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113 degrees in downtown? L.A. broils with triple-digit temperatures [Updated]

The heat wave that has gripped Southern California reached a high point Monday afternoon, with triple-digit temperatures from the coast all the way inland.

As of noon, Weather.com reported that downtown L.A. was broiling at 109 degrees; Santa Monica hit 106, West Hollywood was at 111 and Long Beach was at 107. [Updated: As of 12:50 p.m.: downtown L.A. had hit 113 degrees, a record high. Stuart Seto, a forecaster for the National Weather Service, said that's the hottest temperature recorded at the downtown station since record-keeping began in 1877.

Shortly after reaching the record, the temperature dipped back to 111, and then climbed back to 112. Then at 1 p.m., the thermometer stopped working.

The weather service office in Oxnard rushed an electronics technician 60 miles southeast to the USC campus to repair the thermometer, which is actually a highly sensitive wire connected to electronic equipment. Because of the snafu, officials said it's possible Monday's temperature actually was hotter than 113 — but they might never know.]

The National Weather Service warned of extreme heat and red-flag fire dangers Monday. A small fire broke out in Ladera Heights but was quickly put out. Another small brush fire was contained Sunday night in South Pasadena. 

On the energy front, California consumers are expected to use more than 45,000 megawatts by peak afternoon hours, said Gregg Fishman, a spokesman for Cal-ISO, which coordinates power for 85% of the state's grid. 

Though the expected energy consumption is high for this time of year, increased usage is not expected to cause any serious problems, Fishman said. Still, Cal-ISO is recommending residents avoid using heavy appliances in the afternoon.

And don't forget to turn off the lights when you leave a room, Fishman said.

"Given the situation as we know it right now, we should be fine,'' he said. "But grid conditions are dynamic, and things can change."

-- Kimi Yoshino and Catherine Saillant

[Updated at 12:34 p.m.: HOW ARE YOU COPING WITH THE HEAT? Share your photographs from the heat wave with L.A. Now. We'll post reader submissions. Tell us your hot weather tales below.]

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This proves that we are entering an ice age! I mean global warming! That is rather climate change! Wait a minute now I meant to say global climate disruption!

Soon to have a new name I'm sure, whenever Al Gore's money supply is threatened by the next awakening of the public :D

@ responsible, you said "... rhetoric from people who don't believe in consequences for actions..." Sounds like a progressive to me. Mummia Abu Jamal, anyone? You know, he killed a cop and Hollyweird tries to get him out of prison.

That being said, when will you learn that the government is using you progressives like pawns. WE THE PEOPLE "as a collective" (in obama's famous words) are being screwed up the butt while the evil politicians have us at each other's throats. THEY are the problem and they ALL need to be replaced with new blood.

Global warming doesn't mean that it will be warmer everywhere all the time, but it does mean that most places will get more extreme weather much of the time. Enjoy it while you can.

Sign of impending pole shift?

This time of year. Hot weather, low winds.
This is earthquake weather.

It's smug!

It's like Africa hot.

Well everyone in California is lighting up simultaneously. What do you expect and does it really matter? I'm sure someone will protest the carbon unit from US industries. But CAs carbon comes from Ca and from the perpetual Chinese burp print. I think all of the left over hippies and their offspring should go to China to protest and not worry about cleaning their own house.

BTW, record keeping began in 1877, for the east coast and that was just for the largest cities. Most temps that show an official record before 1910 were back dated estimates. Recording temps for whole country in 1910. Can you imagine the erroneous information that was recorded?

Use revolving doors when you can. They keep a lot of cold air from blowing out and save a ton of energy.

yup one hot day and we are melting. And all I know is San Diego just experienced one of their chilliest summers ever. Average temperature this Summer was 70 degrees. And I have lived in So Cal for awhile. Isn't this usually one of the hottest times of year during fire season ?

What's funny is that Texans and Arizonians don't realize that a lot of LA residents do not have full-house ACs, let alone even 1 room. Most southern Californians get by with a open window and a fan.

So yeah, I'd rather have 113 degree heat outside with a state-of-the-art AC in my home any day.

113 is worse for us in Los Angeles because we, unlike you lucky souls in Bakersfield and Phoenix, don't have air conditioners. We only need them for 1 or 2 days a year. So, when it's this hot, we can't escape it.

Very Very hot today - WOW!

It's times like this I really appreciate living in the Lake Tahoe area. It was a perfect 82 there today, with calm waters and lots of tourists gone for the season. Just beautiful. Why would anyone live in L.A.??

Just another reason I got the hell outta LA!!
Ah, the falling leaves and a cool 65 degrees outside--nice.

I'm 48 and used to spend every other summer in Orange County. It was often 108 to 110 degrees farenheit when we visited Disneyland. We used to joke how you didn't notice since 100 degrees on the east coast was like living in a swamp and this was nice and dry heat.

Grow up!

Good thing global harming is a hoax! Otherwise this might be worrying.

Our local news here in Tampa Bay FL showed us your High temps yet apparently Al Gore forgot to tell then they were not allowed to inform us that way back in 1875 it was also 113 degrees, convenient for most all of the other reports omitting this fact of history

South America is having one of its coldest winters ever, but you don't need to look elsewhere for cooler-than-normal weather. Last month -- August 2010 -- was the coolest August in Southern California since 1944. Quiz: What were the most-popular SUVs in 1944?

whats so crazy about that we endure that on a daily basis in phoenix for 4 months straight .

Whine some more. We get that up here in the desert all the time.

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