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Police union issues strong rebuttal to state Sen. Romero's remarks on Jamines shooting

The union representing Los Angeles police officers lashed out Monday with an unusually personal, strongly worded retort to comments by state Sen. Gloria Romero (D-Los Angeles) regarding a recent fatal shooting by an LAPD officer.

In an interview over the weekend with KFI-AM 640, Romero questioned the officer’s decision to fire on an immigrant day-laborer, who was apparently drunk and threatening passersby on a busy street with a knife. The man, Manuel Jamines, advanced toward the officer after ignoring repeated orders to surrender, according to police.

Romero indicated that she believes the LAPD needs to change its policy regarding the use of deadly force, saying, “We want sensible policies. There are ways in which we can disarm suspects, disarm suspects that are not lethal … that are sensible.”

The words left officials from the Los Angeles Police Protective League seething.

“Sen. Romero seems to have forgotten the adage ‘Better to keep your mouth closed and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt,’ ” Paul M. Weber, president of the union, said in a lengthy press release.

Although the union is expected to defend officers as a matter of course, Weber’s words went beyond the typical rhetoric. He went to on to lash out at Romero for what he said was her “embarrassing public display of her ignorance of law enforcement” and accused her of making her comments as part of “an empty publicity stunt.”

Romero could not be reached for a response to Weber’s comments.

The bad blood between the union and Romero goes back a few years. In 2007 and 2008, she led unsuccessful efforts to pass legislation that would have relaxed confidentiality rules surrounding police disciplinary records.

The league and other police unions around the state rallied strongly against the proposals and targeted Romero in nasty ad campaigns. In one radio spot, the league told voters to call Romero to “tell her to stop protecting criminals and start protecting our police officers.”

The shooting of Jamines triggered several days of sometimes violent protests in the Westlake neighborhood where it occurred. Romero stood out among elected officials, including Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, who have come out in support of the officer.

-- Joel Rubin

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Surprise !!! Another Liberal Latina looking after Illegal Aliens at the expense of the Police and ironically a Police Officer of Hispanic ancestry

I think Sen. Gloria Romero is right. Did they have to kill him? Why couldn't the cops shoot the knife out of his hand? Oh but wait a minute ...this is real not some movie, real peoples lives were in danger. Ok so why didn't the cops try to talk to him rationally, oh but wait he was drunk... So the should have talked forcibly for him to drop the knife....but wait he doesnt speak english.. ok how about spanish? Oh no luck there..WTF were they supposed to do?? I think if Romero has her way every patrol car should be equiped with an inflatable couch. That way when the police encounter a suspect they can sit him down and really find out why they are commiting crimes. Did your parents abandon you? Were you picked on in school? Those sort of things.

Maybe Romero has forgotten who she works for. Certainly not the illegal immigrants...but then again, maybe I'm wrong.

She needs to check herself.

I agree with the Senator, as would most of these officers -- I believe -- if it was their son who was under the influence brandishing a knife and who was shot by police: why kill someone when you could disable that person (especially while they are not in their right mind?), like we discussed when in the military (although the end result in war is to demoralize the opposition and take out extra soldiers that would have to carry the wounded one away)? Disabling a dangerous person by shooting in the areas of the body that can mortally wound someone is really saying that you have a "license to kill" in that situation; go in with guns blazing and see what the odds are of death. Just that all-ending fact alone would at least make you sit back and wonder aloud to yourself if maybe there is a "more excellent way." But, I might be wasting time analyzing these issues that might affect me as a citizen or one of my family members someday. And, I know that the police are the experts about these things and have more experience handling difficult people.
But their response just seems more like an attack on the messenger -- calling Senator Romero a fool -- without really stating why they are correct and why she is wrong.

As a black man, my take is that Romero is nothing more than a shill for pro illegal alien groups. When racists like her, Maxine Waters, and other politicians who keep people down open their mouths, they show how ignorant they and the people who vote for them really are.

Good for the police union! That stupid lady best keep her stupid remarks and her stupid ideas to herself. How hard is it for people to understand that if you are drunk, holding a knife, acting the fool, threatening people and then going after a police officer with it then YOU WILL BE SHOT DEAD. It doesn't get much simpler than that. I would expect the same if I did it. As for The LA Times,the reporting is irresponsible, why not call a spade a spade? The man who was shot was a dangerous drunk armed with a deadly weapon threatening a pregnant woman as reported by the numerous citizens in the Westlake District, they did not report him to the officers passing by as an "immigrant day-laborer".

This is just typical California politician grandstanding. I think she imagines that you have 5-10 minutes to figure out the best thing to do when someone drunk comes lunging at you with a knife. I'm honestly surprised the illegal alien mayor didn't side with her after all, in his mind's eye - the illegals have all the rights and anyone who questions that is out of line! I wish Gloria would go through that simulation - its available I know in San Diego wherein they give you a virtual weapon and you are facing people who could spring at you with a knife, a gun or anything and everything else...then she could see how little time you have to protect yourself. If the illegal is threatening the lives of people who actually live here legally, why should the officers risk their lives to keep him from injuring others? I suspect Gloria is running for office and needs some illegal alien support like Obama does with his DREAM act nonsense.

I agree with the Union and its policy, what the he** does Romero know, she wasn't there. The majority of the people there are probably illegal and should not be allowed in the country, thank our empty suit mayor for making this an immigration free city, jerk.

I'm with the police on this one.

To suggest the police wrestle with an drunk is madness.

Law enforcement officers have a right to defend themselves and an obligation to defend the public against armed criminals.

If Ms. Romero would like to demonstrate how to disarm a man armed with a knife, I'll pay handsomely for front row seats.

“We want sensible policies. There are ways in which we can disarm suspects, disarm suspects that are not lethal … that are sensible.” Maybe she can show police officers how to take a knife a way from a drunk, belligerent lunatic? She makes it sound so easy.

"There are ways..." What ways, Senator? Shoot the bloody knife out of his hands? Crazy ninja skills? Using a Taser that the officer probably didn't have? The police do not 'disarm' knife wielding, assaultive drunkards. What an idiot. Worse than that--what a reckless idiot.

Gloria Romera should do her job instead of trying to do the job of the LAPD.
She makes a knife wheeling drunk illegal alien the victim and victimizes the police! I will never vote for her!

Seriously we are still talking about this shooting. The Officers did what they had to do, clear cut and simple. Guy with knife attempting to stab people then comes at police with knife. Helooooooooo people knifes kill. Day laborer, give me a break cause he sits at Home depot doesnt mean he works. Minorities in that area get drunk all the time and cause problems. LETS CLEAN THE STREETS OF LA. GET RID OF CRIMINALS NOT POLICE

Those public funded employee departments
need to remember who they work for and they
need a major attitude adjustment like getting
fired or layed off quick...quick...
that's our Senator Romero...don't mess with her...
we need to get rid of some of the bad decision public
employees first and we won't have these incidents of
bad judgment coming from the same public employee.

romero for president of the illegal state of cacafornia!

Gloria Romero is irrelevant anymore. This most recent ill advised and totally uninformed statement regarding the Westlake shooting is indicative of someone who is no longer fit for public office. Put her in that situation and we'll see how well she handles herself under stress.

Romero is an idiot. Romero would rather that a man with a knife who was advancing toward the officer continue the advance and wound the offiver and then continue an alcohol fueled frenzy toward the public who were there. What a coward to use this situation where the LAPD protected and served for political gain and to resurge personal animosities for past politically aimed bad tactics.

Police officers almost always do the right thing, even when they expose themselves to serious risks. On the other hand, a few crappy officers abuse us, their real employers, on a regular basis. I have had more that 100 encounters with police officers, and only around five involved abuse of power on the part of the officer. The other times they were exceptionally helpful and compassionate.

One thing all of us with half a brain learn early in life is that, no matter who you are, if you attack a police officer he or she will defend themselves. If you are basically a good person and would never really hurt anyone, and then you lunge at a police officer with a knife, that officer has no idea what a "good" person you are. The officer has no time to look into your family history, influences as a child, recent drug or alcohol consumption, or what resides in your heart of hearts. He or she only knows that in the course of his or her duties, someone is attempting to drive a knife blade into my vital organs. All of their training, as well as common sense, plus basic human survival instinct, takes control and they do whatever they can to remove the threat.

I'm sure the police officer did not want to kill any one. Who would want to carry that burden for for the rest of their life?

Sure, police use excessive force and abuse their power all to often, but this is not one of those cases. This is a drunken bonehead screaming for SBC (suicide by cop).

Gloria Romero is a big mouth, long term, Sacramento liberal that needs to be voted out of office. Its amazing what some politicians will say to pander to a particular group. Remember those comments Ms. Romero, god forbid, you are in trouble and a police officer comes to your assistance.

Where was Romero when knife wielding Whites, Blacks, Asians, and non-illegal Browns are shot by the police. And then these people whine when people die from Tasers.

Good story LA Times. Sen. Romero has been hiding out since she lost her election bid for school superintendent. She wasnt' smart enough a lot of people stated. Now she comes out to support illegals and is "clueless" as to LAPD shooting policy. Romero is another one of those radical Latina politicians who have no idea the thousands of legal Mexican Americans in this city that support Arizona and SB1070. Romero needs to quit sticking her nose into business she has no clue and start doing what she is paid to do and that is taking care of her community that has deteroriated since she's been in office. Romero is a media whore looking for attention and a huge supporter of illegal immigrants. I was shocked she wasn't with the Dream Act radical group yesterday

Funny, see if the lapd officer was white, thus would of been racism.Since the officer is Hispanic, well hmm let me come up with some fault. Romero should go put on a LASD or LAPD uniform go work those areas and be confronted by a knife wielding looney. Then lets see what she will do. She will probably run into her car and lock the door.

For those interested, go watch an A & E video Titled "Hispanics in America" and you'll see the republicans believe it ornot gave amnesty twice. It was the democrats who have done very little for Hispanics.

The world we live is odd, A Hispanic politician trying to ensure hispanic vote. She will be dumped next go around. What an embarassment to the Hispanic race.

Sooner or later, ALL police officer turn their initial aggressive good patrolling behavior, into a nasty arrogant abuse.I applaud Sen Romero.

Because the Senate is doing such a great job of keeping the Country from going down the tiolet, they have in addition vast knowledge on this matter and the extra time to stick their nose into things they know nothing about. That now makes 2 things they know nothing about. Do you think if her name was Sen. Jones or Sen. Smith instead of "Romero" she would be even be commenting on this....it's doubtful. She is simply trying to save those votes for the next time around, whether those votes come from "illegals" or not.

Road Rage, apparently you've never fired a gun. And you don't fire a gun at a small target, but the biggest target on the human body, the torso. Bike cops have a limited amount of equipment they can carry.

Yes, they had to shoot him. He didn't comply with orders to drop the weapon. I want you to remember something. Month ago a WOMAN in a Target store in West Hollywood got a knife from the kitchen section and randomly started stabbing other shoppers. She critically wounded one, but badly wounded three others. An off duty sheriff's deputy drew his gun, and ordered her to stop. SHE did and dropped her knife. It turned out she was mentally ill, but no one can know what someone who is drunk or on drugs will do. Their strength is unpredictable, and their violence apparent.

We're not talking about a model person here. Jamines was a violent, abusive drunk, and illegal and habitually caused problems. That knife he had on him, was wicked and he menaced women and children with it. He's not a problem anymore. Innocence is as innocence does, ya know?

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