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[Updated] 40 arrested, 16 hospitalized at large Halloween-themed rave

Sixteen people were hospitalized and 40 were arrested at a Halloween-themed rave at the Los Angeles Sports Arena, authorities said Sunday.

More than 12,000 people attended Monster Massive, a five-stage party that organizers called “America’s Largest Halloween Dance Music Festival,” from 3 p.m. Saturday to 3 a.m. Sunday, fire officials said.

The condition of the seven people paramedics took to local hospitals was not immediately available, said Los Angeles Fire Department spokesman Erik Scott.

Most arrests were made on charges of narcotics possession and trespassing, according to the Los Angeles Police Department's Southwest Station.

Safety concerns and the death of a 15-year-old girl from an Ecstasy overdose at the Electric Daisy Carnival in June prompted a temporary ban on new raves at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum and Sports Arena.

Monster Massive was one of three planned raves permitted to go forward with stricter oversight, including a ban on minors.

[UPDATED 3:30 p.m.: Paramedics treated 37 patients at the rave and 16 were taken to hospitals by fire department and private ambulances. Officials revised the numbers after conducting a complete analysis of their data, said Scott.]


-- Tony Barboza

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I was at the event. It was fun and safe.
The L.A. Times has become a completely biased, untrustworthy source for news.

slow news day

Here we go again.

These raves are so dangerous and the opportunities are vast for crimes against our youth. They need to be outlawed. It's a pedophile's paradise.

Why have raves? Why not just have a house party with a keg in the back yard? House parties are an easy bust. With a rave there is a much larger crowd and it's easy pickins'. It's much easier to prey on young girls and boys in a legal, confined setting and introduce them to harmful drugs and alcohol.

People are STUPID is they think these events are not set up take advantage of the innocent!

I'm not a big fan of lawsuits but someone needs to sue the venue until it STOPS booking such dangerous events. The whole point of these events is to promote drug use and accumulate such large numbers of kids that it's just a matter of time before something tragic happens.

This article is just more of the same anti-rave sensationalist propaganda that the LA Times being the conservative and judgmental voice that is, has been peddling to its readers for this past year.

OMFG! Some people tried to sneak into a concert, and someone there got busted for drugs! Let's call it a Rave and scare parents of teenagers everywhere! Put it on the front page!

Between this and the anti-pot propaganda, I'm really wondering what kind of stick the people running this paper have up their a$$

It actually started @ 5 pm and went til 2 Am, not 3 to 3

uhoh. Seems like lawsuit time. There was a problem at one rave then they decided to keep holding them.

Really STUPID!!!. Gonna cost you idiots.

How long will you allow these types of events to continue? or is it the money involved? and these type of events always end with arrests,drug overdoses and crime.What type of environment are you trying to create for your city..your jails are over crowded and your police force is over extended and your hospitals are understaffed,you have created an atmosphere of criminal behavior trying to please and pacify your populous.These people are the future of the communities...california you breed your criminals shame on you.

I have to admit that to only have 40 arrests out of more than 12,000 people is considered successful oversight of the LAPD. My heart still goes out to the 15-year-old girl that died from the Ecstasy overdose at the Electric Daisy Carnival in June 2010 earlier this year!

The event was 18+, so the people saying that we have to worry about the "kids" are ignorant and don't have their facts.

Here's what I see wrong, there is more of a police presence at "raves" and concerts than there are cops at the airport. Where are their priorities?

And only 40 arrests this year? Sounds like the number dropped from last year.

What is the difference? Society is not to blame. Humans will gather and have done so since the beginning of time. It is our nature to group and commingle. Yes the drugs have changed unfortunately for the worst. As long as the Tobacco, Alcohol, and Pharmaceutical Drug lobbyists keep paying lawmakers to keep Marijuana illegal and waste valuable scarce resources prosecuting the Pot Heads the hard core drugs get to proliferate because the cops are wasting time jailing the Tokers. If we spent more money on going after the heroin, coke, metch, GHB, Rophynol, and Ketamine dealers these Raves might not be as dangerous. You can't stop people from hanging out together.

yet another reason to legalize all drugs. people die because the drugs are mixed. i've been to raves before and you have no idea if what they're selling actually has any mdma in it. it could be cough medicine or k or meth. stop blaming ecstasy for death.

Let's see ....a big party where drugs are freely used. And someone is surprised there were problems?

People at raves who get arrested or hospitalized are at their own fault. I believe the event was 18+ and at that point, if you're taking drugs or doing stupid things, you're going to pay for your actions. If you don't know how to handle yourself, it's not the fault of the venue, it's your own (or your parents, if you want to go there).

How do these raves prey on the innocent? They only admit persons over the age of 18, which in our society is when you're not considered innocent anymore. It can't be a pedophile's paradise if the raves only admit those legally considered an adult. I've yet to see someone arrested for pedophilia because they had sex with an 18 year old.

The only arrests were for trespassing or simple possession. None for any violent crimes. The vast majority of those hospitalized probably either got fake ecstasy or were trying it for the first time and accidentally took too many.

Drug use at a music event? really?! thats unheard of!
A few irresponsible people ruined this type of festival for the rest of us. These events have been going on FOR YEARS and has it in any way affected you? It's sad that the media slaps on the word "rave" and people are instantly against it. Wake up people! The media is trying to scare you because fear sells. and you are all buying it. People would probably believe that a liter of coca-cola cost less than water in some African countries. Oh wait. That is true. Sad sad times we're living in.

like this never happened at a rock concert...

7 hospitalizations out of 12,000 people means that it was 99.94% safe. I'm curious to see what the statistics are at a rock concert or hip hop concert with 12,000 people.

Someone below asks "what kind of environment are you trying to create?" well i was there, and the environment that was created was one that allowed adults (i.e. 18+) to listen to some of the best electronic dance music DJs and producers in the industry (can you say GARETH EMERY) in order to dance together as one community. i saw friendships made, people dressing festive and a vibe that fostered an egalitarian attitude since we were all there to momentarily forget about the rest and just MFing party!

And so what, there were 40 arrests? That's because of the enormous police presence. If they would have stationed them around LA at sobriety check points throughout the night, I guarantee they would have arrested more people for DUI coming from the bars, which nobody seems to have a beef with.

You people who are calling on the end to the these music festivals seriously need to step off your high horse.

This event was an adult only event. Get it right people. Children were not allowed and those who were there, were there illegally. Adults are allowed to gather and dance. Those few who were there selling drugs should get busted and taken to jail. Those who were there to enjoy the music and the people deserve to be there as much as you deserve to go to church. This is America, outlawing music events where people gather and dance would set our nation back. We might as well live in the middle east. Rock concerts through out the ages have always had injuries and fatalities. It just comes with the territory. Weather your going to see the Eagles or Justin Bieber or Stevie Nicks there will always be that chance that you could die. You could die going to Disneyland. It's Just life. Let's work on crowd control and the city working with promoters. Taking away the rave scene takes away the opportunity for many young people to discover who they really are.

people are so paranoid. people overdose all the time, whether its at a rave or not. I dont understand why this is even being called a rave. Arent raves usually illegal underground parties that no one really knows about? this event had plenty of police and security everywhere, and it was 18+. some people really do go for the music and dj's, not everything is about drugs, thats just silly.

"7 hospitalizations out of 12,000 people means that it was 99.94% safe. I'm curious to see what the statistics are at a rock concert or hip hop concert with 12,000 people."

And while you're at it check to see what the statistics are at an old-fashioned gospel revival meeting. I predict 0 to 1 hospitalizations there.

Blame LAPD, since they approved the Event, keep in mind LAPD get paid extra for these events and so does LAFD. The difference between Rock concerts and Raves is that, and I know I have have to plenty of both, is that people attending Raves are using serious mind altering drugs. Yes yes alcohol is a drug, but 18 year olds are hard pressed to get drinks at concert venues, p.s. I own a concert venue too. These events attract a lot of Drug Dealers, that too is a big difference. Don't try to evaluate this by the amount of arrests. LAPD cannot possibly make that many arrests. Like to know what the ratio of LAPD to Ravers there were, start with that number.

Someone very close to me went missing last night at this party. ANY HELP would be greatly appreciated. Here is a description of her!

Christina Noble
21 year old Hispanic female
5' 1"
100-110 lbs.
Last seen at 2:00 a.m. inside near the bathrooms.
Wearing Black Knee High boots, angel wings, pink or black bottoms and a pink lace shirt.
Was heavily intoxicated and fearful that someone took her!
Was expected home last night at 4:30 a.m. and haven't heard from in 19 hours.

I can email you pictures if anyone is interested in helping to find her!

Please call me or email me if you know anything! There's a missing persons report on file for her as of tonight with the Azusa Police Department. I'm desperate everyone, please help me!!!!

John Sudderth

Everyone here writing in favor of raves and other similar events --- who are you trying to fool? All this talk of "Raves aren't about drug use" or "Raves are fun and safe" is just a poor attempt at trying to justify your participation in these mindless "concerts."

Before you write me off as an old timer, I am of your age group (mid 20s) and I have actually attended one of these events at the Shrine while I was a student at USC. I can tell you --- everyone I saw, ran into or observed at this rave was under the influence of some sort of substance(s) and, quite frankly, I found the whole thing absolutely idiotic. Honestly, can't tell what's fun about throngs of underaged girls wearing no more than their underwear and furry boots dancing to what you would all call "music" and what I would call "electrorave house no-talent garbage."

Can't wait until LA wakes up and realizes these events do nothing to help the city and its residents.

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