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Teenager accused of killing opossum, posting video on Facebook

A 19-year-old former resident of northern San Diego County faces a charge of felony animal cruelty after allegedly posting a video on the Internet showing him hacking an opossum to death, officials said.

Carter Livingston, who now lives in Auburn, Calif., near Sacramento, was charged by the Nevada County district attorney. He allegedly posted the video on Facebook, showing him striking the animal 44 times with a meat cleaver.

The investigation was begun by the San Diego Humane Society and Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals after receiving a complaint from someone who saw the video. The case was taken up by Nevada County officials after it was determined that Livingston had moved there from Vista, officials said.

--Tony Perry in San Diego

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I know lots of people in rural areas who have trapped or killed animals for pest control. I don't know a single one who thought it should take a single shot or quick whack to the bead of a trapped animal. And I sure don't know any who thought it was entertaining or worthy of capturing on video or making public.

I've known this kid for many, many years. He is DEFINITELY not a bad person, he just made a mistake and is going to pay for it. He really is a good kid, though. LDS, about to go on his mission...really now people, I don't think he's going to be a serial killer. That's a little extreme. Why don't you buzz off and get a life, mkayy?

kinda weird he hacked it so many times.

I cannot believe anyone would defend this. I am a hunter. I think this kid should be locked up indefinitely. Hunting possum is an entirely different thing than hacking one to death for fun. When I hunt, I hunt for a purpose and I (as any REAL hunter does) aim for a clean, quick kill. Anyone comparing this kid's immature cruelty to hunting isn't a hunter and should be ashamed of themselves for implying that hunters would support this kid simply because possums are occasionally considered pest animals.

Really people? I've known carter for almost 13 years, he is not a bad kid or "serial killer" please give me a damn break. He comes from a great family, he simply made a mistake. He a boy and im sure he meant nothing by it. Graduated at the top of my class, going to a great four year college. I know you may not want to hear this but with carters backround he's not going anywhere, a few fines?.. im sure. A felony?...no. Jail?...nope! Get a life! For a first time offender he will most likely be let off easy :)

I'd beat an opossum too. Nasty vermin. Get over it people. Same as a rat or a gopher. It's a pest. Who cares..

To "This is just sad" below - are you being sarcastic, or did you not read the entire (short) article? I think the key component is - "striking the animal 44 times with a meat cleaver."

To do something that unnecessarily violent and disturbing and then post it online like some sort of a video trophy suggests a serious issue/psychological disorder.

Don't insult the people "in most of the country" by suggesting they would approve of or participate in this behavior.

I happen to know the young. The animal he killed bad been trashing their yard for a long time before it was killed. I love the people that take a story with part of the story and call for him to be hacked to death! Are you serious? As for him becoming a serial killer, not a chance. I would hardly believe people making most of these posts are perfect. He made a mistake like most of us have.

you guys don't know this kid or the circumstances so stop judging. carter would never hurt a person.

you guys dont know carter he would never hurt a person! the possum hard been trashing there yard for weeks. possums are also really hard to kill im sure he didnt mean for it to go on that long. stop judging!

I know this person. He is my friend and a highly respectable boy. He was obviously being immature and made a severe mistake. Had it been a domesticated animal of any kind, he would deserve what he gets. The animal was dead by the first blow--maybe the second. Anything after that was literally overkill and that's obvious. People declaring "This sounds like training wheels for a serial killer.", "What was he getting out of this? Sick sick sick!!!" need to get a life and think about the potential consequences here. I'm sure you wouldn't be fond of being convicted as a felon for the rest of your life for a stupid out-in-the-woods stunt you pulled back when you were 19. I'm not saying there should be no punishment, but I certainly don't believe in convicting him as a felon. I'm sure somebody on this forum has done far worse things that isn't quite in the public eye but deserves extreme consequence. DUI for instance.

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