even descending into outright lies, in order to further their own corporate agenda- which does NOT benefit the vast majority of Americans.

The Chamber of Commerce would prefer to see Californians locked up in a cage for growing a natural plant on their own property, for example, by opposing Prop 19. This is absolutely insane.

Yes on 19!

This is absolutely ridiculous. Imagine if your nurse was high? Give me a break. If that's the argument, then why isn't alcohol illegal? I believe in freedom for adults, and that's why I'm voting "yes" on Prop. 19.

California Chamber of Commerce spending $250,000 for radio ads.

The spots say, in part, that Proposition 19 "is worded so broadly that it would hurt California’s economy, raise business costs and make it harder to create jobs."

Hurt California's economy.....is there anything that can hurt California's economy any more???? Would that be called an oxymoron!!

Raise business cost...because workers are smoking out rather than working
just like people that drink alcohol.....they are busy drinking at work rather than working.

Harder to create jobs..because those who create jobs ....namely bosses and business owners are too stoned at work .....just like those bosses or business owners that are too drunk on business hours......

Yes I'm sarcastic, for those that are too high or drunk....
All others that oppose 19....go smoke some weed, it might change your mind setting in a good way. ;-)

"Imagine coming out of surgery, and the nurse caring for you was high. Or having to work hard on your job to make up for a co-worker who shows up high on pot. It could happen in California if Proposition 19 passes."

Do Nurse take you drunk? Do your coworker show up drunk? no.

Why would this happen with something that is far less dangerous and addictive than alcohol?

I'm tired of people saying non-logical thing, they are incredible.

Show them they are wrong, vote yes!

I am concerned that a co-worker may show up drunk and make me work harder. I think the solution is to ban alcoholic beverages.

I worry my doctor might be drunk when I have a procedure. I think the solution is to ban alcoholic beverages.

It is possible that everyone on the road could be drunk and crash my car. I think the solution is to ban alcoholic beverages.

I'm worried the Chamber of Commerce is a tool of oppression used by fat cats to control the masses. I think the solution is to ban the Chamber of Commerce.

You idiots! Don't you watch the Simpson's? You pot heads are so stoned you'll forget what day the election is and won't vote till WEDNESDAY!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Oh, and California is an "at will" state. Employers can fire people and don't have to give a reason.

In other words, you show up high in my shop, you're fired. I won't even discuss it with you. I can tell and you're gone. I don't want such irresponsible people working for me, anyway. And there's nothing you can do about it.

So really this argument makes a huge assumption -- that all of a sudden cannabis users will start going to work high, which is not true now and won't be when Prop 19 passes. It also makes the false argument that businesses will not be able to control their own businesses because people will show up high.

The Prop 19 opponents really have no basis for where they are coming from other than their own personal gain or, in some cases, ignorance.

I disagree, we are challenging the fed. They cannot sue because the law doesn't violate the constitution :)

Just like Prop 215. The next decade will bring sweeps of change. Prop 19 is about changing history around the world! It's long overdue. Stop being ignorant and pussing out over this fed thing, thats what the giant corporations that control the media want you to do. "Oh, the feds against it! Might as well vote no!"

Read proposition 19 carefully. If you punish the employee who came to work stoned, that is against the LAW under Prop 19. You, as an employer have to PROVE that the pot consumption ACTUALLY impairs the job performance of the employee. So if the nurse caring for you is visibly stoned with bloodshot eyes, as an employer, you CANNOT discipline the nurse, you CANNOT discriminate against the nurse and replace her with another nurse, you CANNOT deny the employee her right to come to work because she smoked pot before going to work.

It is the same SHAM loophole with Prop 215.

Let's review Prop 215.

"The people of the State of California hereby find and declare that the purposes of the Compassionate Use Act of 1996 are as follows: To ensure that SERIOUSLY ILL Californians have the right to obtain and use marijuana for medical purposes where that medical use is deemed appropriate and has been recommended by a physician who has determined that the persons health would benefit from the use of marijuana..."

SERIOUSLY ILL medical marijuana patients? Really.


"Notwithstanding any other provision of law, no physician in this state shall be punished, or denied any right or privilege, for having recommended marijuana to a patient for medical purposes."

In other words, the PHYSICIAN is ALWAYS RIGHT when this doctor recommends marijuana to anybody like healthy 18-19 year old teens.

That's why anyone including healthy teens can get a medical marijuana card because the doctor is always right under this Prop 215 law.
Just search Google for "California Teens Smoking Medical Marijuana in Schools".

It's funny... all the things mentioned by the Chamber of Commerce refer to consumption of marijuana. Consumption has already been decriminalized, so all this should have already happened! Yet it didn't. Why? Because just like with alcohol use, people generally are responsible. I can buy enough alcohol to kill me at nearly 20 places on my way to work, and also right across the street from work. Yet I show up perfectly sober and don't drink a drop the entire workday.

Trust people for once. That's what America is all about.

YES ON 19 !

Do employers have to wait until someone on alcohol or Rx drugs has an accident before they can send them home or fire them?... CERTAINLY NOT! Does anyone really believe that 19 gives people the right to go to work high or drive down the road when they are to impaired to drive safely? LOL LOL LOL!!!

These reefer madness drug war propaganda lies would be funny if they weren't causing someone to get arrested every 38 seconds and MAKING IT POSSIBLE for criminals, gangsters and terrorists to be funded with hundreds of billions of tax free dollars every year, WHICH AFTER 19 PASSES WILL BE GOING INTO THE POCKETS OF LEGITIMATE BUSINESS PEOPLE (less the taxes)!


19 is the most important legislation being voted on anywhere in the entire world for everyone that loves FREEDOM AND LIBERTY! What CA does the rest of the Country and the world tend to follow! 14 states and Washington DC have now legalized medical marijuana! CA was the first state to legalize medical marijuana and guess what! THE SKY DIDN'T FALL... THE SKY WON'T FALL WHEN 19 PASSES EITHER!

It's your body, tell the government they do not own you! VOTE YES ON 19 AND BRING EVERY PRO-19 VOTER YOU CAN TO THE POLLS WITH YOU!

The laws prohibiting marijuana are NOT a result of any harm from marijuana. They are the result of racism, lies and greed. Read the well documented proof of that in the two articles linked below.
Google: “WHY IS MARIJUANA ILLEGAL, Pete Guither” and “MARIJUANA AND HEMP THE UNTOLD STORY, Thomas J. Bouril”, or click the links to those articles on the webpage below:
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All Other Browsers: http://jsknow.angelfire.com/index.html

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