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Labor groups rally with Boxer, Villaraigosa at City Hall

Several thousand union members Friday rallied against pay cuts, furloughs and reduced services on the south lawn at Los Angeles City Hall at an event where their leaders railed against the top ticket Republican candidates in California, Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina.
During the event organized by the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor and the National AFL-CIO, Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer and Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa vowed to keep fighting for L.A.’s 30/10 Plan, which would speed up 12 area transportation projects and complete them in 10 years rather than 30 years.

But labor leaders also expressed broader themes that will be a major focus on the campaign trail this year, accusing Republicans in Congress of standing in the way of jobs legislation.

Richard Trumka, president of the AFL-CIO, called Whitman, the former chief executive of EBay, “shady” and faulted Fiorina for overseeing thousands of layoffs while she headed Hewlett-Packard Co. from 1999 to 2005.

“You need leaders who can create jobs and save jobs and deal with tough budget situations,” he said. "So in the two elections for governor and senator, what do the Republicans throw at the problem? Two clueless CEOs.”

Fiorina’s spokeswoman, Andrea Saul, defended her record at Hewlett-Packard, stating that Fiorina is the only candidate in the race “who has actually created a job.”

Boxer’s policies, Saul said, are “are sitting so poorly with voters during 12.3% unemployment that she’s forced to call in her left-wing reinforcements as payback for her years of unwavering support of big labor.”

Many members of the City Hall audience won’t have a vote in California and weren’t familiar with the issues facing Los Angeles. The vast majority were letter carriers from across the country who had been attending their convention in Anaheim this week. The group was brought to City Hall in 65 buses from Anaheim. Several said their top priority this year is encouraging leaders to preserve Saturday postal service.

-- Maeve Reston at Los Angeles City Hall
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So, what would they propose instead of furloughs? Actual salary reductions instead of unpaid time off? Of course not.. They want higher taxes on people who have already experienced salary reductions (the average taxpayer) to pay more so they don't have to make any sacrifices.

I am so sick of these governmental employee unions. They only care about three things ( and this includes the teachers unions: 1) More pay, 2) Less work, 3)No accountability.

Out of state mail carriers. No wonder they were cheering for Tony. Pathetic.

Boxer and Tony the Tiger............two sides of counterfeit coin. Time for new blood.

I can't believe we really need these boondoggles when we have so many more pressing needs, such as competent schools, lower taxes, less government intrusion and so on. Besides, most of the jobs mentioned in the article would go to specialized union labor that doesn't represent the entire available spectrum of people looking for work in California. This is just another example of two highly over-rated leaders looking to pull the wool over the voters' eye, once again, when they know full well that only their cronies will benefit from anything they have to offer the public. My only concern is the public itself, which seems to have a one-track mind when it comes to poking a stick in its collective eye whenever they are faced with choosing a political candidate for high office. The public always seem to go for a lot of "BS" instead of examining each candidate and voting for the right one based on merit and common sense instead of the usual glitz and glamour and empty suits they represent. Collectively, I think every grandchild now living in this state should kick their grandparents in the shin should they decide another Democrat is the only reasonable choice in this coming election.

Richard Trumka faults Fiorina "for overseeing thousands of layoffs while she headed Hewlett-Packard Co. from 1999 to 2005."

I see it as a good thing. Maybe she'll get rid of thousands of gov't jobs

Boxer and Tony V are embarrassments. But that's where we're headed: with "leadership" like these two offer, our economy and our country are headed for disaster. We are on our way to making the 1930s look like a picnic.

Vote out ALL of 'em in November.

Write down the name of every elected official at this event. If you see their name on a ballot, vote for anyone else.

Hey, CA voters in 2010. Don't forget to tell your grandchildren, should you have any, that if you plan on voting Democrat in this election, they will be paying for your mistake well into their nineties or perhaps longer. Go look at the debt calendar for CA and see for yourself what the current bill is and then extrapolate that out to cover what your grandchildren will be liable for. Oh, I know, you'll be dead by then so why should you worry. You want it now, right? Doesn't really matter who winds up paying for the goodies just so long as you don't, right? For those still voting Democrat in the next exlection - what a bunch of selfish fools you seem to be. Oh, yeah - this also applies to a lot of RINO Republicans who can't really hide their true DNA - right?

The audience, all union members, bused in in 65 buses from Anaheim! This is a real Boxer crowd. And this Trumka is another piece of work.

Haha, classic!!

"Vote for us and we will keep you employed by continually creating overpriced, ridiculous public works projects funded by taxpayer money. Never will you be out of a job like the private sector. Lay offs? No workers will be laid-off and wages will remain at comfortable union levels."

What a joke! They had to bus in supporters to fill in their audience. Tough to find support with that high unemployment huh Boxer? The union hack's quote is priceless. I'll take anyone over Boxer and Villar. Obviously he doesn't know how broke the city of L.A. is. What an idiot. But what do you expect. He is paid by union dues, gotta keep the union strong.

Are they kidding. Why is a bad thing to finish a project under budget and sooner. This would save money and keep my taxes lower. These people just want to spend, spend, spend. What they should be doing is saving money and worrying about people that are UNemployed.
Besides, what do letter carriers from arround the couhntry care about what happens in CA?

Everyone I know have decided to change course in California, the elected officials currently in office don't give a damn about the people, they are only interested in keeping their careers, while the rest of us suffer.

I am voting republican this year, because I think they will be the lessor of two evils this term.

How can you take office, and not represent your constituents before all others. We feel for our southern neighbors, but what about American born Californians that are also suffering.

“You need leaders who can create jobs and save jobs and deal with tough budget situations,”

Correct. And we need leaders that are willing to talk in front of the cameras about too many people in California and the United States, the consequences of too many people, and ways to reduce too many people so the future is brighter. The current "leaders" and the wanna-be's effect a thought-taboo on this paramount issue while the nation accelerates toward collapse.

Yeah, that's what this state needs. We just don't have enough govt unions. As for me, a union endorsement is the kiss of death for any candidate. And bigger union crooks you couldn't find than Boxer, Villagarosa, and Richard Trumka. That's it Boxer, get someone to endorse you who had to take the Fifth in the Chinese Money-Clinton connection. Who's next, Richard Ramirez for Boxer?

The only thing missing was a large group shouting "we are ACORN, the mighty, mighty, ACORN". Apparently the big shots in big labor and Boxer haven't figured out the public is on to them. They aren't for the people, they are for themselves.

A sure sign to vote against Boxer and Villaraigosa. Part of the Democrat machine taking money from taxpayers to enrichen themselves and share the spoils with their union buddies. A Vote for either is a vote to have taxpayers continue to subsidize the equivalent of legalized organized crime.

Let's see.. Many people I know are out of work and I'm having my hours cut back by my comany just so they can continue to exist and pay me yet we have some overpaid union members demanding they make no sacrifices.

I am over the unions at this point..They are becoming irrelivent and are killing the rest of us in our jobs.. This sounds more like a Boxer/ democrat rally to me. My wife gave up on that illusion when she lost her job 1 year after voting Democrat and she has jumped ship... Unions are over paid people unwilling to make sacrifices yet demand that my reduced paychek pay their way..

Of course Boxer goes running to the unions. Big surprise. They both have their snouts so far into the public trough, they will turn and trample you rather than break from their feeding. Spend some time with pigs. You'll see the analogy.

Is it 500 billion dollars of unfunded union pensions? I forget.

Think about the Children!!! So that means i get paid less? a few days not seeing the kids isn't too bad. Anything but get paid less.!!! lol. Sad too.

These two, especially Vi La Rigorosa, vow anything for votes. Open lies are even accepted. It's their race (ew, get up in arms) - political - for all you hare brain racist name calling, it's a legal issue - terrified of losing Dem control. I can't speak for yourselves, but I vote for the person best qualified, regardless of sex, "race" (some are only ethnic groups, check it out), and much less party affiliation/religion, as my views are simple, Justice and the Will of The People. While not swayed by political/religious propaganda and $ as demonstrated in Prop. 8 and most shamelessly in political campaigns which spend enough millions to feed a starving country, I have to question such rallies and such. This year's gubernatorial campaign candidates are too busy mud-slinging to address what is utmost on real Californians' minds - that of illegal immigration. These two also conveniently deviate this issue, which is not political nor racist, but LEGAL. Unions, however, support all of the above and are big lobbyists/bribery schemes which undermine us all.

Da, labor unions are one the reasons jobs have long gone over seas. We are not competitive because of our high labor costs. It is clear that the rally attendees do not understand what it takes to increase employment in this country. The House and Senate appear to be clueless. We do not and have not put together any short or long strategies regarding employment in decades. It appears, "We are doomed".
America needs a change and the Democrats and Republicans have failed us. The answer isfor us to

The U.S. can not afford to accelerate the payments for transportation from 30 years to 10 years. Next, mr. mayor you do not have a local labor pool to fill all of the technical positions required. Stop trying to be a hero and start being an honest mayor. Can you least start doing that, during your last days in office??? Hell, enough is enough already.

Get rid of all unions in government jobs - including education.

These are public servants. They are guaranteed endless benefits - including unbelievable retirement.

I don't buy any of this junk that has ruined Los Angeles - along with the disaster of a mayor's comments.

For those of us in the private sector - Boxer can finally retire in the desert where she belongs.

Let Los Angeles and California go bankrupt - and renegotiate all these free rides at the taxpayer's expenses.

Again Boxer - is the worst.

the union gangs rules la. raise taxes real quick so we can give them all a well deserved raise.

12.3 % unemployment in California, I like my chances with Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina . Please , no more BOXER and she can take Villaraigosa with her.

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