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20 illegal immigrants arrested in Orange County beach landing

Border agents arrested 20 illegal immigrants Tuesday morning who were attempting to enter the country by sea at Calafia State Beach in San Clemente.

When the small craft the immigrants were riding in land landed, the occupants attempted to flee. Agents with the U.S. Border Patrol arrested 17 men and three women, all from Mexico.

A 36-year-old woman suffered a broken leg while jumping from the boat, according to a statement from the U.S. Border Patrol in San Diego. She was taken to a hospital for treatment. The others were taken to a Border Patrol station for processing.

No further details were immediately available, but the Associated Press said the incident occurred about 3 a.m.

-- Howard Blume

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The real people from this land are the american indians natives.
The rest of the people in this country are from around the world, so just concentrate on your own life and let people do whatever they want to have a better life for their family.

For god's sake, it is not hateful or racist to complain about ILLEGAL immigration. Enough already! There is no country in the world that just lets anyone in, no questions asked. Why should the USA be any different? There are a host of societal problems that result from lax enforcement of immigration laws and unchecked illegal immigration, not to mention border security issues, and it is ridiculous to cry racism any time someone points this out.

LOL, If everyone on this message board were as passionate about making our world a better place - better education, peace, prosperity for all - well i'm sure we'd be able to be making the right steps in a better direction. But since we're all caught up on whose right, whose to blame, and how "illegal immigrants" are such a BIG problem of America, I don't think our country is going anywhere anytime soon.
America. you're your own worst enemy.

Thank god it wasn't OC sheriffs deputies stopping an overcrowded boat of Spanish speaking people landing on a beach. That would have been 'racial profiling'.

These poor people need to be given some credit for their attempts! They come here to work and contribute, not to take as most of you racists think. Go Obama!!

Maybe if we stopped """NAFTA"""" we wouldn't be having these type of things happening.. Why would you all blame the government?! The illegals are trying to find a good place to live and prosper just like you and me, if we don't start facing the real culprits in this we are going to keep having the same problems over and over again.. Come on people wake up!!

Am I an "illegal" because I drive over the speed limit?

Hey Mike, you're an ignorant moron who has no idea what you're talking about. Obama actually was the one that increased border patrols and the number of border patrol officers (not your buddy Bush the loser!)
Oh and P.S. what exactly is your definition of a commie (I assume you mean comunist)? Maybe you should actually read the definition of communism. If that means extending tax benefits/cuts to corporations and working closely with Wall Street, then oh yeah, he must be a commie...
P.S. if it wasn't for losers and coportate whores like Bush, who continued along with Reagan's deregulation plans, which destroyed our economy, and let corporation plunder our economy, we wouldn't be in the mess that we are in now. You people need to actually take the time to educate yourselves - learn, read and don't just go by the propaganda being spoon-fed to you on Fox News by the likes of Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck.

Illegals came while Bush and Republicans were in power and they do so now. It has nothing to do with that. Those who make a connection to US politics and illegals are not seeing clearly.

What causes people to try and enter here illegally, are the politics and economics in Mexico or whatever country of origin of they are from.

Enforcement and registration of all employees should be beefed up, to stop employers from employing illegals. But corporations don't like this "intrusion" and "burden".

There is always some lobby group against something.

Radar stations, heavy ship traffic, military boats, pleasure boats, coast guard cutters, coast guard helicopters, camp pendelton marines, border agents, police, ICE........and these boaters are making it to Orange County beaches???

They shouldn't be driving boats, they should be driving patrol vehicles in Afghanistan - they'd never get hit by an IED or RPG!!!!

Boy, the US really must have toughened up border security if folks still are even ATTEMPTING this type of charade.

If we want to stop illegal aliens from coming, we should not only deport them and their families, but also punish the employers. It is illegal to hire an illegal, so the employers should be heavily fined for each illegal alien they employ. For repeat offenders, they should be fined and get some jail time. Cut off the jobs, cut off the welfare for anchor babies, and watch the illegals leave. They may come to "work", but they are perfectly willing to scoop up any free benefits they can get hold of too. Stop that and the jobs, and they will eventually go home.

Let's see......America is a land of immigrants. Whether we arrived on a plane last week from Europe, or our ancestors walked across the Bering land bridge eons ago, we’ve all come from somewhere else.

Whether pushed here by persecution or pulled here by the lure of a better life, immigrants are living their version of the American Dream.

Elsewhere in today's news....costing us tax payers another $2,325,537...

The Cowboy fire has been contained after burning 827 acres in a remote, brush-filled area of southeast San Diego County near the Mexican border, fire officials said Tuesday.

The two suspected illegal immigrants who started the fire as a signal after becoming lost have not been located despite a search by the Border Patrol and Cal Fire. The two called an emergency number in Mexico to report their action.

The blaze erupted Thursday between Campo and Portrero near the Pacific Crest Trail. At its height, 341 firefighters were fighting the blaze, backed by 10 aircraft and 22 engines. No structures were damaged.

Cost of the fire has been pegged at $2,325,537, officials said.

Meanwhile in upper United States, in a country not far far away, like next to it, in CANADA comes a ship by the Pacific sea from Pakistan FULL OF IMMIGRANTS that arrives to British Columbia and welcome by the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mountain Police) and of course, the government. That is besides the thousands of muslims from Africa (many countries in Africa) that our welcome with FALSE papers through Quebec province, but knows how to trick our blind and ignorant Canadian government so well.

So hang in there Americans, you are SQUEEZED by the North with millions of Illegals migrants from Canada and the SOUTH from migrants of Mexico.

You're not done yet folks! Keep Courage LOL

Regarding the illegal that broke her leg, they should have deported her back to Mexico first and then allowed her to seek medical care in Mexico to avoid another costly burden to our health care system.

wow. uneducated much about our own state? who do think owned this land first..do your research then ull c the truth about california, they wudnt b immagrants..n we call ourselves citizen wen half of us dont even kno the orgin of our own counrty

Way to to LA Times. Create a place for racists and haters to post comments. This country is made up of immigrants. Yes it is! The only people who are not immigrants are the Native Americans (Apaches, etc..)

I am a citizen of this country and I welcome immigrants. I cannot be a hypocrite and say that we should not allow xyz. If you say that then begin with yourself. Deport yourself.

Illegal immigration should be enforced. Everyone understands that. But what the racist speech here advocates is racial cleansing. Pure and simple.

Being against illegal immigration has nothing to do with racism. And the people who post it and those that believe it are ignorant fools.

Our government needs to prove to American labor that they mean what they say? That means secure borders and interior immigration enforcement. E-Verify are part of nationwide enforcement, a tool that has caused hysteria amongst the open border demagogues.

E-verify was nearly sold out by Sen. Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Rep. Joe Baca (D-Calif.) and even Janet Napolitano. But this time they failed to arrest it's capability to remove E-Verify from the Parthenon of tools that addresses the illegal immigration invasion. Brought into the spotlight by Senator Sessions, they Democratic leadership were unable to sink it beyond the enlightened eyes of the attentive public. In every state E-Verify should be mandatory, including the 287 (G) policing law. State troopers, highway patrol should have the power of arrest in any suspicious police stop.

With a growing list of states gathering behind the Arizona laws, it’s time that the Democratic federal government stop harassing states trying to protect its citizens from the illegal alien storming and deal with issues as only originally allowed by the founding fathers.

Many of the Obama policies are overstepping their mark, and treading into the jurisdictions of state government. As with the 1986 Immigration control and reform bill, those no administration has--NEVER--tried to--ENFORCE--the law. THROW ALL THESE ANTI-SOVEREIGNTY LAWMAKERS OUT IN NOVEMBER. Even so the border remains open in many places which leave US landowners in peril daily from marauding illegal alien convoys tearing down fences, killing livestock and burglarizing their homes. Of course the tide is turning and no political hype from the Liberal aggressive, the negative lying media and border openers will halt the political refurbishing of the Capital elites.

One can find out the truth for themselves by going to SECUREBORDERINTEL website, and viewing the massive volume of illegal immigrants slipping past the border by the thousands daily, carrying automatic weapons and their drug "mules" carrying large panniers of drugs. Another location wide open to drug smuggling and illegal aliens, stealing into America is Falcon Lake in Zapata County, Texas. Undermanned the US border Patrol is pushed to its limit, as it cannot be at both ends of the 60 mile body of water and as the spokesman said, they need more men both agents and sheriffs, to stop this absolutely ridiculous unheeded invasion of our lands.

Extraction by E-Verification will cause--expedited ATTRITION--without huge expenditures, without forced deportation. Agents of ICE only need to mobilize a large force of Auditors to investigate employer I-9 records nationwide, zeroing in on the 127 Sanctuary Cities. Not just new hires should be vetted through E-Verify, but--ALL--long-time employees. Nobody should be exempt, because jobs are being stolen by illegal nationals with fraudulent documents. There is always the Social Security Administration to resolve the hiring issue? Informants within the company can contact ICE if they have a suspicion individuals working there? Businesses should be responsive that there are severe monetary risks or even prison, for employing illegal employees?

Incidentally, Goddard who wants Arizona's governors job, wants a path to citizenship or Amnesty for every illegal alien on our soil. As for Maricopa Sheriff Joe Arpaio the witch finder general and his retinue, need to see the carnage inside our border fence instead of just chasing a cop doing his job. Station at least 6000 permanent troops along the border with watchtowers within sight of each other and finally build the--REAL FENCE--as designed in the 2006 Secure Fence Act. Do your job President Obama and inforce to the letter of the 1986 Simpson/ Mazzoli bill. That means arrest and imprison criminal business owners, still hiring illegal aliens.

We need politicians we can trust, instead of those elected such as Sen. Reid, Speaker Pelosi, Feinstein and a whole list, who can be graded as Anti-American worker, anti-sovereignty, pro-illegal immigration and compromises the Rule of Law. The liberal press will not disclose the truth, nor will the US government about the astronomic costs to taxpayers of more than 113 Billion annually. Let them hear your anger and frustration at 202-224-3121

Read your history .. we are on former Mexican land ( Gov. Pico .. the last mexican governor of California).

You are eating food picked by a Mexican.
You are probably living in a house cleaned by a mexican and going to work in an office definitely cleaned by a mexican.
The majority of the gardens in this state are tended by Mexicans.

Show some respect people. These are hardworking people looking for a better life .. it is the same reason our parents & grandparents came here.

Save your outrage for lying politicians or the thieves on Wall street . Why bully the poor & let the rich & powerful have a free pass.

The majority of the people who posted here are complaining about immigration, but if it weren't for immigration we would be paying about $20 for a burger and fries combo and one more thing the majority of people who account for social programs are Caucasians. Read'em and weep!

Medicaid 33.4 Million 46.1%
Food Stamps 27.5 Million 42.3%
Women, Infants and Children (WIC) Food Program 5.8 Million 44.3%
National Student Lunch Program 44.5 Million 75%
Housing Subsidies 4.7 Million 46%

To the dumb person who says our four fathers would role over in their grave:
1. First of all speak for yourself cause not all of us have four father its not our fault your mom was wh*** and you have four fathers now.
2. This about the people not politics, you have no idea what these people go through in order to get here
3. often time these immigrants are doing the jobs american dont want or are to lazy to do a decent job at

I think the U.S. is being too hard on Illegal immigrants. you dont know what it was like thier countries you buttface bitches who are supa mean to illegal immigrants.

Those Pew Hispanic Surveys are not true. They just said that illegal immigration was declining. Well just like someone else mention it, they are coming via ocean now. Do they really think that they will come unnoticed?? Who do you think the USA is? Mexico?

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