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After 121 years, the Rose Parade changes its name, sells corporate sponsorship

http://www.latimes.com/media/photo/2010-01/51388482.jpgAfter 121 years, the Tournament of Roses Parade is changing it name.

As part of a new sponsorship deal with Honda, the 2011 parade officially will be known as the 122nd Rose Parade, Presented by Honda.

Parade officials stressed that there will be no major changes in the parade itself and noted that Honda had a long associate with the event.

"Welcoming Honda as Presenting Sponsor of the 2011 Rose Parade is an organic evolution of our long-standing partnership," said Pasadena Tournament of Roses President Jeffrey L. Throop in a statement. "For five decades, we have worked side-by-side with Honda to develop the Rose Parade into what it is today, and we are proud Honda is such a significant member of the Tournament family."

Rose Parade officials also said to look for some changes in the marketing of the event to note Honda's sponsorship.

"In support of this new step in its partnership with Honda, the Tournament of Roses will launch a new trademark composite logo recognizing and incorporating the Honda brand logo," the parade organizers said in the statement.

-- Shelby Grad

Photo: Gary Friedman / Los Angeles Times

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I guess it isn't enough for corporate sponsors to be thanked on the broadcast anymore. I suppose the Honda logo will be plastered all over the official merchandise. Another good reason not to buy it.

And I suppose next year the mandated NEVER ON A SUNDAY 'Tradition' will end as well?

This blows. Target Field, the Rose Parade by Honda. What's next? The Blackwater Super Bowl?

Seems most everything else in the State is up for grabs, why not a parade ?

Really???? REALLY?? ?It's Monday sure enough. What a turnoff.

Ahhhh....this reminds me of Lenin quote: " The Capitalist will gladly sell the rope that will be used to hang him". I remember when the Fabulous Forum was renamed the Great Western Forum (Great Western Bank which is not around anymore) and I knew at that point that it was the beginning of the end. It's a sad thing when we put money above all...and in the U.S. that is exactly what the "culture" is.

Once more we sell our soul's to the corporations! No wonder we are in such a mess. Honda you can keep your cars and the parade.

That's a stupid long name. Let's snub them and just call it the Pasadena Rose Parade. I hope this newspaper goes along with this suggestion.

I have always hated Public/Private partnerships and naming right. Sick.

some people just got very rich

Oh please, it's a business decision and if Honda is willing to pony up sponsorship cash in these trying economic times, good for the ToR. Would you rather have the "ToR presented by Honda" or "no parade at all"?

Sign of the times. In a perfect world the Rose Parade wouldn't need to do this. If the entire Los Angeles Basin was prosperous enough to contribute more money to the parade we wouldn't have this problem. Unfortunately our wealth is leaving and soon all these great public institutions will not be ours. Its happening all around us folks, we got pumped and dumped. You can't barely afford to go to disneyland nowadays. They keep raising the prices where soon only foreign tourists will be able to affort and all the riff raff will be kepted out.

How about the call it the "Lose Palade"?

Ahhhhh!!!!! Money ruins everything!!!!!!

As a lifelong Pasadena resident, this turns my stomach. Is there any area in our lives where corporations haven't taken over? Athletic stadiums used to be named after our most admirable citizens. Now they're named after orange juice, telephone, and dog food companies. Why don't we just change the name of our country from America, to "America: sponsored by Wal-Mart and General Electric?"

The Pasadena (Fill in the Blank) Tournament of Roses Parade and become as irrelevant as the Miss America Pageant.

$ ruins everything!!!!!!

At least Honda is a supporter from decades ago and it's not some random corporation jumping on the bandwagon and trying to take over the show. I'm not down with selling event/venue titles when they've been a stand alone for so many decades. But I'd rather see this local tradition that's over a century old continue than see it dissolve due to lack of funds. Too many memories that involve my dearest family and friends. Rock on Rose Parade!!! (presented by honda ;)

A wholly American tradition such as the Rose Parade being sponsored by a foreign manufacturer - what a sad decision.

Sad. I wonder if they've signed off on this yet. If not, maybe the bad publicity will change their minds.

I'm really not looking forward to Bob and Michaela flogging Honda during their running commentary.

Wow!!! That is so un-American. I officially now hate Honda. Way to sell out Pasadena

Say it ain't so! Has everything in this comp --oops--- country been sold to the highest bidder?

The one place where naming the corporate sponsors should be required is, of course, the US Congress - I'd go so far as tattooing the corporate logos on the foreheads of the turkeys. Beyond that, ENOUGH ALREADY! And I'm serving notice: When "male enhancements" start plastering their names on every public facility and function, I WILL REVOLT!!!!!!!!!!!

And people wonder why I hate the corpratocracy. How egotistical of Honda. Now I'll never buy one!

Tough times are a real capitalist's playground.

You know the OLD saying: If it is not broke don't fix it..
What happen to that...Why can't we just keep things the way they are.. Pretty soon United States won't be called THAT
eighter... How Sad!!!!!

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