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Calm marks fourth night of protests over LAPD shooting

Dozens of people marched in the Westlake district Thursday during a fourth night of protests over the death of a Guatemalan immigrant who was shot to death after LAPD officers said he threatened them with a knife.

But unlike on previous nights, there were no clashes between the protesters and police.

Organizers asked the protesters to remain calm and keep to the sidewalk as they marched to beating drums along 6th Street, where Manuel Jamines was shot Sunday afternoon near Union Avenue. When they reached the Rampart Division station, some in the crowd yelled, “Assassins!”

“This is a peaceful march,” said John Lopez, a 40-year-old plumber who came from Monterey Park to support calls that the responsible officer be brought to justice. “That’s why you see women and children here.... We don’t want a rally that is going to get out of control.”

Like many in the crowd, he questioned why police had used lethal force against a man carrying a knife.

“I know the guy was a threat to the public. He was intoxicated. That’s why the cops were dispatched, but not to kill him,” he said.

Police said Jamines, who worked as a day laborer, threatened passersby and three police officers with a knife and refused repeated commands in Spanish and English to drop the weapon. He died of multiple gunshot wounds to the head, according to the coroner.

On Thursday, police maintained a heavy presence in the heavily immigrant neighborhood, which had been the scene of three nights of violent clashes. Officers cruised by in squad cars as residents lighted candles at a makeshift memorial decorated with flags, flowers and a hand-written sign reading “Stop Police Brutality.” Others were positioned on rooftops and outside the police station.

Organizers of Thursday’s protest said a larger march is planned Saturday at 10 a.m.

-- Alexandra Zavis

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If people wanted this knife-wielding alcoholic to be subdued with non-lethal force, why did people call the police in the first place? All of them could have resorted to self-help and just subdued him in a non-lethal manner.

They called the police because he was THREATENING the public, as in threatening to seriously hurt or kill innocent bystanders with a knife. He ignored the police, who instructed him in both English and Spanish to drop the knife. And then he tried to charge the cops with knife in hand.

The responsible officer doesn't need to be brought to justice; he brought the justice that night he shot the offender.

If these "individuals" spent half as much time and effort as they seem to have an endless amount of, filing proper legal immigration paperwork and looking for meaningful jobs (which the obviously do not have) they would all be legal American citizens and CEO's of their own companies....of course that would require spending time doing something "productive"....maybe they should hook up with the Janitors union...another group ICE would probably like to visit...as they seem to have a lot of time on their hands as well........get over it and move on already and learn from this guys mistake...you don't threaten PD and citizens with a weapon thinking there will be no consequences for your actions...drunk or not!

This really shouldn't surprise anyone, you can thank phoney Tony and his city council and their sanctury city policy for all this illegal non-sense. Any city in California that is taken over by illegals, becomes a city of lawlessness, crime, drugs, gangs, drive byes, grafitti, trash, and a total breakdown of the social system, Bell is a huge example, sounds a lot like Mexico and their culture.

This shouldn't surprise anyone, you can thank Phoney Tony and his city council and their sanctury city policy for all this illegal non-sense. Every city in California that has been taken over by illegals, example the city of Bell, has brought in lawlessness, crime, drugs, gangs, drive byes, grafitti, trash, and a complete breakdown of the social system, sounds a lot like Mexico and it's culture.

A protest did not occur today at 10 a.m.

This isn't about immigration status. This is about an officer of the law not following protocol. Since when did the LAPD start training their officers that get paid with my tax dollars to be killers? I do agree that action needed to be taken to subdue the suspect and if it had been a gunshot to the head I'd be inclined to think maybe it was a poorly aimed warning shot. Now multiple shot to the head is murder. When will we the taxpaying citizen of Los Angeles realize that we are next to be treated this way? I'm American as apple pie and I'm outraged! The America our ancestors fought and died for is slowly be murdered and ignorant people make racist comments defense a person that broke the law they took an oath to defend.

If a person, regardless of "RACE" is yeilding a sharp object whether it be a knife, etc at you or in this case the community & officers summoned frantically to step in, FYI.. Let's clear this up (education always superceeds ignorance)you cannot use a taser since you would have to be close enough to be in the kill zone. Start your education by researching the taser distances (hint, the taser darts are connected to lines that use the connectivity that is attached to the gun.)Let me help you if you're still having a difficult time- he can reach out and stab you!! - that option is out for the numerous uneducated posts asking why. Other means pepper spay (again distance to close to utilize)The beanbag shotgun is out of the question, since they were on bikes. Oh yeah, you have seconds to make a decision but that time for reaction was over a about the time you read the third sentence. Drugs and alcohol are at epidemic rates but it seems so is ignorance, rush to judgement, and lack of education and understanding of basic police tools. Take responsibility with knowledge, ignorance is no excuse to offer suggestions that endanger people. Keep your day job...


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