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Paris Hilton pleads guilty; 'treat this very seriously,' judge says

With a judge warning her to "treat this very seriously," Paris Hilton on Monday pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges that will allow her to avoid jail time after her arrest last month in Las Vegas on suspicion of cocaine possession.

Under the deal, Hilton will plead guilty to two misdemeanors, serve one year probation, pay a $2,000 fine and serve 200 hours of community service.

She had been charged with felony drug possession, but the charge was downgraded under the plea deal.

"You have now been sentenced to one year in Clark County Detention Center. I can assure you it's not the Waldorf Astoria," said Judge Joe Bonaventure.

Hilton, dressed in a white and black dress, admitted to the judge that she was lying when she told officers the purse where the cocaine was found didn't belong to her.

Hilton was arrested Aug. 27 with her boyfriend, Cy Waits, who was driving the black SUV stopped by police after officers said they smelled marijuana. A police lieutenant found 0.8 grams of cocaine in a purse Hilton was carrying.

-- Richard Winton

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Paris needs a SEVERe Spanking...........................

That is a ridicuously harsh sentence considering how small the amount of Cocaine was. Furthermore, what a waste of public time & money,. a Better solution for everyone would be to Decriminalize all drugs, then tax them in order to pay for regulation, education and rehabilitation. This would also deliver a death blow to the Drug Cartels (or at least severely curtail their income)...

But, it wasn't HERS!
Why would she plead guilty???

This is an INJUSTICE!

Poor Paris - her reputation is forever marred.

We support you PARIS!!!


it must be nice to rich and famous, and get away with drug posession. How special......

No jail time and only $2,000!?!?!?
Why should she treat it seriously if the judge didn't treat it seriously?

these kind of rulings sends a terrible message...to everyone. the rich gets away with everyting.

Actually, Paris "got off" pretty easy!

Anyone else would have been thrown into prison considering Paris' prior arrest record, in addition to driving under the influence and possessing two narcotics!

Paris Hilton, Joe Bonaventure, Waldorf Astoria. I think it is a hotel promo not a news item.

I doubt she'll ever be rehabilitated, so the best we can hope for is that she become more discreet, and stop wasting law enforcement resources. Go away Paris.

Anyone using cocaine just can't be trusted. She'll get popped again for it. Just a matter of time.

Why do the police even bother stopping her and doing all that paperwork for nothing. These snob celebrities always buy their way out of jail time. They can get caught with 500 lbs of cocaine and they walk out the following day with probation and a few hours of community service. Like I said before, these celebs have a special law book written just for them. If this dingbat were in China, the judicial system there would of fried her ages ago.

Again, Paris, if you are reading - this would mean jail time for me. Do us a favor and DO NOT serve the community you are not part of.

Recreational cocaine users DO NOT NEED TREATMENT ....THEY ARE NOT ADDICTED!


Put Linsay and Paris in the Thunderdome and we will all chant "Two chicks enter, one chick leaves".

Way to go Paris honesty is part of your rececovery. Keep it going.

to JBT - harsh? 1st she lied to a cop (obstructing justice) and was in possession of a controlled substance.

Cocaine is not used properly, otherwise it wouldn't be a controlled substance - prancing around the city doing lines in bathrooms everywhere is not the way cocaine should be used - she's abusing it. She has a problem. If this was YOU getting caught, then you lied to an officer, YOU would be in far worse shape.

There should not have been a plea deal. She commited a felony and should serve time in prison, like anyone else. She didn't even have to go to rehab! Crazy world we live in.

She is only one arrest away from her own reality show and five more arrest from making a killing in the business ala Robert Downey Jr.
You and me, however, would never see the light of day, would lose everything, and would never get a job again for the rest of our lives.
BIASED LEGAL SYSTEM allows this to happen.

Yea whatever. Treat what very seriously! Since Roman Polanski's lawyer gave him a light sentenance for F'N a little girl, Judges have sentanced Celebrities differently than regular folk. Look at Tiger Wood, He choose NOT to talk to athorities. You and me would have swat after us. LOL...OK NOT REAL FUNNY. SAD!

Must be nice! The average person would be in jail right now. There are two sets of rules. One for the rich and one for the rest of us.

What a joke. If it had been any normal citizen they'd be going to jail, have a huge legal debt, and get no favors. Of course, Hilton, Lohan, etc... get to basically say F.U. to the rest of the world.

To icfbi; Thanks for the very clever and funny post...Best laugh of the morning!

How the cocaine came to Paris Hilton hands? It seems like nobody cares. Everybody is doing drugs today in USA and how many lord drugs had been captured? As far as remember, none. So, how is possible to fill USA with drugs without a major distribution network? If there's a possibility to do this without any organization, maybe we should tell all those guys in APICS association to rethink their model and their theories. The supply chain model is no longer valid. The drug lords had invented a new model to reach any city in USA without a distribution network. That's what it seems to happen right now, because we never have seen any major organization dismantled. We should ask them to share their invention, and we don't have to promise not to share it with the authorities, because it seems that the authorities don't care.

She should be charged with perjury for lying..... Once again, another case of famous people getting slapped on the wrist due to their popularity. If it were you or I that was in the same scenario, we'd be sitting in an orange jumpsuit spending time with murderers and child molesters.

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