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Did Lindsay Lohan get special treatment? Some experts say yes, others say no


Lindsay Lohan's journey to jail Friday on a 30-day hold -- only to be released hours later -- has raised new questions about whether the actress is being treated differently than other inmates.

On Friday morning, Beverly Hills Judge Elden Fox ordered Lohan jailed without bail until a hearing Oct. 22 on whether Lohan should be incarcerated for using drugs in violation of her probation on a drunk-driving conviction. 

It also appeared to be an effective way to skirt Los Angeles County's early release policy and keep Lohan incarcerated for a month. The 24-year-old actress has twice received jail sentences but both times served less time than ordered because of overcrowding at the women's jail. Most female inmates serve a quarter of their sentence.

But Lohan's attorney, Shawn Chapman Holley, immediately challenged the legality of holding her client without bail based on a probation violation for a misdemeanor. On Friday afternoon, another judge granted Lohan $300,000 bail, and she was able to leave jail.

Attorney Mark Geragos said it was not unusual for a judge to deny bail on a probation violation and set a date for a hearing in the time it might take to serve a full jail sentence.

"More and more judges are doing this very thing to ensure the sheriff doesn't release the person early," Geragos said.

Veteran defense attorney Glen Jonas said the judge's actions effectively side-stepped the early-release process, which covers inmates sentenced to jail time but not to inmates awaiting sentencing.

"Judge Fox guaranteed Ms. Lohan will not receive early release by setting the hearing a month out with no bail. Judge Fox is fed up. Ms. Lohan is being treated like a drug addict on probation instead of a celebrity" with a drug issue, Jonas said.

But others said Fox was treating Lohan differently than other defendants.

"She neither presents a danger to the community nor is she a flight risk," said L.A. defense attorney Mike Cavalluzzi. "Those are the primary criteria for either denying bail or setting an appropriate amount of bail, especially given that this is a misdemeanor."

The star of "Freaky Friday" and "Mean Girls" was processed out of the Century Regional Detention Facility about 11:40 p.m. Friday after posting $300,000 bail. She was whisked out of a back door and driven to an undisclosed location.

But in posting bail, Lohan must agree to conditions including wearing a SCRAM alcohol and drug detection device, refraining from being in areas where alcohol or drugs are being consumed, and being subject to immediate search by law enforcement.

-- Andrew Blankstein and Richard Winton

Photo: Lindsay Lohan arrives at the Beverly Hills courthouse Friday. Credit: Al Seib / Los Angeles Times

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"How does the defendant plea?"

"Rich, White, and famous, Your Honor."

"Very well. You are released after 14 days. I hope this teaches you a valuable lesson."

I like this country.
You got coins your in.

put judge fox in jail. he knows the law and chose to go around it. Costing us the tax payer money and put her in jail against the law. PREMEDITATED KIDNAPPING. THIS IS A MISDEMEANOR NOT A FELON.



If overcrowding is the issue, why not use the Fred C. Nellis facility in Whittier? There is plenty of room there and it already exists.

This is proof of what many people hve suspected in the L A County justice system. Freedom and Justice are for sale to the highest bidder. Add the Lohan fiasco to Cooley's failure to find any "evidence" to charge Bell police chief with fraud and corruption only adds to the stench coming from 210 W Temple.

The 12-Step Religious AA/NA Cult IS A 100% SCAM & FRAUD!

Mexico thanks you Lindsay! Thanks for the drug war, to keep you high. Thanks for all the pain and suffering!



Here you have judges who are failing to look at the safety of the public. This judges are in a position of public trust not Lohamm, hurts or kill someone she will blame the judges. She needs more treatment? It is fair to say that this only applies to those who afford the treatment at Club Med. With Information Technology today, the judges would be able know when Loham is breaking the law with smart medical devices which monitors the person blood, etc, plus location. She is still on probation. Next newspaper will be told what and the content that they can print. Send the star porn back to jail for 90 days.

It is real simple.
Charge her in Federal court.
Get her passport.

All celebrities are protected from gen pop once incarcerated, so in that respect she is receiving preferential treatment. She will never understand what other women go through in lock up. She should be grateful for that much.

Even in city jails the 'bad' girls are separated from the less aggressive.


The real problem here is the Sheriff's Department. They are the ones letting these people go, so the judges are getting fed up with this nonsense and are trying to find ways to force the Sheriff to hold these people in jail. That's what happened in the Paris Hilton case when she was sent back to jail and that's what Judge Fox tried to do yesterday before another judge undercut him and let her out on bail.

The Sheriff's Department is making a mockery of the legal process in these kinds of cases.

News flash losers. People with money are treated differtly all over the world. It doesn't matter what color you are.
O.J. Simpson,Snoop Dog, Ray Lewis and I could go on and on and on with the Black athletes and Hip Hop Artists. It's not a WHITE thing racists, it's a money thing.

Another perfect senerio of the Fox watching the Hen house

The clownsta

A judge has the power to send someone to jail on a contempt citation. It can only be appealed, if it is more than 30 days.

Judge Fox, I urge you to cite her with contempt and allow her to receive Due Process, in a LA County Facility, for the next 30 days.

This convict has shown nothing but contempt for the system.

Also, there should be an ethics hearing regarding the conduct of Shawn Chapman Holley's manuever to side-step Judge Fox's order, by circumventing his court, in obtaining bail and a release otder for his client.

What does this say about the effectiveness of UCLA?

Lohan has been on a free ride for months. Now as I write this response I hear that her attorney appealed the "No Bail" order and she is now on release with a $300,000. bail. She'll pay anything to get her way on her terms. So far she hasn't been deterred. How many poor defendants would enjoy this type of treatment?

99% of the posters clearly don't understand our laws or justice system.

1) You only have to post a certain percentage of bail....not the full $300,000.

2) It doesn't matter if she's not a danger to society; neither are the millions of people in jail for drug offenses. But that's another debate- she's already been arrested, let's not try to change the debate.

She was convicted several times. I know that most people who couldn't afford a decent lawyer would have still been in jail from the second offense.

Bottom line= money gets what you want.

yes, she received special treatment. either she is in, or she is out. she is a danger to the public. did she not already run over pedestrians already? does she have to murder before the criminal justice system sends her aay

It's called wealthy white privilege.

Without a doubt. This is just more evidence of how the "justice" system is prejudiced. The message it sends is: Do the crime if you have the money to avoid the time.

Lindsay is like most abusers in that she is only sorry when she gets caught. Unlike most abusive persons, Lindsay has the money to buy her way out of jail. She should have had the right to post bail, and this right was eventually granted to her. She does not have the right to put other people at risk by her negligent behavior. If partying, drinking and doing drugs is how she makes her living, then she needs to do what her cohort Paris Hilton does and hire someone to drive for her, hire someone to make sure she does not put others in harm's way.

Lindsay Lohan and her well-paid attorney(s) are making a national mockery of California's courts. For anyone to argue that woman is not a danger to anyone has apparently lost all sense of reason. What happens the next time Queen Lindsay is out partying/drinking and is involved in an accident which maims or kills innocent victims? She has become a habitual scofflaw, enabled by the State of California. She has been essentially allowed to "thumb her nose" at the California courts, ignoring or being late for many of her scheduled court appearances and consistently violating the terms of her parole. At the very least, the woman should be required to serve Judge Fox's sentence, AND be required to reside at a reputable drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility. If she were an "ordinary" citizen, I believe it would be a safe bet she would not be getting the constant coddling (and yes, special treatment!) given her by the judicial system in California. The woman needs incarceration and rehabilitation to grow up and find herself! If the women's detention centers are so overcrowded, why not release a "little person" who is not a danger to others to make room for her? California's system of justice is a national joke!

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