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Labor groups rally with Boxer, Villaraigosa at City Hall

Several thousand union members Friday rallied against pay cuts, furloughs and reduced services on the south lawn at Los Angeles City Hall at an event where their leaders railed against the top ticket Republican candidates in California, Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina.
During the event organized by the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor and the National AFL-CIO, Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer and Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa vowed to keep fighting for L.A.’s 30/10 Plan, which would speed up 12 area transportation projects and complete them in 10 years rather than 30 years.

But labor leaders also expressed broader themes that will be a major focus on the campaign trail this year, accusing Republicans in Congress of standing in the way of jobs legislation.

Richard Trumka, president of the AFL-CIO, called Whitman, the former chief executive of EBay, “shady” and faulted Fiorina for overseeing thousands of layoffs while she headed Hewlett-Packard Co. from 1999 to 2005.

“You need leaders who can create jobs and save jobs and deal with tough budget situations,” he said. "So in the two elections for governor and senator, what do the Republicans throw at the problem? Two clueless CEOs.”

Fiorina’s spokeswoman, Andrea Saul, defended her record at Hewlett-Packard, stating that Fiorina is the only candidate in the race “who has actually created a job.”

Boxer’s policies, Saul said, are “are sitting so poorly with voters during 12.3% unemployment that she’s forced to call in her left-wing reinforcements as payback for her years of unwavering support of big labor.”

Many members of the City Hall audience won’t have a vote in California and weren’t familiar with the issues facing Los Angeles. The vast majority were letter carriers from across the country who had been attending their convention in Anaheim this week. The group was brought to City Hall in 65 buses from Anaheim. Several said their top priority this year is encouraging leaders to preserve Saturday postal service.

-- Maeve Reston at Los Angeles City Hall
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If Boxer and Villa want it, it has to be bad. I agree with yikes. We are all being taxed more and are getting less. Yet the same idiots who got us here are not. Villa does the big grandstand and reduces his pay a small amount. If he had reduced his pension it might have been worth bringing up. Thats were the biggest rip off is. They think we are all stupid.

LA city is done...guys I'm sorry its over its unsustainable long term...you know it too :(

who said they want higher taxes?

they want politicians to stop wasting everyone's money

The Public Employee Unions are a great idea, but the current system is driving this city and country to bankruptcy. By 2014, 33% of the LA General Fund will go to paying pensions. Not improving services or even keeping the status quo. These deals need to be rethought and the unions will not allow this until bankruptcy occurs.

They just want the majority of CA workers who are non-union to pay higher taxes in order to keep their union salaries and benefit packages overly generous.

The gathering of the socialist conspirators and the mob's cronies strange bedfellows indeed !

Gov employee unions make me laugh.

They are third party paracites that profits from tax payers via gov employees.

All of the criminals in one place, Trumka fears Meg beyond belief because he cant buy her like he can Brown.

Censorship stinks. Censorship by the media is tyranny. No wonder your newspaper is bankrupt. You earned it.


Meg Whitman laid off thousands of Ebay employees. Carly Fiorina laid off thirty-five thousand employees at Hewlett Packard. While the two of them campaign in the Central Valley, surveying some of the worst hit areas by unemployment in California, the candidates dodge the issues of illegal immigration in California. They did lay off tens of thousands of employees, but neither supports deportation of illegal immigrants in California. Instead, Meg said she supports work permits for illegal immigrants and Carly is reticent on the subject of illegal immigrant workers. Unemployment is sixteen percent in Fresno county and thirteen percent in Los Angeles county. Like corporations, California needs a boost with its historically worst state budget ever, so why wouldn’t either of the former CEO candidates propose deportation of the illegal immigrant workers and their anchor babies in California?
Illegal immigrant labour is the rock bottom cheapest labour. Still, U S politicians insist an their misinterpretation of the 14th Amendment of the U S Constitution saying it grants citizenship to the newborn of illegal immigrant parents. Is it business or welfare in the United States?

If California was operated with the same efficiency as Ebay over the years, we would not be in the current financial disaster that we’re in.

The tyrannical fleecing and raping of the taxpayers by the government employee unions is root cause of California’s demise.

To solve California’s problem, we have to free its people from the government employee unions’ suffocating dominance in Sacramento. They have evolved to control and influence every aspect of our lives. They are a coercive mafia under the disguise of “public servants”.

We should have gotten more coverage than just "65 buses of Letter Carriers bussed in from Anaheim", in you article for the Labor Rally. We, along with our National President, Fred Rolando, were there to make a nationl statement to keep 6-day delivery of your mail. I see none of that in your article. Newspapers are to print the facts, Jack, and that is all, as the say in the business or is the LA Times only printing what they think their readership wants to hear? Let me go back to Chicago and get more than my share of differing viewpoints of the news than I care to read.

As a lifelong democrat, there was no question in my mind who I was going to vote for, Carly Fiornia was despicable. Thank you Antonio, your support is the kiss of death. Much as I despise Carly, I hate Antonio more. She gets my vote. And while on this subject, Brown, whom also I was going to vote for, jumped on the City of Bell bandwagon, rather than going after the Mayor's corruption. Whitman, you'll get my vote, much as I hate republicans. The City Hall democrats have made me sick.

Jobs!!! If the change we needed in 2008 (H.R.2830) had been voted on in the Senate after passing the house 395-7, according to a report prepared for Congress in Dec2009 this type of legislation would have caused the cost of foreign imports to rise as the legislation would require mostly foreign ships to retrofit with new technology to keep our water clean. Now the president dose not bother to instruct the Senate to work out the States rights issues of just one Senator. Senator Boxer killed this legislation that could have created a cost competitive manufacturing base again in America. Now our president as commander and chief has another study with the military to coincide with their two decade plan to follow an international organization of economic interest rather than American legislation to regulate what numeric limits of human pathogens and virus we will allow mainly foreign ships bringing foreign made goods into our country to dump in our waters. It is to bad that economic globalization is considered more important by this administration than increasing our manufacturing competitiveness and protecting our waters.

I sure do not understand how American labor unions can support these people.

The only cure is to get rid of the raping unions. Who the hell is signing all these BS deals with them. The Goverment saved the unions at GM, this was also BS.

referring to Whitman and Fiorina as shady? my gawd, what does that make him?

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