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Man found dead on street in Santa Ana

SamurderDozens of $20 bills lay like confetti on a Santa Ana street Friday after a 55-year-old man was killed during a robbery just hours after winning several thousand dollars at a casino in Hawaiian Gardens.

Santa Ana police were alerted to the South Andres Place killing about 5:30 a.m. by a woman screaming for help.

Arriving officers discovered a man laying in the street, having apparently been run over by an assailant.

Santa Ana Police Cpl. Anthony Bertagna said the victim had won several thousand dollars early Friday  at the casino.

His killer followed him in another vehicle from the gambling establishment to Santa Ana, where he cut him off, according to Bertagna.

Bertagna said the suspect and victim had an altercation on the street, and the 55-year-old man fled on foot only to be hit by the killer’s vehicle.

The woman had accompanied the victim to the casino but was apparently unhurt in the attack.

At the scene Friday, officers recovered a knife and picked up dozens of $20 bills that had fallen onto the pavement.

-- Richard Winton

Photo: A police investigator picks up $20 bills scattered on the 100 block of South Andres Place in Santa Ana. Credit: Don Bartletti / Los Angeles Times

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If the killer did follow this victim from the casino, there should be plenty of video surveillance images from the casino, not to mention the lady witness at the scene.

That is all the cops are good for. Taking away the body.

Folks need to be able to carry concealed firearms. This will then not happen so often.

Get rid of that casino. That area is a dump anyway.


Let us carry guns.

Jackpot isn't worth jack if you're dead, proving once again that money really is the root of all evil. Lay in peace to the victim.

Carrying guns: Not the answer.

Staying the hell out of Hawaiian Gardens: The answer.

Someone tell Lee Baca that all the casinos should be shut down because there was a murder. It coincides with other ridiculous statements he's recently made.

JonR, you can be a victim and get assaulted anywhere, not just in Hawaiian Gardens. Wise up.

it's so easy for people to say 'people should be able to carry guns' after reading such a tragic story such as this one, but just think about the consequences if everyone had the ability to carry a gun out on the streets... It would be chaos.

"Arriving officers discovered a man laying in the street"

Unless he was laying something (an egg?), I suggest that the Times reporters learn the difference between a transitive and an intransitive verb.

If he'd just stayed in his car, he might still be alive today... there's no indication the robber even had a firearm.

For large winnings, the casino should deposit it directly into your bank account. This is so senseless.

Not as bad as the one back in the 90's. A fella won $72 Grand at Santa Anita track, bought everybody free drinks and goodies, cashed in, and insisted on taking home green cash instead of a Cashier's Check.

He drove home, and somebody was waiting for him at his carport, killed him, and ran off with the loot. I don't think the case was ever solved.

I figure, if they knew where he lived, it must have been a "friend" who did it.

Simple solution to keep this from happening again. Give people checks, not cash.

Yes Jon,

Let's give up, and quit doing things we like because criminals prey upon us. And let's not defend ourselves. That may work for you, but not for most.

I'm with Jon. Stay the heck out of that cesspool known as "Hawaiian Gardens"

That's answer: More guns.
Guns are great they usually kill
the people or family members who
own the guns.

It's Darwin's way of laughing at us.

Actually, nancy, chaos occurs when cities enact "gun control" laws which penalize law-abiding citizens. That's why DC and Chicago are chaotic.

Although I do agree with you that guns are no panacea for crime.

JonR, people who live in fear will always want a gun on their hip even though statistics show that the gun won't help them and will likely be used against them.

Guns don't help.

If you win big at a casino you better be darn sure you're not being followed home. That's just street smarts.

Guess his luck ran out...

Shut down all casinos in California period. All those indian casino's are no good for californians. These Indians are getting away with murder.

Lesson learned: don't get out of your car under any circumstances when involved with a road-rage motorist. Get away from him as quickly as possible.

Stupid Street!!!

Hawaiian Gardens Casino and all other California casinos offer alternative payout methods to cash. In fact, they suggest placing it in a players account, putting it into a cashier's check etc rather then risk the potential unwanted attention that is possible when accepting a large payout in cold hard cash. People rarely pay attention to these words of wisdom. Often they are too excited to think sensibly and they want to see tangible evidence of their big win. Tangible meaning hundred dollars bills, lots of them, in packets of $5,000. Reading through the previous comments about this story makes it apparent that there are many misguided, ignorant people walking around. Allowing people to carry concealed weapons? Here? In California? Sure.....that will have plenty of positive stories being generated in the future. Yeah right. And Seany.....I'm pretty sure you are mistaken when labeling Hawaiian Gardens Casino as Indian Casino. Its not. Places like Pechanga, San Manuel, Pala, Soboba....those are Indian Casinos. They have slot machines etc. HG Casino, Commerce Casino, Hustler Casino, Bicycle Casino etc. are not Indian Casinos. Its too bad that this man was killed following his big win. Hopefully, in the future, people will take more precautions after winning a large amount. This economy has bred many desperate people and its important to keep that in mind.


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