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Clad in riot gear, LAPD summoned to quell angry protest over fatal police shooting of day laborer [Updated]


[Updated at 10:30 p.m. A tense day in the immigrant Los Angeles neighborhood of Westlake, where police shot and killed a day laborer, ended without injuries or arrests, officials said Monday night.]

Police in riot gear stood guard Monday as dozens of people gathered near a Westlake shopping center to protest the fatal shooting of a day laborer by police.

Using bullhorns as they chanted “assassination, assassination!” the protesters at one point got into a shouting-and-shoving match with a store security guard, who fled to his car and sped away as protesters hurled objects and kicked at his vehicle.

The angry protesters gathered at the site of Sunday’s shooting in which Los Angeles police officers shot and killed a man in a bustling shopping district at 6th Street and Union Avenue.

Police said the man was armed with a knife and that officers had been flagged down by a pedestrian who alerted them to a man with a knife.

The protesters who gathered Monday, however, said the man was unarmed and had been killed for no reason. Police have not formally identified the man, but friends identified him as Manuel Jamines, a day laborer from Guatemala.

The protesters erected a makeshift memorial at the site of the shooting with photos of the day laborer and signs reading “We want justice” and “Police are to serve and protect, not murder the innocent.”

No arrests were made and police in riot gear stood lined up in a parking lot as the protest continued.

“This investigation is going to be transparent,” said LAPD Capt. Rigo Romero. “We take every force investigation very, very seriously.”

-- Robert J. Lopez

Photo: An image of day laborer Manuel Jamines from the makeshift memorial. Credit: Robert J. Lopez

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"... the protesters at one point got into a shouting and shoving match with a store security guard, who fled to his car and sped away as protesters hurled objects and kicked at his vehicle."

Wow, real courageous agents of change, these "protesters," picking on a security guard and throwing things at him. How much you wanna bet, these idiots don't even live in the area, and know none of the people involved?

Day-laborer...is that code for illegal??

I just thing that this is just rediculious. Justice needs to be served. Where are the taizer guns you know. I far is i know police officers are trained to use non lethal force. Not to kill but to parilize the person. Those officers had nothing better to do but just murder a victim in a downtown intercetion in front of kids and and family. No wonder why no one wants to talk when an incident happens. Theres just no more respect for the LAPD period. The LAPD will always have a rap sheet. Justice needs to be served or else riots will happen again. Thats the last thing i know everybody dont want to see, but if the mayor of this city or the LAPD commissioner dont take the necessary actions. Things will get much worse.

A net, a bolo, a whip, a lasso, a jousting pole, a grease gun, a fire hose - why can I think of all the things that might safely subdue a person but LAPD can only think of one - a gun...? Are you kidding me? We have ANOTHER senseless killing to add to the long list of LAPD misdeeds? Let's stay calm, but let's also insist other means are explored from now on... !!!

It is appalling and disgusting the way the Rampart police mistreat and abuse immigrant citizens without remorse. This is not the first time the Rampart police department has been known for acts of abuse and corruption, but it is still surprising that in this day and age such unnecessary violence still happens. It is about time that the people stood up and protested against what is wrong.

This is a few people taking advantage of a sad situation. Earlier that day some people were threatened by this man with a knife, maybe he was drunk or had mental problems, no one knows, but the facts are that he was threatening people with a knife, luckily before he hurt or killed anyone the police arrived, sadly the suspect did not cooperate and was shot. Now some self serving idiots are trying to incite the crowd, telling them lies about the perp being unarmed and was assassinated by the police. It's no wonder the countries they came from a screwed up, the people from there are gullible and can't think for themselves.

This sounds like a bad situation. The guy was falling down drunk from the sound of the original report. He slept in a doorway just down the block every night, the police had to know him. Sad story.

"When you're trying to stop a suspect or stop a deadly action, the purpose is to stop the threat as quickly as possible,'' LAPD Lt. Andrew Neiman said earlier."

It's unfortunate that he didn't say anything about the sanctity of human life.

They want justice. So do we, the taxpayer of Los Angeles. We want the illegal crossers to face justice.

["A tense day in the illegal immigrant Los Angeles neighborhood of Westlake, where police shot and killed a day laborer, ended without injuries or arrests, officials said Monday night.]

Arrest and Deport!

If I was the security guard and they were chasing me and kicking my car I would have run those animals down.

I remember when I was little, what a treat it was when my father took us on the motor boats on the lake in MacArthur Park. Those days are long gone!. I wouldn't go near there today! Let the police investigate. If the man had a knife and threatened the police, then they did their job. The Westlake area is a pit. Who made it that way?

You cop-hating lefties will ALWAYS side with the "martyr" who has been falsely elevated to "hero" status by the malcontents who riot over his "senseless killing". You are compelled to side with the "poor, oppressed victim" of police "brutality" because of your own hatred of authority/"racist" America/the system, etc.

The perpetrator threatened an unarmed civilian then did the same thing to ARMED police officers...HIS BAD!! It is unfortunate that he wasnt taken down without being killed, but during the milliseconds in which life & death are often determined, HIS decision put him on the wrong side of a cop's bullet.

Too bad for his family, but the perp should have thought about that before acting rashly toward the person that alerted the cops & then toward the cops themselves.

Malcontents who claim cops "have nothing better to do than 'murder' a 'victim' in a downtown intersection in front of kids & family" just reveal their own ignorance. If the original victim (who alerted the cops) had been injured or killed, this same cop-basher would have been whining about "where are the cops when we NEED them"?

Bryan Ortega wrote:

"It is appalling and disgusting the way the Rampart police mistreat and abuse immigrant citizens"

Who are you talking about?

The person shot was neither an immigrant nor a US citizen, he was an illegal alien (foreign criminal) from Guatamala.

Taser guns are not used to replace real guns. When someone comes at you with a knife you don't have the time or luxury to use a Taser. The Taser fires one time and if you miss you are dead. This idiot decided to get drunk and act like if he was living in his Third World Country where he gets away with this. NO SE PUEDE!!!

Unfortunately I live in that area. A drunk man weilding a knife and threatening people is nothing unusual. What's just about the riots that ensued when they were protesting? What's just about the riots following the Lakers championship? Do these people think that the only way to protest or celebrate is by rioting? He died violently from his on violent actions. Any civil rights that he thought that he had was revolked. The taxpayers are going to continue to pay the bills for the man hour the police put in to control these ongoing incidents.

What can I say that anyone on here hasn't? We all know drinking and driving can be fatal, so can trying to slash a woman while drunk and then charging the police with a knife!! They made the right call...

Oh the poor people in this town! How can they avoid getting shot by the ruthless police force?!

Uh, try not coming at them with a weapon in your hand...morons.

1. Hind sight is always perfect. Those from the outside not involved directly in the situation have “perfect” knowledge of what could/should have been done, but they were not “in the moment” where each decision occurs in a micro-second and is based on experience and training and self preservation. Assumptions are very bad and often wrong.

2. If you have never been in a knife fight (I don’t care if the person wielding the knife or not), then you do not know the danger it can impose.

3. Knife v. gun seems like a no brainer, unless you have ever been in a situation like that. In close contact (within 6 feet) the person with the knife has an advantage. Google it some time.

It is easy to elevate the man killed, because he was drunk and armed “only” with a knife, as a symbol of what people hold to as persecution of 1. Hispanics and 2. Illegal immigrants or those perceived to be illegal. The bottom line is – the office acted according to his training. He was attacked and he defended himself.

This situation has set up a perfect situation to continue setting up race wars, to set up escalating tensions between those in authority and the Latino population. It allows certain people to promote the fiction of whites hating Latinos to promote their sense of power.

The truth is – the average non-Latino doesn’t care where you come from, so long as you do so legally and you abide with the laws of our country. OUR country. If you are an immigrant, legal or not, you are in the United States of America and you are required by the laws in this country. If you are a citizen of the United States, then you not only have that same responsibility but also, to expect that of others. When you disregard the law when it is to your advantage, you weaken support of the law when it is to your advantage. If you don’t like the law then work to change it.

Finally, if you continue to undermine the authority of the police, you work to destroy their ability to protect you when you need help. If they do wrong, then justice is needed for anyone, police or anyone, who breaks the law.

Know the truth, based in fact, not on hear-say. Seek to understand why people say what they do. Know what is right, then act with honor and dignity.

It is tragic when something like this happens. It compounds the tragedy when people write in using words like "those animals" for those shot by the police and "the morons" for those who express their rage. That never helps the situation. We must keep some things in mind: 1) Police should be trained to cause the least damage when apprehending someone dangerous; 2) Whether or not this officer could have avoided killing in this case, the rage of the community is intense because police killings and beatings happen too often - even against the unarmed and unthreatening - and are usually not brought to the media or to trial unless someone happens to videotape it, and 3) the reason there are Central American immigrants in L.A. in the first place is that our government waged war throughout the eighties against their peoples. According to the Guatemala's Archbishop's Office for Human Rights, 87% of the atrocities - including the more than 150,000 killings and the more than 440 villages bombed - were carried out by the Guatemalan army and paramilitary - paid for by our taxes. Then the archbishop was murdered after releasing the report. So maybe Sr. Jamines did have a knife, and maybe he and some other Central American immigrants in L.A. do get drunk sometimes, but instead of calling them "illegals" and "criminals," we need to become a community that interacts with our neighbors and comes to understand each other.


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