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Steve Lopez: Hammering Whitman on her failure to vote could be a winner for Brown

TalkBackLopez_187x105One of Jerry Brown's better lines at a Labor Day labor rally Monday morning was a jab at GOP rival Meg Whitman.

The Democratic candidate said he is not scripted and is not an advertisement; he is a lifelong resident of California.

And, he added, "Not only have I lived here, I've voted here all my life."

Brown will no doubt hammer Whitman on that point over and over during the two-month sprint to Election Day.

Does it matter, dear readers, that a candidate who didn't bother to vote through much of her adult life has already spent more than $100 million trying to convince you to vote for her?

Let us know your thoughts.

-- Steve Lopez

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In a word... yes. If you didn't bother to vote in nearly 30 years, you've demonstrated to me that you don't much care for your base-level civic privileges and responsibilities--and now you want me to vote for you as leader of the greatest state in the nation and the eighth largest economy in the world? Pssssha.

Our re called govenor couldn't fix it, our action hero govenor couldn't fix it, selling the governors office to the highest bidder won't work either. You have to wonder why she is willing to spend so much of her money to get a job that doe not pay as well as, say, the city manager in Bell.

I just wish for the sake of all Californians that Jerry had never lived here. We don't need 4 more years of a misguided liberal politician who has never accomplished anything in his life and has lived off his parents or off the public dole.

It's quite obvious that Whitman is merely trying to buy the office of governor. She lacks any political experience or credibility. Steve Posner has tried multiple times to do the same thing but it didn't work. Not voting in any election in this state is not a selling point. Brown has a track record and a life of serving the state. He knows every facet of government in California. People would be stupid to vote for Whitman.

Meg The Rich Whitman..I mean.. why should she have had to vote? Rich people only vote when it comes to cutting taxes or when it’s important to put minorities in their place.

I guess I just don’t understand rich people.. why bother with politics and such.. you're rich.. who cares?

Unless they're greedy, selfish, egomaniacal and/or extremely bored.

@nag: but the real question is, do we need four years of a millionaire (billionaire?) who thinks it would be pretty neat to be governor of California in her spare time? think we've been through that with the governator.

@ nag: And you think voting for someone who's never voted before in her life, got fired from her position as CEO and is basically buying the governorship is better?

Please untangle the knots in your brain before you speak.

Yes it matters..
plus she is such a self centered egomaniac meany how could anyone trust her?

It seems Meg Whitman has decided to go shopping for a new vocation. Price doesn't seem to matter, qualifications have no meaning and as demonstrated by her lack of civic duty in not voting, she does not deserve to wear the mantle of governor.

It certainly does! How ludicrous to have not bothered to vote in 30 years and then have the gall to loan yourself hundreds of millions of your pocket money to buy my vote??

Technology is so great. a Journalist can publish an article and within a few minutes he can be critiqued by the public. It is also so much fun to see how polarized the commenters are. The rational readers can see in these that a moderation of political extremeism is necessary to save our society, economy and our political system. Neither side in the extreme can survive.

How can you not participate in the political process for most of your adult life and then expect others to elect you into office? Oh I forgot - she expects to pay her way into into.

It matters to smart voters but the general public is NOT.

Money, strong campaign, good ads, and charming candidate will get you the office. History has proven it time after time.

She will WIN, please mark my prediction,

Doesn't matter to me that she didn't vote. As a business leader she would have been busy and traveling a lot. I have missed elections due to last minute business travel. That probably accounts for some of her missed elections. Her work was a priority to her. I don't have a problem with it and don't see the linkage between her failure to vote and qualifications to serve.

It matters to smart, educated, politically conscious individuals,however,there are a lot people know little to nothing about either of these candidates. Unfortunately, because of Whitman's money and big business experience, she will most likely win in November. California politics have been a joke for years and our state will continue to suffer...

big deal, she didn't vote. perhaps she was just as disappointed in the system like the rest of us and finally got to a point to do something more about it than just voting: RUNNING FOR ELECTION. If you want something done right, then do it yourself. If she's smart, she won't make excuses but she should make a point that with all that's going on, if that's the best Brown can do to discredit her, then all the more reason not to vote for him. It's issues that matter. Not many citizens vote and for obvious reasons. what do you get for your vote? insanity - the same thing over and over again expecting different results. ENTITLEMENTS do not cure poverty. Parents and Education do with the emphasis on PARENTS! Raise your children. Children are a product of their environment. What ails this country is poverty and the vicious cycle from children born into that environment. FOCUS on the children - they don't choose their parents and they certainly don't choose to be born into poverty. SEED and The Harlem Children's Zone address that very issue - keep those children away from that environment, educate them and enable them to live productive lives. That's how you break the vicious cycle. A few generations of that type of intervention will put an immense dent into poverty and thus relieve the gov't from entitlements. Einstein once said: Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex... It takes a touch of genius - and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction.

This is the ultimate "chutzpah"

You bet it matters!

Let's just try to forget Meg Whitman's attempt to spend her way into office.

If hardworking and busy Californians of every income can show up and wait in line to be counted for Local, State, and Federal Primaries and General Elections, then the very LEAST we can expect, not hope, but expect from someone running for Governor of this State is that they take the process of Voting seriously. It shows she doesn't understand the will of the people and the reality that every vote counts. We're not a dollar amount, Meg. We are a vote.

Our current Governor Arnold did not vote either and he won the votes and has destroyed our state. So it does not matter how many times you tell people Whitman has not voted cause the voters have voted for Arnold who never voted either.

Someone needs to investigate further CA Gov candidate Jerry Brown, Senator Barbara Boxer, and President Obama's political/radical/fundraiser ties to ultra radical, rabidly anti-war, America-bashing commie leftwing nutjob Jodie Evans, founder of Code Pink.

"Jodie Evans is a longtime political ally of Brown’s who worked for his various campaigns and elective offices from the 1970s to the 1990s, culminating when Jodie Evans managed Brown’s failed 1992 campaign for the Democrat’s presidential nomination."

'In the 2000s, Jodie Evans teamed with communist revolutionary Susan ‘Medea’ Benjamin in founding Code Pink, a group that supports Islamic terrorists and works with state sponsors of terrorism against the United States. Jodie Evans and Benjamin are also leading Democratic Party activists; Jodie Evans was also a top fundraiser for President Barack Obama. Jodie Evans also has donated thousands of dollars to the reelection campaign of her fellow California Democrat, Sen. Barbara Boxer.'

A word to Colin, the rest of the nation doesn't see California as the greatest state in the nation! We are a laughing stock to the US, living off stimulus money from the feds to pay our bills. Meg probably didn't vote-due to the Dems power to win with union forces, big spenders behnid them. I finally am in an election year where my vote may make a difference. I will vote for anyone other than Brown-

I wonder if Meg has served any jury dutis. Maybe she didn't vote for long time to avoid jury duties?

Doesn't bother me. Too many uninformed voters are voting as it is. The smaller the trunout the more informed electorate is.

How can I not be angry at this Meg person who is attempting to buy the office..an office for which never cast a vote in the past, or cast a vote for any other office in this state. Who is this woman and what is the real reason behind her craving for the office?

I Know alot about Jerry Brown. Back in the 60s, ran for LA school board. As the Son of Gov Pat Brown, he got elected into the school board member in LA. He NEVER had a job before that, that I know of. He became Govnor of CA in 76. He Was and Is the Socialist/Union Man. But, I still liked Him, because, I Was Young and consider, Liberal, then.

After 40 Plus years, Jerry Brown did Nothing to make CA Better, Like His Father Pat Brown did.

He Can't even run Okland, a Small City, as a Mayor. He Is A True POLITICIAN. As far as I am concern, He IS JUST A LIFER of a PARASITE, Living as a POLITICIAN...Yeh, supposely, he is a lawyer...?

IT IS BETTER TO not VOTING like Meg Whitman did, THEN BEING A socialist...a UNION controlled POLITICIAN.


THIS IS u.s.a., NOT COMMUNIST CHINA,OR old U.S.S.R,...ETC...! Think about ALL the entitlements and/or benefits to ALL people EVEN THOUGH we don't have the resources to pay for them, that the DEMs GIVEN to them. I thought alot about that the MINIMUM EDUCATED GOV WORKERS, MAKING more money than the EDUCATED PEOPLE AND more benefits than other types of worker when THEY RETIRE...!

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