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Lindsay Lohan is out of jail hours after a judge revoked her bail

Lindsay Lohan walked out of the Los Angeles County women's jail in Lynwood on Friday night, capping an unusual day of legal twists in which one judge overturned another's decision to jail the actress without bail on a probation violation.

The star of "Freaky Friday" and "Mean Girls" was processed out of the Century Regional Detention Facility about 11:40 p.m. Friday after posting $300,000 bail. She was whisked out of a back door and driven to an undisclosed location.

Beverly Hills Judge Elden Fox had ordered Lohan jailed without bail until a hearing Oct. 22 on whether Lohan should be incarcerated for using drugs in violation of her probation on a drunk-driving conviction. 

It also appeared to be an effective way to skirt Los Angeles County's early release policy and keep Lohan incarcerated for a month. The actress has twice received jail sentences but both times served less time than ordered because of overcrowding at the women's jail. Most female inmates serve a quarter of their sentence.

But the attorney for Lohan, Shawn Chapman Holley, immediately challenged the legality of holding her client without bail based on a probation violation for a misdemeanor.

"The case law is clear," Chapman Holley said after the court hearing. "She is entitled to bail."

Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Patricia M. Schnegg sided with Chapman Holley's argument that under California law, a misdemeanor defendant is entitled to bail and about 6 p.m. signed the order granting a writ of habeas corpus.

But in posting bail, Lohan must agree to conditions, including wearing a SCRAM alcohol and drug detection device, refraining from being in areas where alcohol or drugs are being consumed, and be subject to immediate search by law enforcement.

-- Andrew Blankstein

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So much for justice.

I suspect that if this had been a "regular" person instead of a celebrity, this appeal wouldn't have been granted.

Maybe she'll wait two and a half weeks before she falls off the wagon again. Meanwhile, a friend's brother has been in jail for over a year now, awaiting trial. That date doesn't seem to be anywhere in the near future.

So glad that the criminal justice system kowtows to the rich and famous.

I wish I were white.

Way to piss away tax dollars.

I hear she drove to the Chateau Marmont to celebrate!!!

Just shows what money can do huh? Joe Public would still be there.

really, what a loser she is. she deserves jail, just like any other junkie.

"JUSTICE FOR SALE" This is a classic and disgusting example of the cesspool that is the US legal system! Spend just 14 hours behind bars on Friday and get another judge to immediately look at your case. Be sure to have $300,000 handy for immediate payment, or at least a $30,000 fee to a bondsman. How many people can afford to BUY justice from our legal system? Can you imagine a judge hurrying to look at your case late on a Friday afternoon unless a big profit is made? The judge did her real job which is bringing in money to California government. Excuse me while I go vomit.

Wow! Talk about connections. Where can you find a Superior court judge on a Friday night? Arrested, processed, and back out on the street in about 12 hours.

She has to wear a alcohol and drug detection device and must stay away from places where they are being consumed? WOW! She will be going back to jail for sure for violating her probation again and probably again. She just don't get it and probably don't want to.

Not only is the budget broken in California but the legal system is simply a joke.
Law no longer exists. When Lohan finally kills someone we can expect that California will only be able to give her a harshly worded letter but her lawyer will appeal that and the judge will be forced to issue an apology.

I hate this illogical trend that some writers (like the writer of this article) have adopted over the last few years where a married woman is known on subsequent mentions by her maiden and last name (e.g. Chapman Holley). The lawyer's last name is Holley; Chapman is for her now basically a middle name. Yes, I know she wasn't born with that as a middle name, but it sure isn't her last name; Also, would you call her Mrs. Chapman Holley? No, you would call her Mrs. Holley.

She broke her probation and if a judge sent me to jail without bail nothing would be done...stop giving favors to criminals. Lindsay Lohan did a crime and she should be punished as the court decides! I hope one day her lawyer and her parents are not one day be saying well maybe we should have sent her to jail...cause it might teach her a lesson...one she needs to hear and learn. Life is easily lost when its out of control...what will it take for people around her and herself to realize that? I hope she gets her act together before its to late...look at all the other great actors and great people in general that we lose to early because of alcohol and drugs!

If your reading this Lindsay, fill the void with true love and you will have comfortness, able to give it to others.

who say's money can't buy you LOVE.

300,000 dollars bail for a misdemeanor? never heard that before

She has a new movie coming out, . . . "Roach Motel"

She wore the bracelet before and she violated the alcohol provisions. She the took drugs and failed another drug test. Both violations of her probation....anyone else would be in jail now but not Lindsey ...she is privileged... and no doubt some idiot will offer her a film role soon enough. This girl has been given too many chances and she has abused everyone one of them. Just watch out folks and pray she doesn't kill someone else with her vehicle before she eventually kills herself.

This is a great example of American justice. If you are a celebrity or have money you can do most anything and get away with it.
Lohan has been given several sentences to jail, each time only to serve a fraction of the time sentenced.
Finaly an honest judge hears her case, sentences her to jail where she should be for violating parole and Lohan's money succeded in buying another judge to release her.

How ridiculous. "refrain from areas where alcohol is being consumed". That means she can't even go to IHOP, Coco's or Denny's for breakfast. I am so sick of the social control of this country. Did she break the law? Yes she did. She did her time. If she wants to have a drink or smoke a joint then that's her business as long as she does it without endangering anyone else. So much money is wasted on social control in the country. Go to the Netherlands or dozens of other countries that don't impose this hypocritical social control and see how things work. The laws in these other countries are far more harsh. But people don't screw up. For example, drink and drive in England and it's simple. You loose your license for 11 years. Does that mean no one goes to the pubs? Of course not, they just always drag along a designated driver. I guess its the stupidity of the american people that require this exorbitant social control.

It's the law; however, she will still have her day in court. And if it's in front of Judge Fox, it may not go so well for the actress.

Lindsey and Paris are two prime examples of of two tier justice system in this country. What if this had been some poor white, Hispanic, or black? You can be GUARANTEED they would be sitting UNDER the jail cell.

Goes to show how CORRUPT our government truly is. God help America, somebody needs to; our judges and politicians only want to become richer. They don't care about ANYONE but THEMSELVES and their bank account. There is no hope for this country. Sad to see after over 50 years.

Got money? Get out of Jail FREE, that is the American way!

This isn't justice, it is money being spent for injustice. Turn out all the other drug offenders if this loser gets a pass because she has money.

Isn't it funny how the star-struck, celebrity-crazed justice system here can keep tabs on La Lohan perfectly well. But they couldn't keep any kind of tabs on John Gardiner? Nice to know we're SO protected!

I personally do not believe that putting someone in a cage is the answer, particularly in this case. But, we have certainly lost our way. This woman/child is in need of help and we are refusing to help her.

All the justice you can pay for, with the under tone that the courts are frustrated with the fact that the jails are full, but to impose a no bail warrant that on the face of it was over ruled by another court?
Makes one wonder why the jails are full to begin with?

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