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ESPN's Jay Mariotti arrested by L.A. police [Updated]

ESPN personality and sports columnist Jay Mariotti was arrested overnight by Los Angeles police officers in the Pacific division.

He was booked on suspicion of a felony, but officials would not provide further details.

A source with knowledge of the case described it as a domestic disturbance charge involving his girlfriend. He was being held on $50,000 bail.

Mariotti is a well-known sports commentator who can be seen on the ESPN show "Around the Horn." He also writes for a sports website called Fanhouse.com. Known for his outspoken views, he used to write a sports column for the Denver Post and the Chicago Sun-Times.

Details of the arrest were not immediately available.

[Updated at 9:30 a.m.: LAPD sources said Mariotti allegedly got into an argument with his girlfriend at a club in Santa Monica.

The argument continued at the couple's apartment in Venice, where some type of physical altercation allegedly occurred. Police were called to the apartment, and Marioitti was arrested. He is currently being held at the 77th Street station.]

-- Andrew Blankstein

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51 years old and he was at a nightclub...really?

While it's a sad day anytime an incident of domestic violence occur's, the fact that Mr. "Holier Than Thou" Mariotti is the alleged offender just made me laugh. There's an ages-old comment, something like, "He Doth Protest Too Much" or very close to that. It's perfectly suited for what happened with Jay and his girlfriend. He destroys any person even remotely associated with Domestic Violence. Now I'm wondering how fast ESPN is going to distance themselves from him, at least for the time being. He can't continue the way he was, with this hanging over his head. Still processing all that's coming across. Wow!

I hope he will be fired from ESPN, no body will miss that whiny voice. Your buddy Ozzy Guillen will bail you out.

I can't recall any public figure being so overwhelmingly trashed by the public, it's 99.99%. The best thing said here about Jay is that he MIGHT be innocent. Gee, Jay, it must be comforting knowing you are universally reviled. Even his "girlfriend" doesn't like him. Zero defenders or fans, ouch.

There really is karma!

I can see Ozzie Guillen smiling ear to ear right now.

81 comments, people? Y'all got some axes to grind! I watch Around the Horn as much as anyone, and this guy is a piece of work. He seemed sooo thrilled that he was gaining a foothold in L.A. while leaving the godforsaken Midwest behind. Not so fast...

This guy is the consummate hater who thinks that making incendiary remarks about people makes him a better journalist. Time for a taste of your own medicine, Jay.

I think that's hilarious that he was taken to 77th St. division when LAPD could/should have taken him to Pacific (10 mins from Venice).

I wonder what Woody Paige's take on this is?

Gee, isn't this the same Jay Mariotti who blasted Roethlisberger for his "low moral character" and mistreatment of women?

Yeah, I thought so.

Let's see if his media buddies trash him the same way.

I heard he was just trying to swat a fly that was on his girlfriends nose.....honest mistake

According to reports Jay was to say "I didn't hit you. I simply high dived your face."

Stopped watching ESPN because of these bellowing hatemongers.
Prefer not to listen or watch, "Sportswriters", who behave like
gossiping 9 year old girls. Hope Mariotti´s boyfriend is ok.

Mariotti was voted Most Valuable Player by his
high school Chess club.

Jay, who knew!...Well if it's any consolation to you playboy the law says innocent until proven guilty. But if I were your legal mouthpiece I would tell you in no uncertain terms leave the business for awhile. Brother based on the current comments, you now have the "Worst PR Problem" you were arrested for "Felony Domestic Battery".....Remember what you said about Big Ben,and Brandon of the Broncos and the list goes on.....they say in the south the "Chickens have come to Roost".....and man they are dumping all over YOU.....

Hate to be on the 'late freight' but isn't Mariotti MARRIED? Is this a separation situation? I usually admire him for criticizing athletes for their stupidity instead of just 'cheerleading', but here we need more info.

He took a swipe at his "girlfriend", Skip Bayless

Woody Paige is the ONLY reason to watch this show. The man is in his 70's and is still sharp as a tack and funny as all get out! Never liked Mariotti, if he did hit his girlfriend then the dude should never be on "ATH" again, plus he should do some jail time.

While I agree that seeing bad things involving Jay Mariotti is somewhat enjoyable, I would hardly call this "great"...assuming he's guilty that means there's a victim out there...

it's funny, u mean espn has breaking news with tiger woods wife as of their final divorce but not one mention of your favorite host jay mariotti... since this happen on the weekend there no mention of this story. he is no better than big ben!! the first thing out of his mouth is he or she should be suspended or fired!!! what about you, oh we are suppose to wait for the evidence!! if you had morals and were taught to keep your hands to your self exceptionally women this wouldn't be happening!!! grandma always said sweep around your own front porch before u sweep around mine!!! karma baby!!!!!!

"girlfriend".....right. Tomorrow we will all find out her name is Ralph.

jay always had stong views on just not athlets but aso the owners, and i am not suprised that the athletes and the media are treating him the same way as mariotti would treat them if this incident happened to them

This a true shame. This man has always told it like it is and never kissed up. He is human and made a mistake and let his motions get out of hand. I wonder what she did to push him off the edge

I doubt you'll ever be reading this comment but on the slight chance that you do I just wanted to let you know that I always enjoyed watching you and all of thee other panelists on ATH. I hope you make it through this and get back on the air soon. Until that day comes it just won't be the same. I hope all you get your personal affairs in order.

best of luck.

HAHAHAHAH Jay, no sympathy for you! You pretend to be better than everyone and now you've got egg all over your face. Guy dumps on EVERYONE and now its his turn. Even his 'pals' on ATH know he is done for. Mariotti dug the grave and how hes going to have to lay in it.

Hopefully the g.f. has family or friends that will teach Mariotti that in the real world you have to answer for what you do and say and can't behind your job title.

surprised the loser has a girlfriend! wat goes around comes around jerk. after criticizing and crucifying all those athletes; must be ashamed of himself. hope he loses both his so-called high profile gigs - A.T.H & Fanhouse.just can't stand the loser - damn arrogant!

He couldn't beat Woody in the 80's while working for the Denver Post and he can't beat any of the other contestants on ATH in the realm of sports knowledge... he had to beat something, right?

If he ever returns to ATH, I wonder if he'll be docked a couple hundred points for beating on his girl.

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