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Immigration activists to protest outside President Obama fundraiser in Hancock Park

An immigration rights group is ushering in President Obama’s visit to Los Angeles with a bit of Hollywood flair.

More than 100 immigration protesters are expected to gather in Hancock Park late Monday afternoon dressed in costumes from “The Wizard of Oz.”

“It’s a story about searching for a dream, searching for that promised land,” said Jorge-Mario Cabrera, spokesman for immigrant rights organization CHIRLA. “We find there’s a lot of parallels.”

According to a CHIRLA statement, Dorothy represents Obama’s “hopeful vision” in a “land of bickering.”

The heartless Tin Man is being equated with the Republican Party. The Cowardly Lion is a stand-in for the Democrats’ congressional leaders. And the Scarecrow represents politicians “pitting immigrants against the rest of America.”

No word yet on the Wicked Witch of the West.

Demonstrators are scheduled to begin gathering about 3:30 p.m. at West 3rd and South June streets.

-- Robert Faturechi

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Ms. Pelosi is the perfect "wicked Witch of the West."

I assume these folks will be having Spanish language signs. If this is the Land of Oz then what would they call Mexico?

Has Obama stopped fundraising since 2006?

I thought he had been electes to run the country. Seems that
campaigning is all he has done.

Exactly how many days has he, the VP and the first lady been in the white house vs how many days the three have been away from Washington and their respective jobs?

In just over a year and one half I'd be willing to bet its almost even 50/50 the time Obama and co. have been on the job and the tiem they have been away... or can it be that he has spent more time away. We already know that he does not come to work in the oval office till almost 10:00 A M.

For a man who begged for the office He has grown tired of it awfully quick.

I am sorry but the president has more important things to deal with at this time.
There is the economy and jobs for American citizens and legal residents.
Than granting blanket amnesty to illegals.

Who is the taxpayer?

oh yeah, the yellow brick road which is supposed to made of gold and go on forever....but generally just gets walked on.

These protestors are themselves the Scarecrow(s), "pitting (illegal) immigrants against the rest of America." It is these protestors who are aiding and abetting a group, once again - here illegally - who are trashing our hospitals, schools, and other services, paid for by actual citizens who pay taxes.

Who is covering the billions of dollars hospitals in border states are bleeding, due to illegals coming here to have babies, then walking out on bills? Legal residents, that's who. Who is covering for the children in public shools, whose lesson plans are dumbed down - keeping them from high achievement and growth - due to language barriers of those here illegally? Legal residents, that's who. Who has to pay for the hassles of identity theft when illegals use stolen SS#s to gain employment they do not deserve? Individual, legal residents, that's who.

Who is destroying the efforts of hard-working, LEGAL immigrants, who came here properly, and have used proper channels to obtain citizenship? Illegals are destroying these eforts, rendering them moot.

I thought the moral of the story is..."There's no place like home!!"

Hollywood "flare"? Will they welcome the president's next visit with Hollywood "skinny jeans"?

First things first , lets focus on getting the "legal" folks squared away and then we'll do something about the rest. The arrogance of certain groups of people is simply amazing.

I wish a (any)Pelosi basher would explain with supporting statements what exactly they hate about her. All I can see is that she's been demonized by the Republican party and the teabaggers and others jump on the band wagon without any understanding of what she has actually done. Someone explain it to me (intelligently) if you can.

“It’s a story about searching for a dream, searching for that promised land,” said Jorge-Mario Cabrera, spokesman for immigrant rights organization CHIRLA. “We find there’s a lot of parallels.”

HUH? WHAT? It's a story about just wanting to go back home because the place you have been dreaming about isn't really what it's cracked up to be and you don't really belong there. JEEZ! Do they know NOTHING of our culture?

By the way, Obama's mom was from Kansas...."There's no place like home."

"The Wizard of Oz." I always took the meaning to be that you can do things yourself. You don't need a magical "wizard" to grant your wishes. You have the power to do things for yourself.

If only people who want big gov't and vote for the likes of Obama would get that message. No, they want a bigger gov't. Pure insanity.

You mean illegal-immigration rights activists for latinos in particular.

L.A. Times, just be honest and say it like it is.

-and perhaps you could write an article that focuses on Mexico's responsibility to it's people - like education, basic medical, a living wage for it's workers so that they can stay home and make a living.

Ofcourse that may not sit well with your 'immigration activists' vision of Atzlan... how about an unbiased article on that subject?

Wouldn't it be funny if Obama saw all the "friends of Dorothy" from the Wizard of Oz and mistook the immigration activists for Prop 8 activists!

This is there home too, remember the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, we stole part of Mexico back in 1848.

I'm a Native American, and first of all the immigration quotas are real low. The immigration law has not been revised since 1986 when Democrats passed IRCA, and Ronald Reagan had no choice but to sign (2/3 Democratic Majority).

The Land of Oz is true, because Obama is having his strings pulled from the man behind the curtain (Emmanuel) who is not a friend to immigrants.

Immigrants have enriched this country, whether they are documented
or not. The English and Spanish since 1492 came to my country illegally, and even they have enriched our nation.

It is pro amnesty La Raza groups like CHIRLA who must take the blame for Congress not passing any CIR bill this year. Their rude, racist, boorish and violent confrontational methods of lobbying and demonstrating have turned the American people and Congress off to any notion of Comprehensive immigration "reform. You reap what you sow, that's karma."

Ronald Regan is probably rolling in his grave because because of :

Jorge-Mario Cabrera, spokesman for immigrant rights organization CHIRLA, "...The heartless Tin Man is being equated with the Republican Party..."

What a freaking short memory...it was Regan (hello, a Republican, hello) that freed the slaves....oh, I mean let the illegals stay. The other Republican, Lincoln freed the slaves, my bad.

Good one JanineC!

Maybe if we all click our heels 3 times, all the illegals will go home.

Did it work?

"With the sponsorship of United Way, CHIRLA was formed. In 1989"

The protest organizers, who live handsomely off fund-raising and the advocacy of open borders, live in a fantasy land, so this is appropriate.

Funny posts on this topic, I gotta say.

Supporters of illegal immigration will be there because they know that Obama too supports blanket amnesty for illegal aliens (soon to be Democratic voters?).

When you are searching for the promised land, you do not start the journey by breaking the laws of that land. The reason this land has always been a promised land is because its citizens have always put the rule of law above everything.
Illegal immigrants have shown, by their very first act when arriving to this country that they do not quite understand what a promised land is all about.

Wow... it's really obvious all of you know nothing about the immigration system or immigrants. Other than your own racist and xenophobic ideas of course. For example - if y'all knew anything about the immigrants in this country - documented AND undocumented - you would know that they actually contribute a ton to this country, through both taxes and service to our communities. They also have the lowest crime rates, and are the backbone of our community and economy. In fact, if the U.S. were foolish enough to try and kick out our undocumented immigrants, we would definitely find ourselves in a much worse economic situation. Studies by both UCLA and USC have also shown that legalizing our undocumented immigrants would be a huge boost to the economy, rather than the ridiculous notion that it would drag us further down. Also - anti-immigrant xenophobic people seem to be under the impression that these folks WANT to be undocumented, and take some sort of malicious joy out of it. This is so absurdly false, it's kind of hilarious. No one wants to be undocumented - you get exploited and abused without the ability to defend yourself. When people come here undocumented, it speaks to a certain kind of desperation that drives them, be it family-related or financial. And if our immigration system weren't so unbelievably broken, they would certainly go through these 'proper channels'. However, it's nearly impossible to migrate to the U.S. in our current system. And so if your home situation is that bad, or you are separated from your family, or whatever situation they are in - what other choice do you have? These are HUMANS - our neighbors, friends, and family. I think the human element of this conversation gets lost all too frequently.

Kristen; you may want to ask yourself why the country of origin is not taking care of it's citizens..

Why does it fall on the U.S. citizenry to continually take care of another countries' people when that country can do so themselves?

I know people with degrees that are taking on any low paying job just to keep their bills paid.

The majority of Americans are not mad at the people who are coming. Stop reading the Yahoo blogs. We are mad at the Mexican government and the U.S. government

When will they (illegals) begin to realize that what we protest against is their ILLEGAL entry into the U.S. Not because they are Hispanic. Half the world would like to come here so what gives them the right to push to the head of the line and then demand that we accommodate them.
If the amnesty goes through, then the 12-14 million people who have been given amnesty should be counted against future legal immigration from those countries. How long will it take to make up that kind of number? Maybe 10-12 years or more before ANY legal immigration is allowed (this includes family reunification).


November is coming fast and that will be the time when the American electorate will define who stays in office and who leads the way to the jobless line. This will be the time to reevaluate your concerns on issues which the Liberal press and Obama administration is going to cost you money in the form of more taxes? They are not informing you that this processing, will cost billions of dollars--we don't have? One of the most expensive issues to come--if passed would certainly be an Amnesty. The misnomer of a path to citizenship will be a very expensive commodity in legitimizing the 18 and up million illegal aliens. The administration is not telling us the truth, this procedure to legitimize all these criminals (under the rule of law) cannot be addressed by just the feds. It means that this large minority of people must have their paperwork, processed by immigration lawyers for copious financial gain.

$113 Billion is the dollar estimate for supporting illegal household annually according to FAIR. You can add another $60 billion in remittances departing American each year, for illegal labor subsidizing families abroad. One should remember--this is just at the federal level and doesn't encompass the state, county and city money siphoned off by foreigners who are squatting here. The birthright citizenship syndrome is another expensive payout for the American taxpayer, which should be amended--as soon as possible. All this money should be fed into our 13 trillion US deficit, which we partially owe Communist China, which they are using in building a giant war machine. What we need to start the self-deportation of illegal households, is a rigid SAVE, REAL ACT, which will make E-Verify permanent. Those elected officials who approved driver’s licenses for foreign nationals should also be dumped, recalled or relieved of the duties--after they have ignored their oath of office to protect us.

We as Americans must stop this travesty and throw in the political dumping ground, all pro-amnesty lawmakers. In both parties a list are long and begins Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) as he nearly disposed of E-Verify and dismantling the-ONE--of the two border fences. Then we have speaker Nancy Pelosi who follows lamely, along with all the pro-illegal immigration political advocates, who want to force through AMNESTY. Patriotic Americans--not just Democrats, not just temperate Liberals, and moderate Republicans, Conservatives, Independents, the Tea Party or any other voter must be ready to test their party leaders? We should all be standing beside the authors of Arizona's law, against Sanctuary City policies and the fact that the border fence is still very porous. The $600.000.000 dollars is pennies, compared with the money spent on nation building.in other lands. The $600 million funding, it would be better spent on auditing businesses on a gigantic scale to purge businesses of illegal workers and putting those owners in prison. Learn who has the interest of the US taxpayer, by gauging our Senators and Representative immigration records at NUMBERSUSA.

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