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President Obama's visit snarls traffic on L.A.'s Westside

Picture 1 Navigating rush-hour traffic on Los Angeles' Westside, which is never an easy task, was even worse in some areas Monday evening as streets were blocked off because of a visit by President Obama.

Obama arrived in Los Angeles for a fundraiser at the home of "ER" and "The West Wing" executive producer John Wells and his wife, Marilyn.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.), chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, also are expected to attend.

The Los Angeles Police Department said it had received a number of calls from people about the traffic but had not been given information on street closures from the Secret Service.

On Twitter, motorists reported that traffic was at a standstill in Hollywood and the Miracle Mile. Others reported that Olympic Boulevard was closed in Beverly Hills.

-- Robert J. Lopez

Photo: President Obama. Credit: Associated Press

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I hope the fancy dinner / fundraiser helps him balance off the votes he lost today. The lack of common sense to run a motorcade through the heart of Los Angeles during rush hour affected, only negatively, probably over a hundred thousand Los Angeles residents, directly and indirectly. I just pray there were no fatalities do to this bad decision making and neglect in informing the public.

Obama is the Marie Antoinette of the 21st century.

In response to Michael, I was totally on board with what you were saying, even that "NO ONE is that important." But why make this a political issue? This is a matter of bad traffic planning, and is certainly not representative of a political party.

This is why America is going down the tubes. Both sides take a seemingly innocent topic and bend it to their purposes. Democrats do it too! But to take an issue like this and try to support an agenda is a weak tactic at best.

Maybe if we stopped bickering about topics unrelated to the important issues we could actually get something done in this country. Maybe we can finally get some people in the government that care about finding real answers to the important issues rather than securing their next term in office.

With Respect,


I drove from Glendale to century city. Normally a 45 minutes today 1.5hrs and I barily got home. Another poor planning by the cities. All the street were closed ........

Obama can come to L.A. any time he wants, but let him wait at the same traffic lights the rest of us do.

Absolutely unacceptable. A motorcade during rush hour traffic. My pregnant wife spent over an hour from Robertson to Olympic and then had to essentially abandon her car and walk a mile home.

I voted for the guy - but this is not the way to win support at the next primary.

Very inconsiderate... he's lost my support. Way to show your a "common guy" especially after Michelle's glitzy Spain tour. I hope the media gets wind of this. Think next time

Remember, this was all for a $25,000 a plate fundraising for Barbara Boxer, with the Hollywood elite being the primary target audience.

What Los Angelenos lack in perspective they make up for in sheer stupidity. What are you people even talking about? This is the furthest thing from a partisan issue. Presidents all travel the same as dictated by the Secret Service. If they were to announce the route before hand, the traffic consequences would be far worse (spectators, protests, etc.)

sam, scheduling the thing on a sunday would have been a good idea. a reasonable compromise between the president's official job of raising funds for his party's reelection, and the private needs of ordinary citizens.

I tried to walk across the street at Olympic and Cochran to get something out of my car that I had to leave hours ago because of the traffic. The officer told me I was not allowed to cross the empty road, and that if I had a problem with it I should write a letter to the mayor.

It was insulting. It's almost 9PM I still can't get to my car. There were un-posted dead-ends all over the neighborhoods that traffic was forced to go through. Cops stood around doing nothing to direct traffic.

A guy from my building drove for 3 hours, I drove for almost 2 in circles until my car finally almost ran out of gas.

My neighborhood is still a mess.

I hate it when that happens. At least he wasn't getting a haircut.

I have to agree with what everyone has said....First of all common sense doesn't seem to work for Democrats and Obama is no better than anyone else. He has made things so horrible for our nation with all of his communist and stupid ideas. He needs to go back to where ever he originally came from and don't come back. Give us back our country before you completely turn it into Iran or Iraq. Obama is killing our country and so many ways he needs to be replaced before it's entirely too late (if it isn't already). go home Obama...... 8{

The Westside Sucks its not really LA

Just another example of Obama's arrogance. He doesn't care about the little people who just want to get home to their families. This is the second time he has come to fund raise in LA during rush hour. Just wait until tomorrow morning when he has to catch an 8:30 AM flight; good luck on the 405.

All hail the King. Get out of his way, he's busy.....begging for money.

Someone should sue the cops, and the secret service.

Are these folks going to pay for the cost to Angelinos of shutting down west side traffic during rush hour in the USA's second-largest city? I support Obama, but definitely do not support this. Talk about aloof and out of touch... I guess this is Obama's "Clinton haircut at LAX" moment. And eff John Wells for this mess. Seriously.

This was complete BS. Obama lost my vote tonight after I spent 2 hours motionless on La Brea...

How long will he be here?

I just made it from UCLA. left campus at 5:30. why was no information given out about alternative roads? closing Olympic, Santa Monica and other major roads and providing no police directions? i am sure this evening resulted in many unnecessary accidents.

what a nightmare. It took me 185 minutes to get home. Had I KNOWN about this, I would have stayed at work and relaxed or just gone out to eat but instead I was sitting in my car... for 185 minutes. Thanks LA.

President Obama arrived in Los Angeles. For what? To pitch his failed presidency to a lot of Democrat fat cats who still think this total loser is the miracle worker. Note that the same Hollywood hacks - from creepy agents to old movie stars - are backing this failure. And he makes driving in Los Angeles worse than it is. I can't wait to vote against every incumbent on the ballot. Unfortunately, I can't vote Pelosi and Obama out of office. But in two years... Obama will be total history. He can go back to organizing neighborhoods.

It took me almost 3 hours to get home. Sick wife and baby at home. No advance knowledge, no way to know what streets where closed. Infuriating. I'm still pisssed.

With all due respect, how can one tell whether rush hour traffic on the Westside is worse? On a good day, without Presidential visits, it's a parking lot.

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