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Westlake residents continue to gather at site of deadly LAPD shooting

Westlake residents Thursday afternoon continued to flock to the site where a Guatemalan immigrant was fatally shot after Los Angeles police officers said he threatened them and people around him with a knife.

About two dozen people stood near a makeshift memorial of flowers and signs, which was book-ended by U.S. and Guatemalan flags. Manuel Jamines Memorial

The heavily immigrant neighborhood has been the scene of three nights of violent clashes between protesters and Los Angeles Police Department officers following the shooting Sunday afternoon of Manuel Jamines on a sidewalk near 6th Street and Union Avenue.

Residents such as Jaime Galvan, 18, said that police routinely mistreat people in the area and harass street vendors. 

When told that Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa had praised the LAPD officers involved in the shooting for acting heroically, Galvan said the mayor was out of touch with the community.

"He doesn't live here," Galvan said. "He doesn't understand."

The LAPD said Jamines, who worked as a day laborer, threatened passersby and three police officers with a knife and refused repeated commands in Spanish and English to drop the weapon. He died of multiple gunshot wounds to the head, according to the coroner.

A witness named Ana told reporters at a news conference Thursday that Jamines was unarmed. Another man who said he witnessed the shooting, Julio Martinez, 57, told The Times on Monday that he also saw no weapon in Jamines' hand.

-- Robert J. Lopez

Photo: Memorial at the shooting site Thursday. Credit: Robert J. Lopez/Los Angeles Times.

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stop having immigrants in the city of LA that are always drunk, good job officers you saved a life or two that day. Protestors at these events are jokes, they dont even know what happened that day. So nexttime i guess officers should let the guy stab citizens and see how the public likes that

L.A. needs Sheriff Arpio.

The police don't harass street vendors, they harass "illegal street vendors". That is their job. If you want to sell goods then you must obtain a license and pay taxes like the rest of us. If you don't follow the law and regulations then you should be cited, arrested and harassed. Oh I forget, if you come here by skirting laws why should you be required to follow them once you are here. LAPD should move out of the Westlake District and hand it over to ICE, then it would once again be a nice place to visit. The illegal ungrateful aliens have ruined the place.

I heard the deceased spoke a Mayan dialect - as if it matters??

Seems there's a universal language being spoken when you threaten a cop with a knife and he points a gun at you. There's really no need for words, is there?

I'll bet the Guatemalan police wouldn't respond well to that sort of threat either. I'll take another guess that those cops offer no explanation after they shoot.

Someone should put a sign that says "Stop Drunken Illegal Guatemalan Brutality"

With their moronic rule 54, they refuse to call in ICE. This story doesn't deserve the media coverage it is getting. If the media would put this in its proper perspective and place, and stop giving coverage to these malcontents, perhaps we can get back to normal.

lapd, draw your weapons! the war against the illegals is just starting.

i understand that this man di dnot speak english or spanish

please report this if it is true

How about only legal aliens having the right to attend meetings and to protest? Its unfortunate that a bunch of non Americans can wreck such havoc.

So....why doesn't this article mention the 6 eyewitnesses back up the officers' story and how Jamines also swiped at a pregnant woman with the knife, and that the witness Ana was found by a radical activist group?

Hey LAPD, let these wack jobs cut up a couple citizens before you take action.

LAPD's rule 51 of not check citizenship should be scraped. Most of those throwing rocks and protestin are illegal immigrants that should be deported. This country does not need to spend even more money on stopping these types of protest by illegal aliens. It is just another wast of our taxes on top of the free medical, dental and other free services they receive. Arizona has the right idea.


These protesters are incredible. What's is so hard to understand about a drunk guy with a knife being shot by Police? So, what?, we wait around until he stabs someone and then it's OK? He did not comply with officer's commands and this is what happens. Well, he only threatened one pregnant lady, maybe they should have just shot him in the pinky finger...

Now they are ordering the guy to drop the knife in english and in spanish yet he refuses to drop the weapon . This happens in a span of 30 to 45 seconds right , Well as a former officer this a justified shooting . I saw the photo of the weapon he had in his hand you can do a lot of damage with that weapon even get killed in the line of duty to protect and serve . These people who are protesting are protesting what ? that a man who refuses to drop the weapon and threatens the officers , What is it they are expect the officers to do RUN ! They are trained to handle the problem not run away . IF someone comes at you or threatens you with deadly force you use deadly force .

Harrass street vendors.....there shouldn't be any street vendors...this is not a 3rd world country...though I must say they have turned that area of LA into just that!! We have business laws...learn about them.

Amazing they aren't raising their voices over the crime in that area!! And those same street vendors that complain about being harrassed...are the same people whom the gangsters are targeting..

Isn't that area where you can get any kind of illegal documentation..hmmmm

Before this so call witness came forward, I knew she was going to say that she did not see a weapon. I am sure "someone" paid her to say it.....That is why Latinamerica is they way it is. Mexico in particular right now....

Mayor Villaraigosa needs to remember where he came from. PCL is in the same neighborhood and he knows this area quite well.

The time for immigration reform is now and the LAPD should think about purging the police force before they become like the NOPD.

These peoples have the nerve to beening saying they mistreat
them when are there sales drugs and having young boys beeing the running for them. The polices and INS should be out there and you will see how they fly. We could see if they were trying to do better for them self. These peoples have no right here, if they when back to counrty they will be shot. Some of these peoples don't know about this man that got shot and don't about him.I get INS and ICE...

shut up whiners..ploice did their job correctly..that guy was threatening people..should have dropped the knife

Wether legal or illegal immigrants,people need to adapt to civil U.S. society.
If you weild a knife in public,not a good idea. If the L.A.P.D direct you to drop a weapon, you better drop it. I am tired of the L.A.P.D. always getting a bad wrap. They are the finest police department in the world. If immigrants cannot obey the law, they can always go back to where they came from.

Can we get a Spanish speaker to tell these people the bad guy had a knife and was threatening others...These people are protesting over the wrong incident...Something must have been lost in translation...I don't want to say these protesters are stupid, but the police officers are obligated to take action in such situations...

My parents own a restaurant across from where the shooting took place. This happened in plain daylight about 1.00pm. Eye witnesses and employees from my parents restaurant clearly saw that Manuel Jamines did not have a weapon in his hands. The man was too drunk to balance himself out and stumbled seeming to fall on his face. Seconds after shots were fired by "el pelon" infamous in the community for being a grouch and taking street vendors' items. Two shots in the head and another in chest area. After shooting him, eyewitnesses saw the three officials handcuffing the Jamines seconds after his death. Eyewitnesses saw the official checking for his pockets and no weapons were found. There were lots of people at that time crossing the streets driving. The community is furious with the official (El Pelon ) who shot Jamines and seconds handcuffing the individual. Its not fair and right even if he's an immigrant and was under the influence. He shouldn't have been killed. The people believe there should have been a different end to this tragic incident. LAPD RAMPART police department is notoriously known for being corrupt and having history scandals for cover ups. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rampart_scandal Please understand where our community is coming from and all we want is answers for the mistake they caused Sunday September 5th 2010.

THIS WAS AN ARMED MAN WHO Threatened a pregnant woman.

THe group who is bringing in phony immigrants like ANNA
is a communist orgainization woh has been stirring up problems there for years.

Talk to John and Ken on the radio....

We need to clear out all the illegal immigrants and businesses there
Send them HOME
They have trashed and destroyed that AREA

We need to send armies of citizen warriors to clear out these districts

WE need to do something to take back LA for LEGAL residents of all nations

Get rid of the scum like Anna and the commies leading mock rallies

This Photo Should read " Stop the Ignorance" The outrage and protest on this issue is making the illegal immigrant Latino community appear even more ignorant. The victims at close range being attacked in the response definitely saw the knife, as did the police. It is truly clear the agenda of the groups that support illegal immigrants, wanting them to gain rights and get justice' for which they do not have or deserve to begin with . To be in this country illegally is a crime. To assault victims including a pregnant woman, then the police with a deadly weapon is also a crime. Wake up LA!

Police brutality should be stopped, but this wasn't police brutality.

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