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West Hollywood to debate tight limits on outdoor smoking

The West Hollywood City Council on Tuesday evening will discuss extending a smoking ban to outdoor patios and open-air spaces.

Officials are not yet ready to vote on such a ban because it must first be drafted and considered by a city-appointed task force.

The goal is take on the city’s smoking habit, which persists despite West Hollywood’s existing tough tobacco restrictions. The city already prohibits smoking in public places, indoor areas of restaurants, and bars and work spaces.

Yet it has the fourth-highest smoking rate compared with Los Angeles' 15 city council districts and the more than 100 cities and unincorporated communities in Los Angeles County, according to a June report from the county health department.

A West Hollywood task force has met six times to work out a potential ordinance. Concerns raised include a possible negative effect on restaurants and hotels, which cater to international travelers more likely to smoke.

A staff report suggested otherwise: “Research analyzing the economic impact of indoor smoking bans suggests that there is more likely to be an economic benefit from creating smoke-free environments.

"The City of Beverly Hills is the only city known to have conducted an analysis of the economic impact of their outdoor smoking ban which, while limited in scope, shows there was a net economic benefit for most businesses,” the staff report stated.

Members of the task force generally, but not unanimously, supported a ban exemption for outdoor areas of bars and nightclubs because neighboring competing venues in Hollywood are exempt from rules adopted in Los Angeles.

The public portion of Tuesday's meeting is scheduled to begin at 6:30 p.m. at West Hollywood Park, 647 N. San Vicente Blvd.

-- Howard Blume

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Smoking in common areas is a real problem in many cities. As an ex smoker, I find second hand smoke especially irritating and selfish smokers who impose on others are a real nuisance as well as a danger to others.

There's an old man who basically lives next door to me with a chain smoking habit. I can't open my bedroom window because the smoke fills my room - plus he likes to smoke in his boxers and nothing else. The man (for lack of a better term) has a large private balcony that he chooses NOT to use - even after I spoke to him AND complained to the manager and. And his constant hacking up of phlegm is another issue altogether. PLUS this jerk flicks his lit cigarettes off of the 3rd floor onto the main entrance of the building where people walk and cars park. The butts are found all along the rain gutters as well as snuffed out on the astro-turf of the walkways.

We'll be lucky if he doesn't burn the place down. There needs to be laws.

This story states that studies have concluded there will be NO negative effect on tourism and foreign (smoking) tourists due to a possible ban on outdoor patio/ cafe / restaurant smoking. But it lists only Beverly Hills. See UC San Francisco Medical Center professor, Dr. Stanton Glantz's economic studies since a decade ago, that prove there is an economic upside and benefit to businesses. He analyzed the California Franchise Tax Board filings of all restaurants, bars, etc. before and after various local cities and counties tobacco control, no-smoking laws and found in every case, benefit to the economics: More people patronized the businesses, not fewer. The results will be the same when non-smoking is applied to all outdoor portions of businesses, too. For more facts, research results and help to get more local anti-smoking / Pro-Health laws passed:
Contact Dr. Stanton Glantz at UCSF at: http://ihps.medschool.ucsf.edu/people/core/glantz_stanton.aspx

and the UCSF Center for Tobacco Control Research and Education at: http://tobacco.ucsf.edu/

Watch out!! We implemented a new smoking ordinance here in Pasadena. Ashtrays were removed from outdoor areas. Now, smokers continue to smoke; however there are EVEN MORE cigarette butts littering the ground.

No smoking laws need some enforcement and penalties with teeth. Littering needs to be clamped down on... otherwise, your "ordinance" will cause more problems than it solves.

The comment by Eve, who says a neighbor smokes and fouls the air in her apartment has a legitimate complaint to her landlord. That is called a "Nuisance" and the landlord must abate (reduce or eliminate) the hazard.

Plus, most landlords are not aware that they have the right to impose a total non-smoking rule into every residential lease, and into all renewals of leases for current tenants, even those who were allowed to smoke under old leases.

Plus, if Eve threatens to move out, and gets others to do the same, the landlord will have economic incentive to make the whole building smoke-free. In these "economic hardship times" landlords have high vacancy rates already and it is a buyer's market. Get enough tenants to demand a smoke-free building - and make sure the owner and manager enforce it with built-in fines and evictions to violators, and you can all have a clean environment to live and enjoy!

I thought Americans had rights!!! Maybe we should ban homosexuals of West Hollywood too hahahaha.

Eve your such a douche and sound like a little baby wining

I'm from Montreal and we had a total smoking ban about 4 years ago, most patios included, and that's why I got an electronic cigarette. It’s awesome, no carcinogens and it’s less expensive than regular cigarettes. I can smoke it inside because it doesn't burn anything and it doesn't smell bad. I've even been given permission to smoke it at my office! Every time someone sees me with it, they want one. I found mine at www.mistycig.com. So good luck my fellow smokers, you can quit and keep smoking despite the ban!

I thought Americans had rights!!! Maybe we should ban homosexuals of West Hollywood too hahahaha.

Eve your such a douche and sound like a little baby wining

God forbid you smell cigarette smoke while you and your veggie wrap are getting coated in diesel fumes and car exhaust on Sunset blvd. I’ve seen these crybabies trying to wrinkle their botox noses at the smell of someone smoking near them and it's a laughable sight. It makes me really wonder if when they cook out, or smell leaves burning, or smell meat cooking on a charcoal grill, do they run crying to the city council to try and make it illegal? Smoke is smoke, deal with it you adult-sized infants.

why not eliminate autos in the city which are a far greater danger to the putrid, dirty air in LA ?

It's sad that in Glendale, where an ordiance like this is in place, that a certain group of people think that they are above the law and smoke anyway in public, proving that you can have laws, but you can't force people to do what they don't want to do.
I will be so happy when smoking is no more. It will happen. And that will be Paridise!

I thought Americans had rights!!! Maybe we should ban homosexuals of West Hollywood too hahahaha.

To all you who think you have the right to smoke: hogwash. We non-smokers have the right to NOT smoke your dirty, carcinogine laced, smoke that is PROVEN to kill people. And if you deny that, you must be getting paid by the Tobacco Empire that doesn't want you to stop. And anybody who supports a foul excuse for a human being like what Eve has to put up with could easily be confused with for the scum of the earth.

Refusing to ban outdoor smoking might be a competitive business advantage to West Hollywood, as business that would otherwise go to other cities will be attracted to it. While I'm a nonsmoker and not altogether fond of smoking I don't think it's the place of government to force businesses to ban it. On the other hand, if the city wants to allow the sale of special permits to allow outdoor smoking in outdoor patios and eating areas, that could be a win-win for everyone ; businesses would be free to ban smoking or not and the city would get increased revenues from the sale of said "smoking permits"

Welcome to the over regulated and over observed America!

Re: "The city already prohibits smoking in public places, indoor areas of restaurants, and bars and work spaces:" The city of West Hollywood DOES NOT ENFORCE non smoking laws in bars and clubs. I hope that someone will bring this up tonight. ENFORCE THE NON-SMOKING LAWS. p.s. I've tweeted Villaraigosa and our Gov. Schwarzenegger repeatedly about this and they have both ignored the information.

This is why smokers need to switch to those Crown7 electric cigarettes...I have been seeing these all over L.A., Hollywood, SD, Ive even seen pics of actors using this device...Apparently people can smoke these things anywhere because only water vapor is emitted...Cant argue with that!

Seriously people this is supposed to be the land of the free and you are all out there trying to ban this...ban that...what's next??? so far no phones in cars, no texting...next??? no eating, no talking to passengers, no laughing...no sneezing,,,no driving when you have a cold? next outlaw caughing in returants, talking to others, talking on the phone on the sidewalk within certain distance to a business or doorway...I see you people also trying to ban the billboards on Sunset...this has got to stop...mind your own business people..live and let live...if you do not like what you smell, or what is happening around you thenmove..that is your right. at this rate, there will be a ban on anything and everything that might possibly not be what someone else might like. SAY NO TO THE NEW ADDED NO SMOKING BAN! and I am not a smoker. West Hollywood is and was always supposed to be a fun, young, free, party city ...move out or dont visit if you don't like it..we do not need you turning it into someplace in the valley or Stepford. Remember the saying "if it's too loud, you are too old" that goes for this as well..you people are 'too uptight'..get out!

Instead of focusing on banning outdoor smoking with such conviction let's focus on a real issue and ban derogatory comments said from hedrosexual people driving by in there gas gazillion SUV's while drinking there little Starbucks coffee and talking on the phone!!! No wants to hear your uncivilized opinion if you don't like it move back to where you came from. people like that are useless and annoying...


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