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Lindsay Lohan judge leaves case after complaint from prosecutor, sources say

Judge Marsha Revel listens to proceedings during the July probation status hearing for actress Lindsay Lohan Credit: David McNew / EPA The Beverly Hills judge presiding over the case of actress Lindsay Lohan recused herself last Friday after the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office objected to meetings between the judge and defense attorneys in the case.

Prosecutor Danette Meyers raised the issue at a meeting between her, Judge Marsha Revel and defense attorney Shawn Chapman Holley, according to sources familiar with the case.

Before prosecutors could file paperwork to request the change, Revel stepped aside, the sources said. Superior Court spokesman Allan Parachini confirmed Wednesday that Revel has recused herself and that Judge Elden Fox is now handling Lohan's case.

The contacts by the judge include communications between her and defense lawyers as well as other experts in the case. Among those was the Morningside Recovery drug and alcohol treatment center in Orange County, the sources said.

The request to have Revel step down came the same week that Lohan was released from jail after serving 13 days for violating probation in connection with a 2007 conviction for driving under the influence. Following Lohan's release from the Century Regional Detention Center in Lynwood, she was immediately taken to a facility reported to be Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center for three months of treatment.

The change of judges marks the latest twist in a drama in which Revel had taken center stage with the actress.

Last month, Revel dressed down the actress known for her roles in "Mean Girls" and "Freaky Friday" for repeatedly lying about her role in two drunken-driving related incidents within months of each other in 2007 and then failing to attend alcohol education classes.

"I'm not taking this is a joke," Lohan told the judge at the July 6th hearing before Revel. "I take responsibility for my actions. I've tried to do the best I can. It's been such a long haul, I don't want you to think that I don't respect you."

-- Andrew Blankstein

Photo: Judge Marsha Revel listens to proceedings during the July probation status hearing for actress Lindsay Lohan Credit: David McNew / EPA

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Wow, so its alright if the prosecutors meet secretly with Judges, but oh when the defense does it thats a big NO NO??!! Secret non-record meetings between DA's and Judges happen all the time in criminal cases. Its time for repeal of prosecutorial and judicial immunity.

no new information at this time disregard.

Why would Revel be asked to remove herself from the case??? Because she had the guts to do her job and not cave to public scrutiny?

Any why would the defense attorney need to speak with her? The judge made a decision. Lohan and her puppets should respect that. If anyone truly cared about Lindsay, they would let her serve he time.

I would like everyone to pray for Lindsay Lohan and give her the support she needs to make a full recovery.

Hollywood needs more of Judge Revel and less of Lindsay Lohan. Kudos to her for taking a stand and making the law apply to everyone.

Mike we have created sacred cows by granting prosecutors immunity when they act in unprofessional or racist manner. They know nobody can do anything about it.

Ex parte communication -- google it people

Last month Judge Fox let a drunk 17 year old driver off with community service after she nearly killed a cyclist by running him over with her SUV and driving away, not rendering aid. I'm guessing he'll be very easy on Lohan for anything else, and probably let her off the rest of her sentence. Too bad.

Tee, according the article: Lindsay Lohan judge leaves case after complaint from prosecutor, sources say....NOT due to her or her defense attorney. The Judge violated or gave the appearance of violating her legal duties.

Whether or not this was done with prosecutors in the past is beside the point, because it's wrong in both cases. The canons of judicial conduct prohibit the judge from engaging in ex parte communications with either side to a case he or she presides over, as that would create, at the very least, the appearance of impropriety. The prosecution had every right to ask for her recusal in this case.

See above comment. Recusal is warranted when judges engage in ex parte communications. It's a separate issue from enforcing the law.

Corruption and favoritism is everywhere. It won't take long for her now to make some real money as a partner in a multi-national law firm. You betcha!!

WHY is it that geriatrics with a grey pallor, always have the DARKEST DYIED HAIR? Given Lowhan's constantly drunk & drugged behavior, she SHOULD serve 6 months in JAIL.

SCREW...The Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office....what did Team Lohan Cut yet Another check.....this whole system of ours SUCKS! This Judge had the balls to give tuff Love to Lohan perhaps to save her life.....all the whinners beware..Lohan will come out and Mess Up again!

This reminds me of that passage in "Darkness at Noon" when the prisoner undergoing interrogation finds himself facing a new interrogator, who informs the prisoner that his last interrogator has been executed...for failing to get a confession out of him.

Why is this top news?!! What a waste of attention.

She should have to do the same time in jail as anyone else who breaks the same laws she did. Who she is (which is no one special)should make no difference when she is sentenced.

The justice system is a complete racket. Matrice Richardson lost her freedom and possibly her life for "failing to pay a restaurant bill" and these Europeans judges bend the law over backwards to protect their ethnic class from any prosecution whatsoever for offenses like cocaine possession, meth possession, dui, you name it.

Every judge knows that you don't have ex parte hearings. It's Judging 101. What a dolt!

BOYCOTT Lohan movies. While you're at it, boycott Hollywood period. Ponder for a moment at the avalanche of garbage that has swept over our culture. DON'T WATCH TELEVISION!!! You're getting brainwashed!

Two DUI's and failure to complete alcahole class and all she served was 13 days? All the justice money can buy. If that were you or me we'd be locked up for months. She didn't even do two weeks. OUR COURTS ARE A JOKE.

There are disturbing aspects of the actions of the Judge
in Lindsay's case. While compliance with probation is a reasonable objective along with facilitating some assistance for Lindsay, it is very questionable for a judge to be requiring a specific time in rehabilitation that may not be supported by Lindsay's psychological needs or her
psychiatric issues. Psychiatrists and other clinicians
are most appropriate to make this assessment of progress in treatment and other related recommendations for continuing care upon release.

Let's see, we have a judge who wants to do the right thing in a bad case and the D.A. has a problem. Um, um, like Lohan is going to see the light at the in of the tunnel some time soon. It is good to see a judge that is firm and fair. Now, the D.A.'s office-well let's say, "who will be our new D.A. after the election"???
It's time for a change in personnel, policy and actions in the D.A.'s office.

It's too bad that Lindsay and the others can't see that these people are trying to save her life! She thinks this is all a game with her "disrespectful" fingernail paint. I sinceraly hope she is getting the help she needs.

Anyone who works in the legal profession knows that Marsha Revel is an incompetent and corrupt judge.

Linday should be given some real jail time!!! What a bunch of Crock and waste of time 13 days in jail. Any other female would have been given a year in jail and not at a pretty cushy location. Judge Revel, your the Best and did the right thing! This dumb kid, Lindsy should have been given some good hard jail time.

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