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Latest drug trends among teens include 'cabinet parties,' police say

Glendale police met with parents this week to educate them about the latest drug trends among teens -- and dangers lurking in their medicine cabinets.

Dozens of concerned residents, school officials and community leaders gathered at the Police Department's north area town hall meeting at Verdugo Hills Hospital to get more details on heroin and marijuana, the drugs most commonly used in La Crescenta, Montrose and Glendale.

Video clips were shown during the meeting of local residents who, under the influence of controlled substance, demonstrated to police how they used heroin to get high.

"The biggest problem in the United States today is not the drug dealer at school or on the streets, it is that medicine cabinet that you have in your home," Sgt. Tom Lorenz told residents.

Painkillers and other prescriptions pills are just as dangerous and highly addictive as illegal substances since they are all derived from the opium plant, he said.

Pills have become increasing popular among teens, and many are raiding the medicine cabinets of their friends and family for prescription drugs, Lorenz said.

Some teens get high off Robitussin, an over-the-counter medicine used to treat cough and cold symptoms, for a high Lorenz said was known as "Robo-tripping."

They also participate in "cabinet parties," which generally require them to raid their parents' medicine cabinets for prescription pills to share with friends at a house party, Lorenz said.

Read the full Glendale News-Press story here.

-- Veronica Rocha

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More drugs that can kill your child...unlike Marijuana.

Heroin Kills. Prescription Drugs Kill. Marijuana? I don't think that falls into any of these categories.

"Video clips were shown during the meeting of local residents who, under the influence of controlled substance, demonstrated to police how they used heroin to get high."

Am I the only one who thinks this doesn't make sense? The sentence seems to imply that local residents get high on stuff from their medicine cabinets and then go out and score heroin.

Marijuana is as dangerous to your childs lungs as tobacco.


haha madsircool yeah thanks but no thanks for trying to scare us all with that NIDA link about the perils of marijuana.

Sure - there's a truly unbiased study there....what is your next link going to be? A youtube of "Reefer Madness"? Please.

I have to laugh at the number of times that page uses the term "may cause" or "may have"...translation=no conclusive evidence.

As opposed to most of those big pharma drugs found in parents' medicine cabinets, for which there are VOLUMES of conclusive evidence of the side effects and harm they REALLY do, not what they "may" do.

The "pot" of today is very potent. One "hit" is enough to send a kid reeling. It's much more powerful than a percocet pill. Pot smokers always want to emphasize how tame marijuana is when in fact it IS addicting can cause psychosis and paranoia while destroying the lungs. The only mind-altering drugs any child (or adult) should consume should be prescribed by a responsible physician. To state otherwise is dangerous and decidedly unhelpful to children trying to make their way to adulthood.

I blame the liberal idiots who outlawed disciplining one's children. On the bright side, the stupidest of today's children seem hellbent on self-destruction. I wish them great success with that. In the long-run the human race will benefit from their absence.

Marijuana is as dangerous to your childs lungs as tobacco.

What's dangerous is carbon monoxide. For every minute your car's engine is running it spews the equivalent of 400 cigarettes worth of CO. Put another way: it takes the average smoker two weeks to smoke 400 cigarettes. The average driver drives for 2 hours a day. That's 120 minutes or the equivalent of 48,000 cigarettes PER DAY!!!

Want to save your kid's lungs? STOP DRIVING!!!

These teens should be allowed to partake in these cabinet parties and let the chips fall where they may. No governmental resources should be used if they in fact overdose, and all responsibility should fall to the parents.

The sooner that society rids itself of these medicinal wonders of the world, the sooner the collective I.Q. of the nation increases.

You have it all wrong, gregdn. Video clips were shown at a meeting while local residents demonstrated to police how they used heroin to get high while they were under the influence of controlled substances. Now does it make sense?

@madsircool You don't have to smoke it genius. Vaporizing and eating are other options.

Yes, gregdn, that sentence makes no sense. But, if it has a meaning, then it is other than the one you give it. Read straightforwardly, it's meaning is this: "There was a meeting of local residents at which video clips were shown; and these residents, after getting high, proceeded to demonstrate to police how they use heroin."

if it weren't for prohibition, half the cops in the world would be out of a job. i think it's important for the police to remind us how important they are.

Why did they not talk about teen alcohol drinking? More teens drink alcohol on a daily basis than smoke Marijuana.

Most teens get their alcohol from mom & dad' stash. Right out of the liquor cabinet or the fridge in the garage.

I bet that was not even talked about? Why is that?

Because the Alcohol lobby pay for most of the props through "DONATIONS" and it's not nice to upset the people who pay the bills.

The Alcohol lobby has funded a campaign to keep you & your children addicted to alcohol. This way they have future customers when you die in a traffic accident caused by you drinking!


I'm with Greg. That sentence is a mess.

Kids are totally crazy.

Parents should keep thier pills next to the broom, vac., mop, or lawnmower. Those are all places teens don't really visit these days.

Jim Q Citizen, you are completely wrong.......kids should not be drinking or doing drugs and that is the parents job to prevent.......glorifying pot's toxicity doesn't work though...remember the sixties?

yvette you are awesome. I almost did a spit take.

Always another boogeyman, always another inanimate object to fear.

Human beings have been wanting to get high, and *doing* so, since the dawn of our species' existence. We have been enjoying benign plants like cannabis and magic mushrooms for thousands upon thousands of years. No bureaucrat or policeman can tell me that I cannot do so.

Instead of perpetuating this culture of fear, we should be educating children about the overwhelming safety of some substances, and the risks/benefits of others. Morality cannot be legislated, so why are we trying so hard to do so?

And finally, if you are *truly* concerned about protecting "the children," voting Yes on 19 is one of the best ways to do so. It will make sure that establishments only sell to people over 21, take the gangs and cartels out of the equation, and create a more rational, just society.

Maybe if they didn't lie to kids about how "harmful" marijuana is, kids wouldn't be doing other drugs. You try to brainwash kids that marijuana is bad from a young age. Then, the kids do research on it, and find that science and studies say completely differently. Education on marijuana shows that it has numerous medicinal benefits for varieties of ailments. Then the kids try weed when they get older, and realize what a bunch of lies and propaganda then were fed. So then the kids think that every drug is safe to do, because they were lied about weed, then they must of lied about everything. That's why you get kids taking your 'prescription' pills. Because those pills are "legal" so they must be good to do. When in reality it couldn't be further from the truth. I remember my phase growing up, seeing how harmless pot was, I automatically thought prescription pills like "viccodin" or "percocet" were totally acceptable to take. I am so so so happy I realized how bad 'prescription' pills were, for your mind and body. I went back to smoking the natural herbs which is far safer and healthier.

kids OD from alcohol. Kids OD from prescription pills. Kids OD from Heroin.

Where is the kid who OD'd from marijuana??? Exactly, NONE

So lets start telling kids the truth. Marijuana is illegal, but is a safer, natural substance that you actually benefit from.

Alcohol, tobacco, and prescription pills are all legal, but you can OD on them easily, form habitual dependence, and they are known to cause cancer.

Which would you choose? I choose life, I choose Marijuana over your legal "cancer" killing products.

Marijuana has not been provin to cause psychosis and paranoia. And if you don't smoke Marijuana you can vaporize it or make a brownie. So now that I just hit that Sh*t out of the park. What...what....WHAT. Lets start a Civil war over this..lol Actually look up why Pot is illegal. You will be quite suprised at how much you don't know.

Oh yea, one more thing. Vote yes On Proposition 19. Go New Age! Prohibition may finally be over.

Can't we all just get along? And sing kumbaya songs.....


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