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LAPD squad car gets the boot in an apparent prank

Talk about a case of the boot being on the other foot.

Los Angeles firefighters were called shortly before 4:30 p.m. Monday to the intersection of Broadway and Temple Street to remove a Denver boot that had been placed on a Los Angeles Police Department squad car parked near the downtown criminal courts building.

The bright orange restraint, normally reserved for the vehicles of those who accumulate unpaid parking tickets, was placed on the patrol unit while officers were in court.

Authorities said they did not know how or when the boot was put on the black and white, but they said preliminary information was that it was a prank rather than a penalty from the city for accumulating excessive parking tickets.

The boot, which was placed on front driver's side wheel had its serial numbers scratched out. The LAPD officers who were victims of the joke were not immediately available for comment, but the scene drew an abundance of smiles and double-takes from passersby as well as law enforcement personnel.

Firefighters used bolt cutters and a pair of pliers to remove the restraint.

-- Andrew Blankstein and Mel Melcon

Photo: LAPD Officer B. Flores, background, looks on as members of the L.A. Fire Department arrive to remove a Denver boot lock from a police car parked near the intersection of Broadway and Temple Street. Credit: Mel Melcon/Los Angeles Times

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You assume the Denver boot was government property...they can be bought on eBay by anyone.

Made me smile!
O come on! Like we can’t use a break from all the seriousness!

lighten up-only a prank? Sorry but I missed it, I was at work. Where you people should be.
Let's see how "lightened up " you get next month when you get your property tax bill!
If it cost around $2500.00 for a ride in an ambulance-
Then how much to drag a fire truck out with full crew and a pair of cops?
We the tax payers are not in the mood -
Can you hear me now?

Looks to me like illegally parked, see red on curb. Maybe they should pay the fine eat the cost of boot removal themselves not the tax payer

No harm, no foul. I think it's funny. At least the perps had a sense of humor. I wonder where the pranksters got the boot from.

Definitely an ingenious prank if it was. However, I noticed no one ever mentioned if there was an emergency of some sort and the police had to respond. What if some violent crime occurred down the street, where they had to apprehend a criminal, I don't think them being "booted" there would actually be funny.

Poor cops can't walk a couple of blocks to park.

They are not on patrol duty, looking for bad guys or even ticketing little old ladies for jaywalking. (Yeah, I know, it's dangerous, but where are our priorities. They are paid to sit around a courtroom, waiting to testify.)

It is only their egos, coupled with a compliant council, which allows them to block red zones and bus zones so they don't have to tire their legs. (And why do they think they are above the law, even when it comes to using their turn signals?

These are the same folk who are taken by helicopter to a hospital when they get a hang nail.

Never forget: While we need cops of course, and most are good folk. As an example, witness all the good work by North Hollywood homicide in the murder and fire of an innocent woman.

Sadly, there is an attitude of superiority among some--especially younger, and even supervisory, patrol officers. It defeats many of their efforts, except in the cloudy vision of those who claim cops never do wrong.

It starts at the Academy where, rumor has it, they are taught how to fib here and there on the witness stand and feel no shame. (Our DA and his prosecutors are in on the game. Anything for a successful prosecution, with the truth the loser in a broad number of cases.)

Does Chief Beck know that situations like this undermine his efforts to bring more respect to the LAPD?

Was it a prank or was it to serve and protect?

Those are illeagle in WA state, the people of this state got so pissed off the State Leg acted.

LA gives itself the boot. Guess those cops aren't going anywhere until the FD takes the boot? Calling all cars.

If we can make a citizen's arrest why can't WE be allowed to cite the PD for violations. I've seen it all from running red lights while not pursuing anything more than a few seconds time, driving while on their cell phone, double parking, picking up prostitutes, etc. Give them the boot I say.

Nice prank. Could be one of the 100,000 gangsters in town.

Well, I guess it beats chaining the rear axle to the light post like in American Graffiti, huh?

Perhaps officers shouldn't park in red zones when it's not an emergency. I hate when they do that. Good prank, though. Hilarious!


Oh wow, that's funny.

It's hilarious that LAPD had to call LAFD to get the boot off. What a joke these cops are. They have no problem killing people, but don't know how to use bolt cutters. No wonder the general public hates these clowns.

Score one for the good guys!

I see several people say "taxpayers money", is there any of that left? i thought the State of California was bankrupt...

People, chill out! Before you start chiming in on how much this simple prank cost taxpayers (miniscule compared to the BILLIONS of dollars of taxpayer money wasted by the Obama administration) think about the little ways you waste your company's time at work. I bet everyone of you that left negative comments has NEVER had any fun at work and are constantly at work every minute and every second of your work day. Yeah, sure. Get over yourselves, please!

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