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20 illegal immigrants arrested in Orange County beach landing

Border agents arrested 20 illegal immigrants Tuesday morning who were attempting to enter the country by sea at Calafia State Beach in San Clemente.

When the small craft the immigrants were riding in land landed, the occupants attempted to flee. Agents with the U.S. Border Patrol arrested 17 men and three women, all from Mexico.

A 36-year-old woman suffered a broken leg while jumping from the boat, according to a statement from the U.S. Border Patrol in San Diego. She was taken to a hospital for treatment. The others were taken to a Border Patrol station for processing.

No further details were immediately available, but the Associated Press said the incident occurred about 3 a.m.

-- Howard Blume

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we need to enforce immigration laws now!!!! good work but a drop in the bucket..we need to go to car washes...hotels...small businsses...etc that hire illegals and deport them back to mexico and give HEAVY fines to businesses that employee them.....American citizens are suffering and because of all the illegals Americans are going without work and healthcare in Ca....STOP THE INSANITY AND DEPORT "ALL" ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS......NO AMNESTY!!!!

Please come arrest the 20 behind my backyard fence. Blocking the sidewalk, leaving trash, hooting and hollering at cars and pedestrains. The City of Orange, the Orange Police Department nor ICE will do anything. They don't return my calls anymore. Spineless.

Great, is the Federal Government going to send these agents to jail because one of the illegal aliens broke their leg? Unfortunately, it seems that the illegal aliens have more rights than actual citizens nowadays.

I'm wondering if my tax dollars will be paying for the broken leg of that criminal.

This is getting ridiculous! Come on people! By now you have to understand that something is terribly wrong with our immigration policy. Even if you are supporting these illegals you have to know that it is corrupting our country. You have to be living on a pedestal and not really caring about our country to be supporting this.

Would you idiot racist Republican quit blaming Obama for illegal immigration???? I mean it's not like Bush or his daddy did anything to get a hold on it while they were in office!!! Do you hear Democrats or Indipendants crying about when Bush gave amnisty to so many??? Get over it and focus on the real issues.... Any suggestions?

What use is the US Navy or USCG if you cant use it to defend your sea frontier?

great, i can get a cheaper person to mow my yard?? what is your guys going rate for your yard worker? mine is $15 a mow... whats ur's?

@ PP...please.. if you are caught in ANY country without "legal papers" you are sent back to your country of origin, it's an UNIVERSAL LAW! ....every country in the world does that including MEXICO...in mexico if you are caught without papers first they rob you, then they kidnap you for ramson, then they might even kill you..so you should consider yourself lucky if they only deport you!. mexican know this ...In any other country if you get caught and get deported they are just following that country's laws..but if its done in the USA then its racism, against human rights, inhuman etc. etc. can you say RIDICULOUs!!!!!USA is only enforcing their immigration laws !just like the rest of the counties around the world!

They break the law, and our tax money goes to take one of them to the hospital for a broken leg.
Send her back to Mexico with her broken leg and let their lame government pay for it....because you know they won't.

Stop blaming just Mexicans the majority are from El Salvador, Ecuador, Guatemala.

Today's Craziest Comment Award goes to Mike. Not only is the content of his three sentences from Whackville, but they have that poor spelling and grammar that makes it all go down so smoothly. Well done, sir!

20 down, how many more to go?

What does Obama have to do with this? George Bush was in office for 8 years. All the while illegals stood outside of Rite Aid in San Clemente (30 -40 of them) waiting to be picked up by the Republicans that want cheap labor. Bush was worse so shut up.

Don't you people have real lives besides whining about people trying to better themselves? You WISH you had their courage. Losers.

Can you say, "San Clemente"?? Hint: It's not English. Hispanics were here first.

if it wasnt because of invasion of the land by German, english and the rest of the world these people would not be illegal.
only ignorant people and uneducated are in denial.

Posted by: Farzin | September 07, 2010 at 10:30 AM

What about the Spanish who enslaved the real native people, i.e., indians. They were here before the Mexicans that illegally overpopulate this land.

Obama is a DISGRACE to America. He wastes Taxpayers money suing Arizona for their new law, which mirrors the Federal immigration law. Obama invites Mexico's President Calderon to the White House, where Calderon slammed America's current immigration laws, and then "DEMANDED that America reform its immigration laws". EXCUSE ME? And Obama's response to this, Obama applauded and shook his hand. Mexico’s President needs to go home and take EVERY Illegal Criminal Invader (10 to 12 Million) back to Mexico. Then Calderon AND Obama both need to APOLOGIZE to AMERICANS for their comments and actions. Then Obama must take action to STOP the Illegal Criminals from their invasion of America. And if Obama offers Amnesty to these Criminals, Obama needs to be IMPEACHED. Giving Amnesty to these Criminals will BANKRUPT America. Are you listening yet Obama?

Too bad she didn't break her neck (coroner would have been less expensive than an ER visit.)

that was the mexican marines landing to take over san clemente and not illegal immigrants

Yeah they will just take them for processing and then release them -- guess where--in the USA so it's a joke the border patrol is a complete joke. Congress is a complete joke. Do your jobs border patrol agents and just sink the boat next time.

It's a joke the border patrol has no room to keep them behind bars and will just release them - in the USA. So no border crossing is unsucessful they all make it because of our criminally corrupt border patrol won't do their jobs. And Obama isn't helping any!

Yeah! I bet all you people would work out in the fields for minimum wage and would have no benefits. YOu are right let all the illegal immigrants go home and then you can all take their place in the fields and cutting lawns and all the dangerous construction they do. It's the illegal immigrants fault there are no jobs because they take all the good jobs out there.
It's their fault America sends their companies to other countries to pay those workers in pennies.

Illegal immigration will only be stopped when every American citizen and legal immigrant 10 years of age and older has a counterfeit-proof biometric ID card which he or she must produce on request. This is the law in much of Europe and it works. There, illegals try to get to England -- which has no ID requirement for citizens and where, as in the USA, the police need "probable cause" to ask someone to identify himself. Also in Europe, everybody has to register his or her residence and it is unthinkable that any legitimate employer would hire someone without ID: the penalties are draconian. (Of course in Italy, anything goes; what do the Mafia care?) Once the US gets rid of its illegals, wages for farm and factory and day-job work now done by them will rise to a living-wage level. Of course food prices will rise too, but that's a small price to pay to keep America for Americans and others legitimately in the country.

Those weren't immigrants, they were elite members of the Mexican Marine Corp on a beach landing training mission.

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