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Four arrested, 3 officers injured in Westlake police shooting protest

Four people were arrested and three officers were injured after dozens of protesters gathered near a Westlake shopping center to protest the fatal police shooting of a day laborer, authorities said Tuesday.

Los Angeles police on Sunday shot Manuel Jamines, a 37-year-old Guatemalan day laborer who was allegedly threatening passersby with a knife near West Sixth Street and South Union Avenue.

Bicycle-mounted officers responding to a report of a man "acting crazy with a knife" ordered Jamines to drop the weapon several times in English and Spanish just after 1 p.m., LAPD Officer Bruce Borihanh said.

"The suspect lunged toward the officers in a threatening manner with the knife over his head, then an officer-involved shooting occurred," he said.

The protesters who gathered Monday said the man was unarmed and had been killed for no reason.

During a tense, 12-hour standoff at the same intersection Monday, police in riot gear stood guard as protesters erected a memorial for Jamines, chanted "assassination," set trash and mattresses on fire and threw objects.

Four demonstrators were arrested overnight on misdemeanor charges of inciting a riot, Borihanh said.

Two officers were injured after protesters threw bottles at them and one was hit with a rock. They were treated and have returned to duty.

--Tony Barboza

Photo: Passers-by check out makeshift memorial at West Sixth Street and South Union Avenue, where a 37-year-old Guatemalan day laborer was shot  and killed by LAPD officers Sunday. Credit: Irfan Khan / Los Angeles Times

Manuel Jamines, 37, a Guatemalan construction worker and father of three, was allegedly drunk and threatening passersby about 1 p.m. Sunday near Sixth and Union. He allegedly ignored orders by Los Angeles police bicycle officers to drop the weapon and instead lunged at them, prompting one of the officers to shoot him, police said.

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The problem with this shooting, IF it went down as reported, is that shooting was the FIRST choice of the cops. Yes, it was according to procedure. Yes, a knife can kill, but spokesman Neuman's statement about having to act quickly is unadulterated BS!

Three cops with bicycles should have tried to contain the man and disarm or disable him BEFORE resorting to deadly force. Two could have used their bicycles to keep the man away while #3 used Mace or a Taser to stop him.

The responsibility lies with the upper management who train the cops to shoot before exhausting other options.

The nice thing about all of this: We need to focus on the positive... The same crowd that was protesting last night, was just gearing up for the next "L.A. Lakers NBA Championship" after they win another title in 2011!!

Guatemalan with a knife? on the streets??...great job officers you did YOUR JOB.

Guatemalan with a knife? on the streets??...great job officers you did YOUR JOB.

Why is that now they are concerned and angry? Where wre these people when they guy and his family needed help prior to his death? It's funny how nobody cares about the poor and the homeless until after there dead.

The Idiot brought it on himself. They spoke to him in English and Spanish, so what part of "drop the knife" didn't hey undersatnd?

I don't care what country you are in you don't wave a knife at police. The protesters just want their life of easy crime to continue. No laws. That is there goal.

When are these illegal immigrants going to stop walking all over our country and disrepecting our culture, manners, laws and our people. If I went to Italy or Paris, I would learn the language the laws and respect that I am in another country and assimilate, I wouldnt work there, bleed the system for everything I could, and throw there flag on the ground and walk all over it, Wow get a clue Illegals WE DONT WANT YOU HERE GO!!!!

Seriously is this really L.A. now? It looks like some run down third world country. All it was missing is the somberos and chickens. ICE should do a sweep and get rid of all these creeps.

You don't put your weapon down when an officer points his weapon at you, you deserve to be shot.What ever happened to obeying the police? I don't care whether you think you're right or not, put your weapon down and argue about it later. These officers want to go home to their families after shift. You will too if you obey their order to put your weapon down and you're hands up. I get so sick of hearing how some idiot got shot because they wanted to do it their way. Well there's a better than a 50/50 chance, you WILL get shot if you don't do as your told. Just take it for granted the officer has no sense of humor, he's not going to give you the benefit of the dought nor is he going to second guess you, if he/she thinks their life or the life of a bystander is in danger, you're going to end up dead. It's not worth it. This is also another good example why everyone living within the border of the U.S. should at least understand English even if they can't speak it, that is unless you are one of those that think the police should wait for an interrupter before they try to disarm you. What it all boils down to is, if your holding a weapon, refuse to do as your told, there is a very good chance your family and loved ones will be going to a funeral in 3 to 5 days and they have no one to blame but you. You're the one that thought you were bullet proof.

For all of those wondering where ICE was,,,,probably back at their offices watching TV. In case you haven't noticed, the Obama administration is doing everything in their power to stop anyone or anything that hinders illegal immigration. Think not? Ask the fine people from Arizona. As long as this bunch are in power the illegals will get very little grief from the federal government. Remember this come November when you vote. Anyone that supports this administration, supports illegal immigration and the filth, crime, illiteracy, ect that it brings with it.

LMAO next

Oh I'm sure that some professional police officers with families and careers just decided amongst themselves one day to shoot and kill an "unarmed" individual. I'm sure they all just spontaneously and collectively lost their minds and decided to throw their lives away by murdering some "innocent" guatemalan immigrant because of the officer's deep hatred of "brown" people.I'm sur the guy was just "minding his own business" just like all the "white" people in the neighborhood but the officers just singled him out and couldn't wait to shoot, of all people, this guy. As if they don't have anything better to do like protecting citizens from these streets full of thugs and victimizers that protest when one of their own is put in his place. The police are the arm of the citizenry. If you attack or threaten them then risk ultimately losing your life. I have been around long enough to know that when you are minding your own business and bothering nobody, then nobody calls the police on you and you never have anything to worry about from them.

More tax dollars and drama that we should NEVER have to deal with. ICE, the govener and president ALL need to obey the law and rid the city of these criminals who are in this country illegally.

If you have a knife, and go towards an officer, its a pretty sure bet you'll get shot. Period. These guys were flagged down to protect, and so they did.

i wish all the people wanting illegal immigrants out feel the same away about the people that control our lives and make us slaves everybody, using this tactic to keep the attention from the real criminals.

Rioting is not the answer. But what is these days? We can't seem to change the system from the inside or outside so what are we left to do?

My concern here is that the reports from the police about the incident keep changing and that we're not hearing statements from witnesses in any of the articles in our local papers.

I am also concerned that the investigation is confidential and that shouldn't be the case. We pay police salaries and they serve us, so we should have access to ALL information surrounding this event.

I am also disturbed that the police don't know how to handle these situations without resorting to lethal means as a first response.

I'm not sure of the facts of the incident, so I don't really know what happened. What scares me is that I will probably never know...

This is why we should inherit a law like AZ and be able to deport illegals.

The protesters are quite simply SAVAGES!

This is what enablers foster with their support of the illegal trespassers, thieves, and criminals. Reaping what you sow.

The signs of the end IF we don't back AZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so? these people do what they want in this country,,,,,nobody is going to stop them, you got the bleeding heart liberals,,,,,,raza,,,, and the president of the untied states,,,,,,,,,and of course the ACLU,,,,,,,,,, they have more rights then americans born here do, and it just going to get worste,,,,,,,,,,,,,

You let these people get away with breaking one law. then they think they can break any law they want to and when the Police do their job they protest and cause destruction. This is the kind of people that mayor of LA antonio Viralagooselips wants in what was once the Great City of Los Angeles. Now its a trash dump. Way to go Mayor. You don't want the INS or ICE to do their jobs now you don't want the POLICE to do their job. You deserve all the trouble you get from your illegals.

IF THE GUY WAS ARMED, there are many ways to disarm him. I personally took a knife away from someone, and it was with a studied method. The police can: 1. create a perimeter around the suspect, and proceed, 2. rubber bullet method, 3. spray him with mace , 4. use a riot shield if available, 5. use the long extend version of a baton (it hurts!), ......heck, use bottles like the protestors! The excuse, I was in fear of my life, is so lame and cowardly. The police are trained for all situations. Get back up, support, and proceed with caution, and not with overt actions that escalate the situation. I guess in a poor neighborhood, no matter how ugly it is, does not merit a carefully thought out plan for a peaceful resolution. Being illegal does not mean that a human being, who has lost their self awareness, should be shot down like a dog. What if your white son/daughter were drugged/medically influenced without their knowledge, suddenly lunged at a police officer; what would the parents want legally from the system if their child was killed on the streets with no real justification other than, I feared for my life, and the excuse to execute someone. The police did not react to the illegal (no permit) protests because they were aware that they were being videotaped. I am pro-police, but this stinks to high heaven.

next time park an ICE van out front and the rioter will disperse like mice.

It just goes to show these people are not raised with any type of common sense.

If I was a cop this would make me second guess confronting a hostile person within these types of communities. Why should I protect someone that is just going to claim I committed a wrong when defending them.

They are so bad ass they should have just took the man with the knife out by themselves instead of asking for police assistance.

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