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Four arrested, 3 officers injured in Westlake police shooting protest

Four people were arrested and three officers were injured after dozens of protesters gathered near a Westlake shopping center to protest the fatal police shooting of a day laborer, authorities said Tuesday.

Los Angeles police on Sunday shot Manuel Jamines, a 37-year-old Guatemalan day laborer who was allegedly threatening passersby with a knife near West Sixth Street and South Union Avenue.

Bicycle-mounted officers responding to a report of a man "acting crazy with a knife" ordered Jamines to drop the weapon several times in English and Spanish just after 1 p.m., LAPD Officer Bruce Borihanh said.

"The suspect lunged toward the officers in a threatening manner with the knife over his head, then an officer-involved shooting occurred," he said.

The protesters who gathered Monday said the man was unarmed and had been killed for no reason.

During a tense, 12-hour standoff at the same intersection Monday, police in riot gear stood guard as protesters erected a memorial for Jamines, chanted "assassination," set trash and mattresses on fire and threw objects.

Four demonstrators were arrested overnight on misdemeanor charges of inciting a riot, Borihanh said.

Two officers were injured after protesters threw bottles at them and one was hit with a rock. They were treated and have returned to duty.

--Tony Barboza

Photo: Passers-by check out makeshift memorial at West Sixth Street and South Union Avenue, where a 37-year-old Guatemalan day laborer was shot  and killed by LAPD officers Sunday. Credit: Irfan Khan / Los Angeles Times

Manuel Jamines, 37, a Guatemalan construction worker and father of three, was allegedly drunk and threatening passersby about 1 p.m. Sunday near Sixth and Union. He allegedly ignored orders by Los Angeles police bicycle officers to drop the weapon and instead lunged at them, prompting one of the officers to shoot him, police said.

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The nerve of you people. All you can focus is wether the person was legal or not. This is a human being that got killed. Wether it was his fault or not don't talk about him like he's some kind of animal. Just racist.

You never read or hear about these folks doing this in their own countries, where real police abuse exists. Keeping in mind that many of these people are probably illegal aliens and have no right to be here, they sure have no problem demanding , demanding, demanding. If you live in Los Angeles, you have the mayor and city council to thank for what is bound to be continuing and escalating civil unrest because the illegals feel empowered.

What critics of the officers involve fail to realize is that those officers were on bicycles. It isn't like they could just get in their black and white and safely wait for back-up or the paramedics.

The officers were vulnerable to the environment.

Tell me what were they supposed to do wait for him to stab one of them before they decided to protect themselves?

What do you think would have happened if he attacked an officer in Guatemala?

Some of the illegal immigrants amaze me. They come from countries that offer no opportunities or constitutional rights or protections, come here illegally and demand EVERYTHING!

I think the first thing that they learn to say is "I know my rights" and "I want a lawyer." Of course they say it in Spanish because they all claim they don't know English.

Try short changing one of them and see how well they count in English!

Are you kidding? The guys is threatening people with a deadly weapon and lunges with a deadly weapon toward police ... and just who are the idiots protesting this?

These illegals learned the last time at McArthur Park that when you cause trouble and the police react, you get paid. That's why they are here again trying to cause trouble.

If you haven't been to 6th Street and Union and the surrounding areas, you would swear you are in Mexico.

why don't they say he was illegal,oh I forgot, mayor villaraigosa,nobama,pelosi,janet clownitano won't like it.

Another drunk?, mentally ill?, deranged?, criminal removed from our prestigious fair city! Why does the picture posted remind me of filthy, dirty, Tijuana? Thank You, LAPD.

While I sympathize with officers as they work in many dangerous situations, it seems that when I hear of arrests in other states the officers more frequently use non-deadly force to disarm persons, such as tazers or simply in how they handle the situation. It may be the stress of working in a city where shooting deaths are almost a daily occurrence, or just insufficient officer training and counseling (also some people in LA don't understand English very well). All that said, any officer in LA is far better than I could expect in countries south of our border.

ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION is not a new problem...Natives Americans use to call it WHITE PEOPLE.

Guatemala recently had a case where a driver plowed into a crowded bus stop. A bunch of people were killed and injured. The crowd went on a rampage. They torched the SUV that crashed and a police car. They're just some hot headed people. That's LA, a 3rd world sanctuary city.

Cops pointing a gun at you and yelling, means stop whatever you are doing NOW! in any language.

Cops killed my friends kid in Washington who was walking toward them with a knife. After he was told numerous times to drop his weapon, they made swiss cheese out of him.

If a cop with a gun pointed at me told me to drop my drawers and stand on my head, I'd comply.

Why is there always that we have a group of people pointing at others when problems are among themselves?
Someone walking around with a knife is not a acceptable procedure in any communities and the majority of this city want it that way!!
If force is used to maintain that,... so be it!
I am an immigrant like millions in this city and I have as everyone else, an option, an option to return to my native country. The difference is, that in the country south of this border 28,000 have been murdered in a very short period of time.
Throwing bottles at the police who is trying to keep our street safe is not the way to show the appreciation to the country that took you in. Remember your alternative.....

Yes. This is what neighborhoods turn into when illegals/hispanics or whatever you want to call them move in.

Imagine growing up in a nice, mid-city neighborhood... not upscale but nice... and then watching it grow noisy and filthy before your eyes. And, strangely, it's not Irish or Italian or French or Canadian or even Japanese. These people all seem to speak (surprise!) spanish.

Now we see why, in retrospect, the old days of housing control are looking better and better.

Someone needs to roll in and clean out this filth. Pokey5735 has it right. It's now a filthy crimefilled cesspool, just like almost everything south of the United States southern border.

Very sad and unfortunate that our people come to this country to earn a living and have to go out this way......But yet I cannot understand why the people of this country seem to always point the finger to those who are trying to change or earn a living by waiting for hours to see if someone can offer them a job, Plus, we don't think there is nothing wrong with all the prostitutes, lazy people (who by the way, receive Welfare while they park the big cars with 20 inch rims around the corner of the building) and drug dealers that walk down the street like they own it and have a permit to do what they do. The perfect way to close this is to say to those IGNORANTS AND LAPD, IS SHAME ON YOU!

When the big earthquake hits, this area will be looted clean.

I been living in this area since childhood, I am now 24 and I seen the changes this area has gone through...from 18 street gang this. I can tell you there will always be drunken, loud and dangerous people walking the streets in this area all day everyday. People that live here will never seem to be satisfied, either too much crime is going on or not enough police to stop it. I guess they are used to 3rd world countries they will always have an ignorant mindset.

I am latino and do not agree with any of the actions people in the community are taking...its like Los Angeles is slowly turning into another country. United States LEGAL citizens been way to soft and easy when it comes to illegal immigration and pretty soon it will be too late to do anything about it.

Manuel Jamines was just celebrating. He was just about to become a
BRAIN SURGEON...NOT!! Seriously though, where the hell is I.C.E.?
As Frankie Laine used to say..."Head 'em UP. Move 'em OUT!" Illegal SCUM!

Had the police officers allowed this individual, who was under the influence and had threatened someone with a knife, to walk away because he was not a threat to them; and had he assaulted someone later that day or even the following day with the knife, we would undoubtedly be having a different conversation, but also unfavorable to the police. Sorry, but they cannot win.

This man was a threat to law abiding people. The comments on this thread on both sides are lacking in real world experience and basic understanding of what the police are required to do -- what they are legally required to do.

It is always preferable that persons who are breaking the law heed a request or command of a police officer when he or she is involved making an arrest; and that law abiding persons tell the truth about what they have witnessed. But I guess we cannot have everything.

While I don't think the killing was racially motivated, a majority of these comments obviously are (many of which, while criticizing latinos for being stupid or illiterate, are so filled with typos that they border on incomprehensible). As a US citizen by birth (of European descent, no less) it is embarrassing and sad to read them. Espero que los latinos que han leído estos comentarios entienden que estos animalitos no nos representan todos.

Westlake used to be decent. It was at least clean. Now, it is filthy with small markets and illegal street vendors and lots of crime. The streets are filthy with trash all over the streets and the sidewalk so black you can no longer see the sidewalk.

Who is to blame? City councilmember Ed Reyes has been in office for more than 10 years and will be termed out in 2 or 3 more years. He has done nothing to help clean the streets and get rid of the illegal street sidewalk sales where people just lay down their goods on the sidewalk. He has also done nothing to get rid of the illegal street vendors. No decent stores are on Alvarado between 9th Street and 6th Street. And, in many other places in the neighborhood. Only decent restaurant is Langers restaurant, but customers have to park in their parking lot since there is no street parking and have to wonder through all the filthy streets and crime to get there.

Shame on Councilmember Ed Reyes for not doing his job in this area which is now a third world country. And, shame on the mayor for not doing anything either. Shame on them, when this group would be his base if these people were not illegal aliens and the fact that they can not vote.

The people who think the police officers should have used less lethal force need to stop watching so much tv. A knife is a deadly weapon and shouldn't be considered anything else. In many cases, a knife is more dangerous than a gun because the typical bullet resistant vest that a police officer wears is not knife resistant. The vest is not designed to stop a knife becuase the knife cuts through the Kevlar fibers. The investigation will become public once it is complete. It is counter productive for both the police and community to give the media information about an investigation before it is complete. Until the investigation is complete, no one knows what it will reveal. Providing information too early only promotes rumors.

I have a business around that area. If they want to be treated as a human, they should stop acting like a violent mindless mob. That's not the way to convey a message. That's why everyone looks down on illegal immigrants or latinos in general. They don't respect anything. They litter the streets, abuse the system, and mistreat their own communities. That's why nobody wants them here. They deserve every rubber bullet on their face for that act of savagery.

One thing you who are defending the "poor man" don't seem to know or remember is these were bike cops. They do not have all the weapons available (tazers, rubber bullets, etc..) that cops in cars have.

Another thing you people don't seem to understand is that this guy made an aggressive move towards the cops. ANY cop who is faced with that situation would have done the same thing.

I like a comment somebody else made. This "poor man" brought a knife to a gun fight and LOST. End of story.

Enough is enough...just park a couple of INS buses on the site and the looting and rioting will stop!!

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