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Schwarzenegger to sign Chelsea's Law, named for slain teenager

Chelsea-king Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger this morning is set to sign Chelsea's Law, a bill named for a slain San Diego County teenager, which calls for tougher sentences and parole conditions for sex offenders.

Sponsored by Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher (R-La Jolla), the new law, AB 1844, was inspired by the rape and murder of Chelsea King, 17, an honor student at Poway High School. She was abducted and killed Feb. 25 while jogging near Lake Hodges in northern San Diego County.

John Albert Gardner, 31, a convicted sex offender, pleaded guilty in May to murdering King and 14-year-old Amber Dubois a year earlier. Gardner had been convicted in 2000 of molesting a 13-year-old girl and served three years in prison. He is now serving a life sentence without possibility of parole.

The bill, among other provisions, calls for life sentences for sex criminals who attack children under age 14. The signing is set for a ceremony in Balboa Park attended by Chelsea's parents, Brent and Kelly King.

This afternoon, skywriter Greg Stinis of San Diego Worldwide Sky Advertising is set to put a message in the sky above Poway in honor of Chelsea King. Provided by an anonymous donor, the skywriting was arranged by San Diego Padres announcer Mark Grant.

--Tony Perry in San Diego

Photo: Chelsea King.  Credit: The King family

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there is no cure for such an atrocity .these men should be put to death .ive been to prison and these men must be protected as real men dont stand for this behavior . perhaps we should create mandatory castration for repeat sex offenders .

All s3x offender laws should only target truly violent s3x offenders, such as child mol3sters (even without force), forcible rapists, kidnappers, and murderers, they are ALWAYS the ones who reoffend.

Currently a large proportion of "s3x offenders" were nonviolent and did not hurt anyone at all. They have absolutely no victim whatsoever. These are the public urinat3rs, str3akers/flashers, p33ping tom, 19 or 20 year old caught with a 16 or 17 year old consentually, chatting on the internet with someone posing as a minor, downloading a pic of a nak3d teen on kazaa or limewire, receiving a "s3xt" from your teen girlfriend, pr0stituting yourself or picking one up, having 0ral s3x in any southern state which is an automatic felony and mandatory registerable, or any other s3x crime where there was NO victim at all. This is your average s3xual offender these days and they NEVER reoffend. They literally have about a ZERO percent recidivism rate.

There are currently almost a million s3xual offenders, many of whom are no threat to anyone. The violent s3xual offenders love this because they can hide out amongst them and slip through the cracks to strike again like Gardner.

Not even the millions of former murderers who are out of prison have to register their face on any online registry website or reregister every 3 months. Neither do former 1slamic t3rrorist attempted bomb3rs like Najibullah Zazi or Faisal Shazhad, they will be free to walk the streets in peace when they get out, but some guy who was 20 and got caught with a 16 year old is stuck as a s3x offender for life. Real justice. What a joke.

Maybe the GOV should take a look at what's happening in LA with these ILLEGAL PROTESTERS who are TRASHING our state!



Thank you all for your hard work in getting this law passed. Today I am especially proud to be a Californian. May God bless you!

Knowing Steve Cooley, and his record of not enforcing Jessica's Law, and opposing Marsy's Law, he will likely not enforce this one. He should not be California Attorney General based on his record as soft on sex offenders!

I think that the Gov. Schwarzenegger should put back in the death penalty to tthese child melesters when they rape and kill a child .Don't give them life for the tax payers to spend more money to keep them in presion. they should be put to death and would stop a lot of this in Cal. and across the country for other states would start doing the same thing and put a stop to a lot of this whenit comes to a child,or anyone that is under the age of 17.It would work for the same reason for the rape of weman everywere.They should put these sick perverts to death with in six month if found guilty of this and they would see smoe change of this crap.So i say to you Gov. Schwarzenegger put back in the Death Penalty to put these pervert's to death for the killing and rape of Children and weman and young boys in your state and let other states no an do the samething.

I am tired of all of these "Get Tough Appease The Public Laws". These laws a re quickly passed without anyone focusing on PREVENTION. While I empathize with what happened to the young lady it's obvious by the multitude of laws on the books including death that these so called deterrents do not work, only serve as a platform for politicians & cost money taxpayers don't want to cough up.

LIFE IN PRISON for sex offenders just like three strikes will = more money, so please don't gripe & complain when our taxes increase to support this. I can't help to think that if this same money was spent EQIUTABLY on education, after school programs , children services & other failures in society that maybe some of this repeat/heinous behavior would not exist.

The correctional system was built on the principle of rehabilitation & retribution & now its ONLY about retribution, thus there is no surprise at the recidivism rate. We spend so much money on FREE services for illegal criminals (immigrants) who we know have broken the law, but we won't spend real money to protect society & work with legal criminals or just fairly equip people initially with the basic skills/education needed.

So this bill "calls for life sentences for sex criminals who attack children under age 14". Then what incentive does the attacker have to keep that child alive? Once the child is abducted and sees the kidnappers face why wouldn't he just kill the victim, he is less likely to be identified that way and if caught he serves the exact same sentence.
No offense but this law is utterly stupid. They should have made if harder for registered s3x offenders to get out of jail instead of enacting this stupid law. This won't solve anything.

What's sad is that in 2010 they need to make a law like this. Shoudn't there have been stiffer sentences on sex offenders to begin with. As always in this country it takes something devistating to happen 100,ooo times and for 50 years for anyone in politics to take notice. Sick!

This is to all who read this i sent another post abuot tem minutes ago about this .The Gov.should put back inafect the DEATH PENALTY for these sick perverts that do this anyone that is male or female of any age and if there found guilty in a court of law then give them the death penalty and do this within 30 day conviction.

What about the sex offenders that are out on the streets? Will they go back to jail? I have one near my home, near a park, will he be forced to move?

Everyone who says that you can't change a bad system or why get involved, can also thank Chelsea King. Not only is her new law about to better protect kids but it also proves that YES-YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

When the Chelsea's Light Facebook group first got started, we were just a bunch of mostly San Diegans mobilizing to find her; then from there it became a tool to get her memorial going. The Chelsea's Light group took to the Hall of Justice courthouse stairs to hold sunflowers and irises in remembrance of John Gardner's 2 (known) victims, as he was sentenced to life in prison.

After that, work began big time on passing Chelsea's Law and the Chelsea's Light Facebook page was really on the ball by posting alerts, status updates and appeals for letters, emails, phone calls, and blue ribbons sent to Sacramento legislators-to show we mean business. To which the Gov. directly commented on at the Signing Ceremony in Balboa Park-by noting that "powerful forces" were behind this law getting passed.

YES-you can make a difference. Sometimes here or sometimes from beyond the grave!


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