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Villaraigosa calls on Congress to pass Dream Act as way for thousands to shed illegal immigrant status

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa added his voice Monday to those of a number of elected officials, labor leaders and others supporting the so-called Dream Act, federal legislation that would provide a path to legal status for hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants who arrived in the United States as youngsters.

The act, which is expected to be considered by the U.S. Senate on Tuesday, would benefit those who came to this country before age 16, have lived here for at least five years and have achieved a high school degree or an equivalency degree. Those eligible would be able to legalize their status by pursuing a college education or serving in the U.S. military.

Supporters call the bill a humanitarian and practical solution for multitudes of largely assimilated young  immigrants who have known no other home and have already benefited from a U.S. education. Critics call it a thinly disguised amnesty for law-breakers. The proposal faces an uphill battle in Congress, where immigration is a politically charged issue.

Passage of the Dream Act would provide “a great return on money we’ve already invested, and it encourages economic growth,” Villaraigosa said at a news conference attended by students and other supporters.

Among those attending was Maria Duque, a 19-year-old college student in Orange County, who said she came to the United States from Ecuador when she was 5. “I’m undocumented and I’m unafraid,” declared Duque, who said passage of the act could help her fulfill her dream of becoming a lawyer.

Also expressing support was David Rattray, senior vice president of the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce, who said beneficiaries would boost the educated work force.

-- Patrick McDonnell at Los Angeles City Hall
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But, Mayor what about our citizens?

I will personally discount "ANY AND ALL HISPANIC POLITICIANS" whom speak "For or against" the Dream Act. They are biased, and looking for voters.

Remove this demographic, and what percentage support the Dream Act?

Great. How stupid mayor is asking that thousands of criminal law breakers should be given legal status. Yes, lets reward criminals and those who cut in line in front of the millions of others around the border seeking to immigrate to the United States. Poor all those other people around the world who don't have the benefit of sharing a border with the United States.

Hey, I have a good idea Mr. Mayor, why dont we try fixing the disgrace of an educational system and for American students first? What do you think huh, what do you think? MORON

Send Maria Duque back to Ecuador immediately, she won't have a problem with that, she is not afraid. Besides the last thing we need in our country is another liberal attorney, they have done enough damage as it is.

Villaraigosa the Race Panderer ought to ask AIG,the Lakers and all the other organizations that gave this corrupt fool tickets to all those special events to foot the bill.

No Amnesty Forever and Keep Dreaming, Deportations are around the corner.

I hope that what is called the Dream Act pass on. In the way that many immigrants majorly hispanics loose their dreams right after they finish high school; because they don't got the money they need as the ones who were born here and have the privilage to get scholarships, grants and financial aids. If people want to see positive change in hispanics/immigrants let them have the opportunity to study what they want and to live their whole life working on something they want to work. Many people only see the apperace but not what they truley got inside.

my dream act is that they all be deported.

we don't care about money or to see if they can pay for our education, but for the papers so we can study without any fearance.

Villar says the "DREAM ACT would be “a great return on money we’ve already invested...." Funny, I thought he claims illegals don't cost us anything. Isn't this a contradiction? Sorry, Tony, you can't have it both ways.

This "act" is a sham available to those up to 35 and will be rife with fraud. It will also encourage more and more illegal immigration. Why not? If you come here against our laws, you can eventually wear us down by your gross (I mean disgusting) numbers and get yet another amnesty. And then, lucky U.S. taxpayers, you get to pay for all the chain migragion relatives that will get in on the basis of having a legal U.S. citizen in the family. What a deal!

This is all about growing the Dem Party and nothing else. It isn't even about greedy employers. Having these people legalized will increase employer's costs, not allow them to maintain cheap labor. The employers will then face laws protecting their workers against poor working condidtions and underpayment. So how do we win? That won't keep costs down.

While many of these kids were too young to have a say in breaking our laws, they've already benefitted by getting up to 13 years of free education. Where is the gratitude for that? Nope, they want more, then more. Enough is enough!

When ever clever businessmen need loyal employees they recruit those that are sleeping under the bridge. Once a person experiences the chill and hunger that comes with sleeping without shelter, they will never bite the hand that feeds them. Hitler recruited his SS from the gutters of Berlin, they never forgot his kindness and were loyal until the end. No person is too proud to be a bootlicker,when horrible circumstances present themselves.

What else would you expect the mayor to say about immigrants. He is an empty suit and cannot think for himself nor does he have a clue about running the City.

I am for it. Anything to drown the voice of the low rent trash tea baggers. We need people for the work, and to fill the empty homes. Time to open the borders and make the U.S. stronger.

Earth to Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa...

Earth to Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa...

1. These people are here illegally.

2. These people displace students attending community colleges, atate colleges and universities, not to mention, drive-up the cost of education, due to their income and minority status.

3. These people are not entitled to get a free pass to citizenship for going to college for two years or serving in the military, especially when others wait years and fill-out the proper paperwork to come here.

4. These illegal immigrants can fly back to their native country and file for an I-94, which is part of the process.

Earth to Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa...

There is no more money to fund these people. If the Citizens of Los Angeles haven't wised-up, the City of Los Angeles has been overrun with "Welfare Queens," the "Shiftless and Lazy," as well as an illegal immigration issue, in which Los Angeles has become a "Sanctuary City," and hot breakfast and lunch meals are passed out to illegal immigrants and their families. ( http://www.latimes.com/news/local/la-me-summer-meals-20100630,0,6438591.story )

As Jim Santelli said, "STOP THE SPENDING."

The time IS NOW to end bi-lingual education and Spanish-only signs, since they are divisive. In case you didn't hear, Mexico got their's in 1846. California, Nevada and Arizona belongs to the United States, Not the Republic of Mexico. You are effectively transforming Los Angeles into downtown Tijuana.

If the Citizens of Los Angeles, don't vote your sorry honker out of office, they deserve the disservice you provide.

"While many of these kids were too young to have a say in breaking our laws, they've already benefitted by getting up to 13 years of free education. Where is the gratitude for that? Nope, they want more, then more. Enough is enough!"

You are not very intelligent. Learn to spell. Learn to research. They DO pay taxes as well as social security.

I think its great. Go MAYOR!

Tony V. Do your job as the mayor of a US city. A job you have sworn to uphold. Instead you spend more time worrying about the little mijos and mijas who are here illegally.You should be impeached!

As for your "dream" about running for higher office, err....umm...ahhh....silence...ohhhh. Unless you can master the teleprompter like Barry O who off the cuff speaks almost as poorly as you, forget it.

Ain't going to happen V, Ain't going to happen.

This Mayor grins broadly whilst selling we citizens down the river...has he no moral compass whatsoever? I loathe this man. What he had time away from attending free entertainment and sports events to address how we gotta do more for his Raza? Really?

Poster Ms Munoz, I take your points but your posts do not actually make any sense.

Also, aside from the sad economical situation where 35 year olds have to go back to live with their parents.....In this bill how is it that 35 year old foreign nationals are kids? A grotesque joke in our hard times to .....think foremost of the sad, needy foreigners amongst us. You know the ones packing away their nest egg remittances while the "poor slob" citizens can continue supporting them for a lot of their citizen funded loot/support!!

Deport all the illegals.Tired of supporting them and no wonder state of California is just about bankrupt!


Birth geography is a total accident and should not determine your entire life's trajectory. We are not citizens because of some moral superiority, so get off your high horse, folks. These are kids who will join the military and/or go to college to earn their citizenship - what did you have to do? Accidentally share a gene pool with white parents?

Never delude yourself that you hit a triple when you were really just born on third base. These people deserve a chance in life, just like you have. If they blow it, they lose, but if they do great, then they are ahead of most of us.

And hey, if you aren't good enough to compete in a world that includes other players, that says more about you than it does about them. Maybe you should be shipped off to the Land of the Racist Crybabies while the rest of us excel here, regardless of our race or national origins.

No Dream Act. Backdoor amnesty. Ages 12-35....

Please, Noelia Munoz , go home. Americans are getting pretty mad about the illegals here. It would be wise to pack up, and take all your illegal relatives with you. We are not giving you amnesty. Apply for a student visa and pay your fair share to attend US schools. Heck, illegals got a free education k-12, now it is time to leave. Lots of honest decent people get student visas and pay their fair share, not sneaking in like the illegals. If you are over 18, you are not under your parents anymore and can freely go back, before we ship you out through deportation.

"While many of these kids were too young to have a say in breaking our laws, they've already benefitted by getting up to 13 years of free education. Where is the gratitude for that? Nope, they want more, then more. Enough is enough!"

You are not very intelligent. Learn to spell. Learn to research. They DO pay taxes as well as social security.

Posted by: Jack
but Jack, they aren't in the country legally, they have no right to be here.
They can go home to the countries they belong to...

Paying SS my butt. They are not supposed to be working here! People like you, and your ignorance, are making the citizens here even more angry.
Research yourself. Look up immigration law.. see if coming here illegally, either by over staying your visa, or sneaking in,... is against the law.

save the deserts!
You sound like a complete moron. Hey, work on saving the deserts.
Before the illegals are leaving their drug and human trafficing footprints and trash on the pristine desert.
These people belong in their home country. What is so wrong with that?
Just cause their parents snuck them in, doesn't give them a right to stay here.

The mayor is a moron! how about concentrating on protecting the legal citizens you moron. stop rewarding law brakers. illegal is illegal! i'm embarrassed he's a fellow latino, why couldn't he be white.

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