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Teenager accused of killing opossum, posting video on Facebook

A 19-year-old former resident of northern San Diego County faces a charge of felony animal cruelty after allegedly posting a video on the Internet showing him hacking an opossum to death, officials said.

Carter Livingston, who now lives in Auburn, Calif., near Sacramento, was charged by the Nevada County district attorney. He allegedly posted the video on Facebook, showing him striking the animal 44 times with a meat cleaver.

The investigation was begun by the San Diego Humane Society and Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals after receiving a complaint from someone who saw the video. The case was taken up by Nevada County officials after it was determined that Livingston had moved there from Vista, officials said.

--Tony Perry in San Diego

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Who are her parents?

stupid people!

in most of the country possums are rightly considered pests, and in some places the neighbors might have even come by to ask about the leavin's to make their dinner.

but for now this tempest in a teapot just marks another milestone on California's journey separating itself from the rest of the nation ...

That's how Jeffrey Dahmer started.

Hmmm. This sounds like training wheels for a serial killer.

This guy is one sick individual!! Remember his name he may become the next Ted Bundy, Jeffery Dahmer!! I am wondering what could possibly be going through his head when he decided to kill this harmless animal.

What was he getting out of this? Sick sick sick!!!

I think its time for a database (registration) state or national level just like they have for sex offenders but it would be for people who have been convicted of animal cruelty, I think its time. It could save someones life. We all know when there is cruelty to animals they go on killing or hurting people.

He struck the animal 44 TIMES with a meat cleaver??!
That's a lot of anger being released.....
First they hurt animals, and then they graduate up to people. I sure hope this sick little creep is watched very, very closely before he can strick a person 44 times with a meat cleaver!!

Its disturbing and sad to hear of a person that at the age of 19 has not developed empathy for living things. This time it is a defenseless animal. Will it be a defenseless person next?
Ideally, there would be some way to change Carter Livingston.
Will he just get some jail time and go on being the same person?
Whats to be done when a person's life goes in this ugly direction??

Good for them for investigating this seriously and taking action. That poor opossum. I'm glad someone cared enough to do something, what a sicko!

Now this is a case in which I could wholeheartedly endorse the implementation of Sharia Law. Hack for hack. Give it to this little [explicative deleted] the same as he gave to the innocent animal. No mercy.

what is WRONG with people? Humans are the WORST type of animals ever.

Whats wrong with this?

I hate those disgusting creatures and wouldnt mind doing the same thing. Animal Cruelty?

Then we wonder why America is a weak country.

Classic early sign of soon-to-be sociopathic/psychopathic killer of humans...

Obviously a very sick and troubled young man who now will only become more angry and intense in his psychopathic behavior without treatment.

There is documented evidence between children who exhibit cruelty toward animals and their likelihood of being abusive/violent later in life. They refer to it as using animals as 'rehearsal tools' for their behavior that later can manifest toward other people.

The Human Society of the US actually has a lot of additional information about this type of behavior.


I agree with Edika where was this young man's parents during his development? I doubt that this is the first time he's exhibited this type of behavior. It's troubling to see the dark side of society.

If he were killing it to eat it, would it make a difference of animal cruelty? Opossum are good to eat.

I agree, he should be registered and kept track of throughout his life.

Hmmm. I wish more details were provided.

We may just be a little over-anxious to determine that the teen is a future serial killer. I know I have killed a number of vermin and other pests (including opossums) because they were threatening my property or person in some way. I know it's hard to imagine, but not everyone else lives in an urban area and perceives wild animals to be something out of a Disney cartoon. Many wild animals have to be controlled in order to provide the hungry masses food, milk, and other agricultural products.

I used to shoot muskrats for $15 a kill in order to preserve the irrigation blocks on a nearby farm... without controlling the muskrat population, the crops wouldn't be irrigated because of the destruction of the blocks.

Perhaps the teen is a truly sick individual, perhaps the teen views wild animals different than you do.

Twisted freak.

this is either becoming fashionable, we have more media coverage. or the kids of today are just angry?
i think it's a healthy mix of all above. imagine that,..nothing to do but hack and beat slow-moving animals to death. oughtta get ya some 'followers' right there.....
is 'fame' defined differently today? yeah,..and the negative is no different than the positive.

Possum pie, anyone

I'm trying my hard to not let the animal activist in me speak out too much here, but DAMN, I hope this kid rots in jail.

Definitely a serial killer (or at the very least, a violent offender) in training. Lock this maniac up for 6 months and see if that does him any good. Probably not, but at least he won't be able to harm any people or animals for 6 months.

I have been a hunter and "gunner" all my life. However, the thought of being cruel to aminals has never crossed my mind.

I can only say of this story that, if this turns out to be true, this youngster is truly a SICK kid.

He needs help badly.

What is up lately? There has been quite a few stories this past week of people committing horrific acts to animals and either posting them or being outed by social networking sites!

Just another faithful follower of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Even if this psycho never evolves into a more serious threat to society, he really screwed his life up with this.

I'm just glad he's 19 and not 17.
As an adult he will never escape this charge.

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