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Meg Whitman's former housekeeper hires Gloria Allred, calls press conference

Meg Whitman's former housekeeper has hired celebrity attorney Gloria Allred and called an 11 a.m. press conference to make what Allred's office is calling "allegations" against the Republican gubernatorial nominee.

This is not the first time Allred has injected herself into a campaign in the closing days. In 2003, a former stuntwoman hired Allred to pursue claims of sexual assault and defamation against now-Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. That suit was dismissed.

Follow the PolitiCal blog for more details as they develop.

-- Anthony York in Sacramento

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Well, now Whitman definitely has my vote...

Gogo Gloriafied wannabe star...Whatcha got goin' this time Ms. Allfiredd??!!Wait..i hear sirens!!! gotta go!!!

Gee, what a surprise. If truth were known, Meg probably had lots of undocumented workers over the years. Let's see how well she can hide them now. The same workers she'd now like to send back across the border. I'm shocked! (Not that many other politicians aren't doing the same thing..)

Allred is a disgusting pig lawyer.

I think old rubber face is going to do more harm to the Dems with this one...we'll see in 5 weeks...

I wasn't going to vote for her or Moonbeam, but now she has our vote. I hate this when this happens. It appears it is mostly done by Democrats. Gloria A sticks herself in everything. The reason we are not voting for Moonbeam; we are old enough to remember him and his dad. Results will be worse for California. The Brown's love to spend other people's money. We voted for him more than once before. Won't make that mistake again.

Ever notice how Gloria Alred's cases have no press comferences or releases at the end? Her cases tend to consist of all publicity up front and few, if any, meaningful results at the end. She's a great self-promoter...and that's it...as far as I can see.

Meg Whitman slapped an employee at E-Bay and paid a mid-six-figure settlement. Why wouldn't she abuse an undocumented housekeeper? Meg Whitman thinks the rules of society don't apply to her.

I'd vote for nearly anyone in the opposite corner from Allred.

So we have several people who are now voting for Meg without any semblance of an understanding of why this woman has engaged an attorney?

You people are pathetic. Talk about uneducated, moronic voters. No wonder a woman with no experience, no activity in any political position, no votes in any election, can buy your vote with her hundreds of millions. You're morons.

I have no idea what these allegations are about but I can tell you that I will wait to hear the story before I cast judgment. They could be anything and will probably be nothing.

Gloria Allred is the human equivalent of an opportunistic infection.

Meg says she is going to be tough on illegals. I guess hiring them to clean her home is being tough now?

She lost our vote, she is a power hungry pig, that hires illegals and then says she wants them out of the country.

there is no truth to ANYTHING she says, and Calif needs someone with Expeierence right now. not a want too be power hungry Meg buying the election, a vote for her is helping calif sink faster, at least with Brown Calif gets a life jacket and a chance to make it!

BROWN 2010

I'm not much of a "voice" person...but wow there is something so practiced and fake-sincere about that voice of Whitman's.

Great news for Whitman. I can see all the undecideds swaying towards her now that Allred is involved. A vote for Whitman is a vote against Gloria!

It ain't dirt if it's true. Meg is one of the most unlikable candidates we've seen in decades. I am not surprised if there's many more skeletons in her closet.

I don't like tactics like this..I like Meg personally....met her while attending an Ebay focus group in San Jose..
I can say that tactics like this by Allred would never make the decision for me on who to vote for. Voting is much to serious to throw a vote away for silly reasons.
I have tried to know as much as possible about each candidate and have pretty much made up my mind....

Gloria never met a camera she didn't like. She doesn't realize that she is no longer taken seriously by anyone in SoCal, since her only ability seems to be to play to the press. What a piece of work she has become.

When is Gloria Allred's 'former housekeeper' going to be paraded around, hmm?

Just a bunch of noise.

I'm not sure if either of our gubernatorial candidates nor Go-for-the-Gloria noticed how dire our circumstances are here in California. The debate between Whitman and Brown didn't seem to seriously address any concerns we have as citizens. It was more about, "I want to WIN!" Now the mudslinging begins from the Peanut Gallery.
The $19 billion defecit, our lackluster educational system, skyrocketing secondary education costs, 12 % unemployment--these problems are REAL, Gloria, Meg & Jerry! Stop playing around with each other and earn our votes with a solid plan! Or at least some sincerity....(heh)

This should be interesting. I had forgotten she slapped a co-worker at Ebay. Thanks for reminding me. What a piece of work. Whitman's past is catching up to her. Thank God for Gloria Allred...

Really Potogold? The man who implemented Prop 13 once it was voted in so successfully that even Howard Jarvis supported him? You think he's a tax and spender?

Ok...but may I just point out that Arnold ran on the same "lets run california like a business" platform as Meg is, and look how well that turned out.

So... some of you are actually changing your vote (or confirming who you're voting for now) because Gloria Allred is trying to stir the pot? Really? That's all it takes? Never mind what the candidates stand for, what they'll bring to the State... You're just going to change your vote because of silly politicking? Shame on you. You really need to look long and hard at what motivates your choice in a candidate. Voters like you frighten me. If you're sincerely making a decision on who to vote for based on the actions of Gloria Allred then you're part of the problem. You're giving her and others like her WAY too much power. Voting based on vindictiveness is just stupid.

She's not the worst in the world, but I think there are many good reasons not to support Whitman for governor. That said, this most recent allegation stinks.

Looks like Brown and the Democrats are up to dirty tricks. I still won't vote for either Whitman or Brown. They're both pathetic.

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