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Santa Monica expands outdoor no-smoking zones

Smoke-free areas are being expanded in Santa Monica in an effort to address the complaints of residents of multi-family buildings.

Under an ordinance that goes into effect Thursday, outdoor smoking will be prohibited within 25 feet of all doors, windows and vents. The ordinance covers all private balconies, patios, porches and decks and any areas on neighboring properties that are within 25 feet of a door, window or vent.

Existing law already prohibits smoking in yards, on walkways, in play areas and in other common zones used by residents of more than one unit.

Anyone caught smoking in a restricted area will be subject to a fine of $100 for the first offense, with subsequent violations carrying fines of $200 and then $500. Any person will be able to take a case to court.

-- Martha Groves


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Peoples Republic of Santa Monica. No one can tell me what to do in my own home or condo, its private property. Fortunately I don't live there nor would I ever live there.

Can I burn incense to God?
Holy Vapor?
May I worship God in my own way, please?
Thank you.

No more freedom for the residents of Santa Monica

Cook garlic and curry. Lots of it. And liver. And fry fish. With garlic. And curry. And chitterlings (and "forget" to wash them first). Oh, and don't forget to spill a few gallons of milk on the HOA president's lawn before dawn on a hot day. And leave the garbage chute doors open. Puhleeze...

I live in an apartment building in DC and people are prohibited from smoking within 25 feet of the entrance. So they move down the walkway away from the entrance and smoke under the windows of the other apartments. Now the smoke come into my apartment when I have the windows open to the fresh air.

This is a great idea, one that I plan to move to the next tenants and council meeting.

But what if I have a prescription?

If you stand in the middle of the intersection at Cloverfield and Olympic, you can legally smoke a cigarette.

Aside from being annoyed by the smell, I honestly would not give a rat's ass about who smoked or where. The problem is that second hand smoke is deadly. When you're puffing on that cigarette and inching your way closer to cancer and emphysema, I am forced to inhale that smoke. It may be your choice to smoke but I don't get a choice when it comes to second hand smoke., do I? It's not really about the smell, it's about the CARCINOGENS. Smokers can even cause asthma and emphysema in their cats and dogs! As if living in busy suburban areas with poor air quality wasn't bad enough. With all of the information out there, how stupid do you have to be to continue smoking? The ones who are complaining about the ordinance should go visit some COPD message boards where people are living on oxygen tanks, waiting for lung transplants, or waiting to hear back about their cancer results and then come back and complain to me about not being able to smoke. The minute they make a cigarette that does not emit any harmful chemicals or carcinogens, that's the day you can smoke anywhere you please. Until then, keep your cancer sticks and cancer breath away from me.

It seems that a lot of the friction and animus between smokers and non-smokers would evaporate if smokers would switch to an electronic cigarette. They produce no smoke, nothing burns. They produce a water-based vapor instead that duplicates the feeling of smoking a cigarette to satisfy the smoker. It completely satisfied my mother who smoked for over 50 years. She used to start every day with a fit of coughing. Someone told me about electronic cigarettes, so I ordered her one. She loves it. It's different from tobacco as there's no tar, no carbon monoxide and doesn't have all the added chemicals in it like cigs do. She's been able to get away from tobacco and is now breathing much better. If you want to check it out, go to: http://CleanGreenNicotine.com . They have more info on it. Highly recommended!

I totally agree with GoodRiddance. Plus, I AM bothered by this smoke. It's disgusting, why do I have to hold my breath every time I'm coming out of my apartment? If I burn garbage in front of your door, you are going to call the cops. Burning garbage in my face is basically what you are doing when you smoke.

Yea for Santa Monica! Smokers go out on their balconies because they don't want the smell in their apartments/condos. Yet they could care less that their smoke and carcinogens are flooding my apartment. QUIT SMOKING!

simple solution, don't answer the door when the police come knocking. they are only talking about smoking cigarettes right?

Don't forget to ban all the automobiles that drive down your street spewing exhaust fumes. Also, make sure to block off all the streets where people sit at outdoor cafes so they don't get second hand auto exhaust fumes. The anti smokers must be crazy to believe someone smoking a cigarette outdoors, twenty feet away is going to harm them. We all have more harm done to us by all the cars we live amongst. Snap out of it people.

Quite smoing and oh, get rid of your cars as well! Talk about dangers of second hand smoke! Let's be fare and if we are going to clean the air, clean all sources of foul, unhealthy air. What do you think your car is exhaling out of that big pipe?

There are heavy taxes on cigarettes due to the health impact. The same should be applied to gasoline and airline tickets. Quadruple the taxes on gas and spend the money on R&D!


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