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California calls off Brown execution

State officials called off the scheduled execution of a convicted murderer Wednesday, hours after the California Supreme Court intervened in the case and made it all but impossible to carry out the death sentence.

The attorney general’s office had begun the day by asking a federal appeals court to allow the execution of Albert Greenwood Brown Jr. to proceed but later asked the court to dismiss the request. Brown had been scheduled to be put to death by lethal injection at 9  p.m. Thursday.

“A new execution date will be sought in accordance with applicable law and in conformity with all court orders,” said Christine Gasparac, a spokeswoman for the attorney general’s office.

Death The high court said a separate challenge of the state's protocol for lethal injection remains pending, and the state cannot proceed until that is resolved. That challenge was brought by other death row inmates in Marin County Superior Court.

The ruling is the latest twist in a legal showdown over the carrying out of Brown's death sentence. Time has become a crucial factor in whether he will be executed this year.

The attorney general's office has said that the state's supply of a key drug that renders condemned prisoners unconscious will expire Friday, and that further executions would have to wait until at least next year, when new supplies are expected.

Brown was convicted of raping and killing a 15-year-old Riverside girl in 1980.

-- Jack Leonard in Los Angeles and Maura Dolan in San Francisco

Photo: Albert Greenwood Brown Jr. Credit: Riverside County Sheriff's Department

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And this is why I oppose the death penalty. The death penalty is a broken, dysfunctional system. It just BEGS for chaos and lengthy, painful, legal drama. We should immediately switch to a policy that puts away murderers for life without the possibility of parole.

Not one of us walks home any safer on Thursday if Brown is executed. We should be saving the enormous amount of money we spend on the death penalty and putting it towards efforts to increase public safety - community policing, cops, rehabilitation programs, homicide detectives, you name it.

Is the chair still in working order?

What are they afraid the drug that has expired will kill them? The expiration date is probably not critical, like a best if used by date, it is there to move the product. Just plain stupid these guys are

Typical of California politics as its becomes closer to an election, tempers flair

They're playing with this man's life like he's a yo-yo. Isn't this cruelty and inhumane? Now I feel sorry for him. Actually I feel sorry for anyone facing being put to death, I think it's wrong. Put an end to the death penalty, put them on an island Guatamino, however it's spelled, you know what I mean.

What?? Expiration date? I have a half a gallon of skim milk that is one day over it's due date and it's still full of milky goodness. Aside from lactating animal past due dates, lets move on to this animal. He raped and killed a child and has been on deathrow since I was in grade school. If he was guilty beyond a shadow of doubt he should have been taken from the court to death row and given twelve (12) months to appeal the sentence. After that waiting period, it's plop-plop fizz-fizz in the gas chamber.

The only reason the death penalty is expensive is because lawyers have made it that way. The MAJORITY of people in this country support the death penalty and don't care if it's painless or not. Their victims, I'm sure, did not die a painless death. With that, why in the world does ANYONE care if they experience pain or not on their death bed? Additionally, if these inmates are sentenced to life in prison don't they still pose a threat to those watching over them? Eliminating the threat is the best and ONLY way to deal with this scar on humanity. Also, why should I pay to house someone in a prison forever, who will contribute absolutely nothing to society? We need people in positions of authority who are willing to make necessary decisions for the sake of all of us. I don't get all sensitive over someone who has killed someone else and has been sentenced to die for their crime.

All this concern over whether a convicted murderer and rapist will suffer during a lethal injection procedure.

I wonder how much the fifteen year old girl he raped and brutally murdered THIRTY YEARS AGO suffered.

Insane procedure, even more insane judges.

Most of these judges don't want this burden placed upon their chest, so they just pass it on to the next person whenever they decide to retire. That's why the governor gave that 45 hour repreive so he could then avoid being the one sending this guy to his grave. He knew someone would jump in make an issue over a non-issue in order to stop this execution. Completely spineless people.

It should have been over 20 years ago...

So he killed someone, by cruel and unusual means, but he's too good for the death penalty? That's ironic.

Who is standing up for the victim and her family????

no common sense whatsoever.

much like trying to survive TSA at the airport.

The question is how long can we sustain this injustice?
Justice is a harsh but necessary part of society.
Without justice evil prevails.


What a waste of taxpayer's money!

I only support the death penalty in a few cases:

1) DNA-proven murder
2) DNA-proven rape, molestation
3) Paper-trail-proven embezzlement of public funds

They should be granted only ONE appeal to explain the DNA. Then it's over.

As for the embezzlers, they should be given 30 days to say goodbye to their families.

Our judicial system has become a joke. This waste of humanity has already lived in jail longer then his innocent victim was alive. Not only is there no swift justice - there's no justice period.

B, know your facts before you speek. i work for cdcr and do even know how much it costs to house an inmate for an entire year? it is more than you or me make in a year. the problem with our state is the lifers we have in the system. after their appeals process is over, if there is no chance for parole give them their last meal and get rid of them. this guy raped a 15 year old girl, killed her and then called her family and bragged about it...this is someone who should continue to drain the state of their tax dollars? as chad ocho cinco would say...child please. he doesn't deserve to live...especially on my dime. life without parole? come on, this guy is lucky he is in california, anywhere else he would be dead and gone years ago...thats where he belongs anyway.

Who is the Attorney General again?

Why is this man still alive. Where are the vigilantys? Why can't the guards kill him thereselves? This guy should not be alive!

...if ever a team of individuals acted like the gang which couldn't shoot straight it is the team which has been of optimal maladroitism been in California fiddling with the machinery of death....those who pay taxes have been paying for one functional disaster after another....
...independent of the painful reality that capital punishment makes of all citizens of the state accessories and accomlices to murder is the pragmatic reality that those in charge can neither effectively plan nor implement a plan...
...the time for abolition by referendum has long past come....
...a referendum is long past due....
...in peace....

Wow. Wish the 15 year old could have had her murder postponed! Don't like supporting this murderer and rapist. Being on deathrow since 1982, he has cost the State of California over a 1.2 million.

California is a joke! We need to change the laws and the appeals process. This nonsense can not take this long, and at the tax payers expense! Why couldn't the appeals process be done within 5 years?? Seriously, why does it have to take this long?? How is it that one judge can put a hold on it while he decides if it is right? Why does anyone even care that the scum on death row stay alive, and cost the state millions every year? They shouldn't get life with out the possibility of parole, I know I don't want them to stay behind bars getting fat and old and abusing the free heath care, while being watched by overpriced prison guards! I really don't understand why its even an issue if the drugs that kill them peacefully are expired, the dirtbags are going to die anyways!!! Like I said, California is a joke! This whole country is becoming a nation of wimps!

I just don't know why this has to get so legally complicated. I also don't understand why it has to cost so much to have him killed and why it takes all these years to finally have it done. I don't understand why there are people in prison who have killed a lot more people and don't get the death penalty. I'm for the death penalty. Especially for people like Manson, John Gardner, Osama just to name a few. Of course the last one is if we ever catch him. They just eat up the taxpayers money everyday they are in prison. They killed innocent people(s) so they themselves should be killed.

Good. The government shouldn't be in the business of murdering its citizens anyway.

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