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Woman's body found in boyfriend's chimney after she tries to sneak into home

A woman's decomposing body was found wedged inside her boyfriend's chimney after she tried to sneak into his Bakersfield house, authorities said Tuesday.

The body of Jacquelyn Kotarac, 49, a doctor who had an "on-again, off-again" relationship with the man, was stuck in the chimney for three days before being discovered by woman who was house-sitting, the Bakersfield Police Department said. Authorities said Kotarac died of asphyxiation.

The woman "smelled an odor and realized it was coming from the fireplace," Sgt. Mary DeGeare said.

Kotarac had come to the home Wednesday night but the boyfriend wouldn't let her in.  "To avoid a confrontation," DeGeare said, "he wouldn't let her in."

So Kotarac used a shovel and tried unsuccessfully to force her way in through a back door, police said. She then climbed the roof and slid down the chimney. But her boyfriend had already left the house, police said.

Kotarac was found stuck about 2 feet above the interior fireplace opening. In concluding that she died of asphyxiation, the Bakersfield coroner's office deemed the death an accident.

-- Robert J. Lopez

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This is also why women generally do not play Santa Claus.

this woman really thought she could get in through the chimney?
and she was educated enough to be a doctor?

That's what I call a fatal attraction!

What a horrible way to die.

Wow, sounds like the doc had a "fatal attraction" toward her on again, off again boyfriend!! Guess you could call it desperation on her part! What a shame some people will go to such crazy lengths to be with their lover! What puzzles me is, WHY didn't the man call the police when she tried to break the door down with a shovel?? For all he knew, she could have had a gun! I can tell you, if anyone is trying to break into my house, I, too, would leave through another door; however, I would most certainly call the police right away! Perhaps they could have stopped her from going down the chimney and she would be in jail rather than dead! What a waste of medical knowledge and talent!

Another "Colleeforneya" nut job ! !

She had the right to invoke her Santa Claus Entry Option, since she was a physician and she had take the hypocritical Oath. I'm just surprised he didn't reciprocate and 'light her fire'.

Boy, was she NUTS! Talk about bats in your chimeny! He did the right thing and left. Unfortunitly, she thought she was Mrs. Claus and pulled a Santa! How sad and pathitic.

Wow , truly a horrible way to die.
What a desperate chick.

hahahahahaajk.. wish my ex would do that!! As innocent as O.J!

I understand this is a quick, this-just-in type article but really, was it proofread at all?

It is horribly written, to the point of confusion, and full of grade-school errors.

Why do women resort to such bunny boiler antics ?
Ladies do yourselves a favor buy a copy of Fatal Attraction ... Glenn Close doesn't come across as the poor victim and Michael Douglas just played himself... My bad.

Yet another purposeful use of chimneys in C. California.

Ban chimneys now.

Why couldn't she have come in through the "bathroom window?"(paying homage to the Beatles here).

If she would have listened to Marie Osmond she would have slipped down that chimney with no problem and used her medical knowlege to patch up those scuffed knees and elbows and enjoyed a nice glass of wine while her boyfriend was away!!

This was a real person readers, who was beloved by her patients. Many times she helped them out when they could not afford services or medications. A more devoted doctor you couldn't find. She had her demons obviously, as many of us do. But she also was a daughter, sister, friend and caring doctor so please remember that when you post. Prayers are more appropriate here than jokes! Many people her knew her are shocked and sadden.

What a awful way to go.
Was the guy really worth it?

What a awful way to go.
Was the guy really worth it?

Agree with Alice & Good Humor Man, all those years of med school went down the chimney while "Come on Baby light my Fire"

Just goes to show you that it doesn't matter how educated or successful, when it comes to "love", all women are crazy!

I wonder if this guy KNEW she was trying to get in via the chimney, and THEN left the house....he must have seen her car parked near the house when he left. Sounds supicious to me. He had plausible deniability and took advantage of it, possibly. Just sayin'.


Ghastly story. Horrible for all involved, and sympathy goes out to the doctor's family and friends. However, I doubt this was a "Fatal Attraction" situation. The over-the-top behavior makes me suspect that drugs/alcohol were involved. A toxicology report is likely to confirm this. Very sad.

This is just hilarious. The end result was well justified.

This is a case of alcoholism....addiction....people who are addicts/alcoholics or in recovery know all about this horrific disease and what it could make the most sane and bright people do.

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