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President Obama's visit snarls traffic on L.A.'s Westside

Picture 1 Navigating rush-hour traffic on Los Angeles' Westside, which is never an easy task, was even worse in some areas Monday evening as streets were blocked off because of a visit by President Obama.

Obama arrived in Los Angeles for a fundraiser at the home of "ER" and "The West Wing" executive producer John Wells and his wife, Marilyn.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.), chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, also are expected to attend.

The Los Angeles Police Department said it had received a number of calls from people about the traffic but had not been given information on street closures from the Secret Service.

On Twitter, motorists reported that traffic was at a standstill in Hollywood and the Miracle Mile. Others reported that Olympic Boulevard was closed in Beverly Hills.

-- Robert J. Lopez

Photo: President Obama. Credit: Associated Press

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Obama. Who cares? This guy is a total loser. Watch how many votes the Democrats lose tonight. Who runs all this - that agent brother of Obama's pimp: Ron Emanuel?

Boo hoo! Angelenos love cars and driving. You ought to love living in your cars. Deal with it!

Wow, I'm stuck in LA through a cruel twist of fate. I hate the city, I REALLY hate the traffic (the people are nice, though), I'm miserable and I want to go home. On top of which, is it possible for me to be MORE disappointed in Obama?

So the two things I complain about most, LA and Obama, banded together to make this a night where I truly thought about getting out of the car and just walking into traffic (although what good would it have done, traffic was at a standstill). Wow. 1/2 hour to get a whole half a block from my job (which I also hate).

I'm going to enjoy sitting on my butt on election night and watching Obama lose.

What a bunch of drama queens. If your threat is to not vote again for a Dem. because of this traffic, my guess is you were not going to vote for a Democat anyway

bunch of whining overweight slobs on meds complaining on smartphones from their air-conditioned cars...

get a bike.

Oh, come now, complainers. Have you all moved to L.A. since 2009, or do you just have really short memories? I seem to recall George the Bewildered visiting during morning rush hour and doing a number on traffic in West LA. And as for this administration's performance with "basic issues"... the economy may not be great right now but it's a far sight better than it would have been if the laissez-faire crowd had been elected (i.e. the folks who deregulated us into this mess in the first place).

I just got home after 15-mile, 4.5 hour commute (that's slower than walking!). People who live on the major blocked streets (Olympic and such) could NOT get to their houses or even walk on said streets. There were angry moms with babies, dog walkers, and of course many many stranded drivers stuck for hours. Police officers either had no idea when it would end or were unwilling to share it with public. They wouldn't even tell me which streets were closed - just try your luck and get stuck elsewhere for another hour. This is a complete B.S. A public apology is the LEAST they (Obama, SS) could give us - I highly doubt that they will.

Whoever at the DNC who approved this itinerary, should be fired. How about some decent strategy, that does not piss off most of LA

I was stuck on an off-ramp for over 90 minutes. Obama had us waiting so long, the guy in front of me got out of his car and peed in the bushes along side the off-ramp. I wouldn't have minded if Obama had come to help LA. But to tie up an entire city so he could beg for money from a bunch of rich elitists was too much too bear. (and I'm a Democrat!)

I forgot to add that I witnessed a few small car accidents during my 4.5 hour nightmare commute - and lots of drivers were swearing at each other, nearly fighting. This is simply unreal.

What a bunch of psycho morons! The traffic would be the same no matter who the President was, people! Give it a rest. It's called security.

In 2012, I'm choosing a candidate based on his/her visiting LA traffic pattern platform... oh wait, the secret service is in charge of that? Then I'm voting for the candidate who is least interested in visiting LA.

Obama is a complete idiot. he comes to Los angeles to raise money for his campaign and they shut the city traffic down. completely wrong. totally out of touch with people. if Obaman comes to town for a fundraiser the president of the united states should not have the right to shut streets down in the manner he has. Obama is ulitmately responsible for the traffic mess, not the secret service. The US is a joke. the country is going down the toliet as fast as any country in the world and Obama is leading the way down the sewer/toliet. our country is losing its super power status like a ice cube in the Phoenix sun. have some respect for the citizenry, you are not special Obama

I understand not telling people the streets that'll be closed because of security reasons, but pick a different time to commute in Los Angeles then rush hour please!

Oh, quite your whining. He is the Hollywood President so just suck it up and lick his shoes. He'll move on to greener pastures pretty soon.

I was caught in the Beverly Hills traffic jam tonight. It took one half hour to drive one block.

Yes, our president needs security. I agree with that. However I didn't see foresight in dealing with the traffic. Blockades on Olympic blocked all access
to southern movement. No detour signs were posted. Unknowing drivers in the North, like on Wilshire, were turning south into the snarl without understanding
what they were getting into.

My hunch is that much of the congestion and frustration could have been prevented by showing drivers where they could go rather than simply stopping them where they couldn't go. Let us know our choices.

I would like to address the comment regarding areas of the world where water is scarce. If there is no water, no amount of planning can make it sprout from the parched earth. If a drought comes on of a sudden, the people cannot be informed in advance and prepared.

By way of contrast, traffic routes in Los Angeles are well known, as are the peak hours of traffic.

A subject bows his head and carts his wagon of turnips around the king who is out for a stroll with his entourage on the pathway to town. A citizen holds his head high and says "Hey buddy, ever heard of logistics?"

People on this site blaming the President because of party affiliation are crazy. All President motorcades do this. I remember getting stuck on the Santa Monica freeway back in the 80's when Reagan rolled by. Waited STOPPED on I-10 for over four hours. Only reason Bush never messed up traffic is that he was so horribly unpopular in California he didn't even bother coming!

What right does any president have to tie up traffic in any major city for non-governmental activities? He is not our imperial ruler, and why does the city of LA allow this?

What else is new? He always screws everything up. From the moment he wakes up in the morning to the time he puts his head back on the pillow.

Another nail in the PR coffin for the Democratic Party - imagine the spin Fox News will do on this tomorrow. And John Wells - another boring Hollywood hack liberal - is hosting this ordeal. Wells is president of the do nothing Writers Guild which is now just a front for creepy left wing causes. As for Pelosi - how did they let her out of assisted living! Vote out all these people in November!

I had to abandon ship across the street from my house...only to be told that i could not walk across the street. My neighbors and I stared at the officer who was doing an outstanding job of playing the role of "silent scary guy" when we asked questions. When asked about crossing the street, we were literally told that we would be arrested by order of the federal government and that we could not cross until AFTER Obama left the fundraiser (this was at 7:20pm so we knew it would be a while). When asked how long he thought it might be we got a disinterested shrug. For those saying we're complaining about sitting in our air conditioned cars and to get a bike - nice try, but bikes, people, dogs...NO ONE was allowed to cross Olympic tonight. I gave up and enjoyed a cocktail at Marie Callendars on Wilshire until the street reopened.

Traffic was Shut Down over 500 Times During G.W. Bush's Tenure - During his "golfing" and "not knowing how to spell anything" days in Office. You all were not complaining then. I bet all of you complaining now, Love Ann Coulter and Actually Believe she would NOT eat her young. It is because of People like you that the President's Life is in Danger even on a Routine "visit" - Stop the Hate Fellow Americans. Blue or Red State -Stop the Hate, and "Tea Parties" are "hate parties"

Hey LA! You bought into this clown! You voted for a man with NO experience, who you knew next to NOTHING about, who promised you the world...with no explanation how he would deliver it. Whether you voted for him because he's "Black" or because he has a silver tongue...you voted for him. Even though his policies have been anti-American, and relative failures, there's still a raft of brain-dead sheeple that are mesmorized by his gift of gab. He has shown nothing but disdain for the common man and the working stiff. He is the KING of America! Bow down to him his queen, and his minions. Bow down to them while they spit on your heads! Enjoy it LA, and America...you voted for him!

... Worse?? Shenanigans. NORMAL west side traffic on a weekday afternoon consists of solid gridlock as it is; Mr. Obama's visit merely gives the residents a handy scapegoat for the day.

Also, @Sam: "no warning"? Considering the visit was in the paper this morning, what would you consider an acceptable warning? A personal phone call, maybe a visit from someone from secret service to brief you personally? ^_~ You wouldn't feel so put out if the commute had been like that as a result of some kind of terrible accident, after all.

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