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Four arrested, 3 officers injured in Westlake police shooting protest

Four people were arrested and three officers were injured after dozens of protesters gathered near a Westlake shopping center to protest the fatal police shooting of a day laborer, authorities said Tuesday.

Los Angeles police on Sunday shot Manuel Jamines, a 37-year-old Guatemalan day laborer who was allegedly threatening passersby with a knife near West Sixth Street and South Union Avenue.

Bicycle-mounted officers responding to a report of a man "acting crazy with a knife" ordered Jamines to drop the weapon several times in English and Spanish just after 1 p.m., LAPD Officer Bruce Borihanh said.

"The suspect lunged toward the officers in a threatening manner with the knife over his head, then an officer-involved shooting occurred," he said.

The protesters who gathered Monday said the man was unarmed and had been killed for no reason.

During a tense, 12-hour standoff at the same intersection Monday, police in riot gear stood guard as protesters erected a memorial for Jamines, chanted "assassination," set trash and mattresses on fire and threw objects.

Four demonstrators were arrested overnight on misdemeanor charges of inciting a riot, Borihanh said.

Two officers were injured after protesters threw bottles at them and one was hit with a rock. They were treated and have returned to duty.

--Tony Barboza

Photo: Passers-by check out makeshift memorial at West Sixth Street and South Union Avenue, where a 37-year-old Guatemalan day laborer was shot  and killed by LAPD officers Sunday. Credit: Irfan Khan / Los Angeles Times

Manuel Jamines, 37, a Guatemalan construction worker and father of three, was allegedly drunk and threatening passersby about 1 p.m. Sunday near Sixth and Union. He allegedly ignored orders by Los Angeles police bicycle officers to drop the weapon and instead lunged at them, prompting one of the officers to shoot him, police said.

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A day laborer from Guatemala taking a construction job that American's won't do, no doubt.
Where is ICE? When will they clean that cesspool out? It is going to get worse, folks!

we need community control over the police:
all-elected, all-civilian, police control board.

Last I checked, there is no age limit, nor height limit to apply for the LAPD. So any of these critics out there who think they can do a better job, by all means, apply and let's see how you can really handle an armed suspect. I didn't think so.

More 3rd-world violence from illegal aliens. Seal the border for a safer America.

Plain and simple this is just opportunists looking to incite trouble. Most likely gangs who would like nothing better than to destroy and loot a neighborhood already filled with crime, graffiti, and trash. How else do you go from receiving a report of a man with a knife to there was no knife?

Obviously the guy had issues. He was told to drop the knife in english and spanish but failed to do so. Then he lunged at police, who were obviously in some sort of police/bike uniform, which identifies them as the police.

There is no argument or language barrier that tells you that when a cop points a gun at you, you do not make sudden movement and you do as you are told.

The tv news is saying these same opportunists decided to trash the neighborhood and attack police. Cameras focusing on the littered streets, as if the strewn trash wasn't there before the incident.

I'm not sure what they mean by trashing the neighborhood. The area was already a pig pen. It has got to be the most dirtiest neighborhood in all of LA county.

But what can you do with the gangs and central americans that dominate the neighborhood and have no respect for their own neighborhood and are willing to live like pigs?

I used to live in the neighborhood. I've seen people throw trash bags out of apartment windows down to the sidewalk, baby diapers too. Men drinking outside of apartments, who rather than go inside and use the bathroom, do their business outside against a wall, between parked cars, or behind a tree.

Such is life there. Filthy.

I'm willing to bet that none of the protesters were witnesses to the shooting! Someone spread rumors of the subject being unarmed and everyone goes wild.

Looks like a prime location for Border Patrol to do a sweep while the people were holding their protest.
I'd wager 90% of those doing the protesting are illegals.

These people have a lot of nerve. Where was ICE? They could have rounded up and deported a whole lot of illegals.

The government should have rounded them all up put them on a bus and sent them back to their home countries. These illegals are a trojan horse that Mexico and latin American countries are using to invade our country. The math is simple when there or more of them than "us" we have lost, is if that hasn't happened already judging by these mini riots. They love it here because they could never get away with this in their home countries!!

Well another argument against illegals in this country. The guatemalans, salvordorans and other countries were lawlessness, guerrila violence and criminal enterprise run amok would like nothing more than to create the same choas in our country. If they do not appreciate laws then they should go back to whence they came. Every ethnic group in this country such as muslims, mexicans, and other south american countries need to go an clean up their countries, law enforcement and government so they can live under the flags they allegedly respect and love so much , instead of parading them around our country. Which is insulting to our hospitality, the enemy is within America ,Patriots wake up an pound your fist demand exportation of any foreign enemy who wishes to enter this country illegally or is seeking refuge from their out of control govts. If they dont respect we elect to reject....


Why wasn't INS there, too? Best reason if any to check immigration status don't you think? Assaulting a police officer should be enough to deport them. Hopefully the officers are okay.

That's what Westlake looks like. Yuk! clean up your town. Glad I never pulled off the freeway for meal or gas. Scary!! And you are raising our children in that. think about it.

You know every one is just focusing on ohhh this man is a father of 3 kids and a real good guy really why was he stupidly drunk and flashing a knife to everyone ?? what do you expect ?? the cops to do be nice about it and just slap him in the hand and say its ok ... no its not if an officer fears for his or any bi-standers life of course he or she will stop this guy ... stop protecting stupid people that get drunk in the street ... stop harassing the cops they are just doing their jobs ....

The protesters say the man was unarmed and shot for no reason.

How do they know? Were they all witnesses to the act? Sounds to me like he was armed if a 911 caller said so AND the police said so...

LA is one officer-involved shooting away from a riot at any given moment

Ignorant sheep. They guy brought a knife to a gun fight and lost. plain and simple. Why would people call and say a man was threatening people with a knife and now the "protesters" say he was unarmed? These poor ignorant farmers have no integrity and the rumor mill in these communities is ridiculously fast with non facts. Any excuse to go dance in the street and light stuff on fire. They'd burn down their own community to prove a point they have no information on.

Hey he wasn't shot, it was the chupacabra! There is a herd of them in Westlake and you all better be careful.

I want my state back from these low life law breakers!

This display of disrespect for our police officers is disgusting and must NOT be tolerated! These brave men and women put their lives on the line everyday to protect the residents of this violent, blighted area.

deport them all...

That part of LA is a third world illegal alien- infested gang/drug infested ghettohole. That is where MS-13 originated and where millions of illegals got their fake green cards. Don't worry. LAUSD just put up a 600 million Taj Mahal school a half mile to the west to educate the anchor children of these protesting illegals . So LAUSD will call upon the LAPD to do riot suppression to protect their 'investment' at all costs.

And you wonder why our state has SB1070.

You are bunch of ignorant fools that your tunnel vision is so small that you only see things black and white and the worst part is that some of you are well educated and somehow allowed your hatred towards a group of people no matter their situation dictate your thinking, for once try stepping outside the box and think logically.

The "protesters" are simply trying to get paid like those May Day rioters and/or get their mugs on television. Arrest them then deport them. And you are right, that neighborhood is so disgusting it literally stinks.

They cannot even spell Spanish correctly in their stupid signs. I am fed up with this people. I think Bush was right when he wanted to bring them with some sort of labor visa. At least we can verify who the heck they are. We can also save some jobs that our students used to do before.

Every since City Hall (thanks little Tony) and Bill Bratton caved into those MacArthur Park rioters, other illegal aliens have been trying to incite trouble so they too could score a big settlement check. I bet the 911 tapes will reveal callers claiming the suspect had a knife, all in Spanish of course. Viva LAPD.

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