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Michael Jackson's mother sues AEG Live over his death

Michael Jackson’s mother sued AEG Live on Wednesday, saying the promoters failed to provide her son’s doctor with lifesaving equipment before the performer's planned comeback tour.

Dr. Conrad Murray, who has pleaded not guilty to involuntary manslaughter in the pop star’s death, was hired to be paid by AEG as Jackson’s personal caregiver during his concert preparation. According to the Associated Press, Katherine Jackson’s lawsuit alleges that the company is liable for Conrad’s actions, despite the fact that Jackson died before he signed a contract.

Jackson was said to have had specially requested the hiring of Conrad, who was to be paid along with other expenses AEG Live had taken on for the pop star before his planned concert tour.

Murray had agreed to be paid $150,000 a month, and even shuttered his LasVegas practice as he tended to Jackson. He is accused of giving the singer a lethal amount of the operating-room anesthetic propofol as well as other heavy sedatives. Murray told investigators that Jackson was a chronic insomniac who had depended for years on propofol to sleep, according to police affidavits filed in court.

Neither Katherine Jackson’s attorney nor AEG Live could be reached for comment.

-- Robert Faturechi

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Not only are they liable for not providing life saving equipment but for not assuring Michael had the best care. He was in a sense, AEG's employee, they had a responsibility to do background checks on this horrid "doctor" who was apparently has no ethics or professionalism. AEG was also responsible for Michael's death.

Fantastic news.

Read this book, written by a close confidant of Michael Jackson's:


"People that Michael had vowed to never to do business with again, such as John Branca and Frank Delio, had suddenly been brought back into his life by Randy Phillips of AEG. "

"These suspicious activities have propelled me to write this book, to tell the world what is being hidden by the media and the powers that be in the entertainment industry. A great injustice is being played out daily, and I’m here to set the record straight. Michael Jackson, The King of Pop, in my opinion was murdered, and his words still haunt me today: “They want my catalogue (music publishing rights) Rowe, and they will kill me for it.” Few know this, but Michael owned fifty percent of Sony’s entire catalogue. He never wanted to sell it; he wanted to keep it for his children. The powers that be knew that Michael and The Michael Jackson name was worth billions and billions of dollars, and he was worth more to them dead than alive."

Pathetic attempt to get more money. Who is she going to sue next, Jackson's kids? I guess the suit will be for alienation of affection. That should be worth a few million.

Wow, really? Katherine Jackson is still playing the blame game and trying to get money over Michael's death? Give it a rest already. Joe and Katherine Jackson are something else with their crazy selves.

I think that it's a good idea for Mrs Katherine Jackson to sue AEG and OTHERS that might have something to do with Michael's death, all of you who feel other wise ,should be ashame of youself, because ,if this was your child wouldn't you want justice for them. Everything isn't about money all of the time, this is about someone's SON dying or Murdered.

Can't we leave Wacko Jacko to rest in peace? How much more of this tortured soul are we going to have to hear about.

Katherine Jackson's actions are not about 'blaming' or 'cashing' in on MJ's death, as some commentators have suggested. It is about getting at the bottom of what REALLY led to June 25, 2009.

For all those who assume that just because MJ had an addiction problem that its ALL his fault, need to get real! Last time I checked we live in America where no one... even Michael Jackson should be above the law, or be an exceptional client to the Hippocratic oath.

Note that addiction is a sickness and should be treated...not enabled! Michael Jackson would have been alive if those around him followed the law of our country, and didn't enable him. Blaming the victim is getting quite old, as MJ paid the HIGHEST price for his choices!

It is now time for all those who are accountable for negligence to face the consequences of their 'action/inaction'. AEG representatives ignored MJ's declining health, and were instead promoted by their business interests. I commend the Jackson family for having the courage to take on the task of not "fault finding" as the media & some members of the public like to think... but for attempting to elucidate the extent of corporate greed in the music industry.

Michael Jackson was murdered. I believe that AEG is responsible. Just read this book http://jetzi-mjvideo.com/books1-jetzi/10wrh/10wrh0an.html
it will explain


Guess the entire Jackson clan is nuttzoid. Sure, there was a huge blatant conspiracy for AEG to kill Michael. Right! Kill their meal ticket? Sorry, the whole lawsuit is frivilous and should be dumped out of court by a competent judge.

Umm, Doesn't it say in the story that MJ INSISTED on this very doctor? The doctor was a sycophantic quack but trying to blame AEG for some kind of lack of due diligence is absurd but I forget myself. With the Jackson family absurdity is normal.

where was his family while he was getting drugs all of these years?
why does an individual such as he, doesn't bear the bulk of the responsibility?

How much greed can one family have. If mom and dad had done a better job of raising their children to be happy people instead of their meal tickets, Michael's life might have been a better one. There is no upside for AEG to have been involved in Michael's death, he was their meal ticket, who do they sue.

Let Katherine fight for justice for her son. I'm sure she knows more than the public does.


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