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Developer Rick Caruso says he might run for L.A. mayor

http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/photos/uncategorized/2008/11/26/caruso_2.jpgAmericana at Brand developer Rick Caruso on Wednesday said he would consider running for mayor of Los Angeles when Antonio Villaraigosa is termed out of office in June 2013. 

Speaking at a business conference, Caruso told the audience that running for mayor “is something I am interested in doing.”

“Honestly, it is something I would like to do,” he said.

Caruso, perhaps best known for being the billionaire developer of the Grove in Los Angeles and the Americana in Glendale, had considered a similar run in 2008 but eventually decided against it, clearing the way for Villaraigosa to win a second term.

At the time, Caruso cited the potential burden of public life on his family and two young daughters. His personal fortune, business connections and name recognition had made him a potentially strong challenger.

At the business conference Wednesday, he said he would not spend $100 million-plus on his own campaign — a reference to gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman, who at $119 million this month shattered the record for the most money donated by a candidate to his or her political campaign in U.S. history.

-- Bill Kisliuk, Times Community News

Photo credit: Misha Gravenor / For the Times

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Could be a good thing...

Anyone but Villariagosa. The guy has single-handedly turned Los Angeles into a slice of the Third World. He's a complete narcissistic scumbag.

Do we have to wait for 2013?

Please Mr. Caruso, run for mayor. We need you! If this city continues with Villaraigosa I will move out.

How long is Rick Caruso going to play Hamlet, dithering about whether he will run or he won't, oh he's just not sure, maybe in 3 years, maybe in 7 years, maybe never? To be, or not to be, that is the question? Well Rick, Los Angeles City Hall needs to be shaken up, and if you run, I might vote for you. But you have to decide to run first. You're a businessman - make a decision.


Do any old timers from LA remember H. J. Caruso, the car dealer from Compton, one of the biggest advertisers on TV in the 50's? He was a BIG crook and went to jail. Rick's dad.

Finally someone worth while to run our city. I hope he runs, get that midget thief out of office before he ruins the city even more than he already has. I believe Caruso was a police comissioner before, hopefully he will throw out the liberal idiots sitting on the comission board out and appoint some common sense fair minded people who don't have an agenda.

Electra Garrigo: You'd better leave LA now! Villaraigosa is likely to get a third term! The rest of us will be sad to see bright lights like you go.

Mr. Caruso - do you really want to help L.A. to recover from the civic version of Abused Spouse Syndrome we are suffering under the current mayor and city council?

Do you really believe that we need a mayor with a proven track record in L.A. as a developer, investor and independent businessman?

Do you want to spare us from dodging shrapnel released when the ethnic-identity
campaign dirt bomb detonates?

Do you want us to walk away from the Eastside vs. Westside vs. Downtown vs. Harbor vs. Valley debate over who gets extra cookies in their lunchpail
as councilmembers stoke and provoke to get an edge up on the mayor's throne?

Then do us and your wife and kids a favor and don't run for mayor of Los Angeles.

Because all that will do is get mud all over your nice Italian suits and guarantee that we end up with the ilks of Queen Perry or King Garcetti as the next mayor.

Instead, stake your claim in history as one L.A.'s civic visionaries and citizen trustees. Help us to get a candidate who already has the trust and support
of every demographic and every geographic in this town.

Mr. Caruso, i think you will find yourself doing quite well if you can become the chairman of the committee to elect Earvin (Magic) Johnson, Jr. as Mayor of Los Angeles.

I cannot think of a better Mayor to have run our City than Rick Caruso. Finally someone who has the business sense it'll take to run Los Angeles the way it needs to be run, and someone who won't be afraid to make changes if needed.

Let's recall Villaria-corruption...why wait for 2013...

How is this News ?

He's already done this before (once, twice before?) He does it for publicity, and so that the real politicians push his projects through...and it works...the last time around, they approved his LeDoux Project, located at 8500 W Burton Way near Beverly Hills, where La Cienega Blvd meets Burton Wy. It will be double the allowed height, with no setbacks, luxury residential, with a Supermarket at the base, but the supermarket doesn't have a loading dock, and trucks will have to unload and turn (if they can manage it) on the nearby narrow residential streets...this can occur during rush hour and the city allowed him to have long trucks, against the advice of the planning dept...can you say traffic nightmare. Jack Weiss approved this project, Paul Koretz didn't ask for it to be held back for review, and the city council rubber stamped it.

Last time, he even got an LA Weekly cover because he said "he might run for LA Mayor" (using your verbiage) ! Are you guys going to give him a cover photo space, too...at least charge him for the ad space!!

Also, does he even have 100M+ to spend on a campaign?? Isn't his Americana at Brand floundering in this bad economy? Isn't his Grove on top of land owned by the Gilmore Co? What's his net worth? Isn't the guy that owns the Clippers and all those apartment buildings worth more than Caruso? Just askin'.

Please don't act like saps and print his press releases as news...I expect better from the Times.

In fact, I double dare him to run. Two reasons he won't:

1) He LOVES the folks who WILL run...the likes of Jan Perry (as Pro-Developer as they come) and maybe Eric Garcetti (the champion of the City's Density Bonus and Developer Incentives Ordinance).

2) He will LOSE...LA Residents who vote (whether Democrat or Republican) don't want a Developer Mayor...the Developers already own our City's politicians, as it is, and NOBODY wants OverDevelopment next door, and these days it's even creeping onto R1 (single family home) blocks.

Your commenters do realize that Mayor V is not running again, right?

Isn't he termed-out?

I'd vote for Caruso. He's one of a vanishing breed: The Sane Moderate Republican.

That said, I find Jon K.'s remarks to be thinly veiled racism and quite digusting and vile. If living in a city that contains non-whites is so distasteful, move!

Villaraigosa's ineligible to run again in 2013. Maybe people who don't already know that should be ineligible to vote in that election.

But first, please buy the Dodgers!

Some people apparently did not read the article. Villaraigosa cannot run again in 2013, which is when Caruso would run. So urging him to run because one does not want Villaraigosa to stay in office longer doesn't make sense. What are Caruso's views? His background (besides being a developer)? Would he be a spur for development? Just a conduit for unrestricted development? Article is pretty thin gruel.

it couldn't get much worse than it is now... could it? have you discovered this dark horse yet president of the "love angeles project" http://www.loveangeles.com

The last thing this city needs is the likes of Mr. Caruso running for Mayor. He is a commercial developer, and he has one thing on his mind--$$$. He has a proven track-record of being greedy (raising rents of tenants in a poor economy--as he's currently doing in many of his shopping centers). He builds with no regard to surrounding communities and residents, flaunting his power and wealth for the local politicians to see, thus allowing him building code exceptions and conditional use permits to skirt the law of the land--only to build too-large, out-of-scale projects.

I am all for being pro-business, pro-jobs, but not at the expense of being first and foremost pro-resident! Our city just does not have the infrastructure to continue to support over-sized projects that seem to be the basis of Mr. Caruso's success.

Perhaps Mr. Caruso will treat the citizens of Los Angeles better than his employees at The Grove. I'd hate to see a man run for mayor that treats his own workers like servents. A man who has no idea how things are run outside his corporate office... wonder how that will translate to the city.


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