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ESPN's Jay Mariotti arrested by L.A. police [Updated]

ESPN personality and sports columnist Jay Mariotti was arrested overnight by Los Angeles police officers in the Pacific division.

He was booked on suspicion of a felony, but officials would not provide further details.

A source with knowledge of the case described it as a domestic disturbance charge involving his girlfriend. He was being held on $50,000 bail.

Mariotti is a well-known sports commentator who can be seen on the ESPN show "Around the Horn." He also writes for a sports website called Fanhouse.com. Known for his outspoken views, he used to write a sports column for the Denver Post and the Chicago Sun-Times.

Details of the arrest were not immediately available.

[Updated at 9:30 a.m.: LAPD sources said Mariotti allegedly got into an argument with his girlfriend at a club in Santa Monica.

The argument continued at the couple's apartment in Venice, where some type of physical altercation allegedly occurred. Police were called to the apartment, and Marioitti was arrested. He is currently being held at the 77th Street station.]

-- Andrew Blankstein

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Karma at it's best....

Points down for Mariotti ... -100 maybe. Looks like he's doing his final rant from his jail cell on Monday.

Woody Page is my fav with his little chalkboard!

Ozzie Guillen must be laughing his *** off after hearing the news.

i'm suprised he's a hypocrite! hope he get's kicked off A.T.H.

I will enjoy watching this play itself out. Mr. COMMENT on professional athletes and their off the court and field legal issues. Well join the crowd buddy, you don't walk on water after all. It's your turn to go in front of the JUDGE.

This should help his career, since Disney execs admire guys who beat their lovers and their dogs.

"Around the Horn" is the lamest show on television... Schmucks yelling at each other about nothing. It's only on the air b/c production costs are super cheap and some suckers will waste their time watching it.

What kind of ignorant, misogynistic pigs do they hire to work at this station. Every week it seems like someone is beating, spying through peepholes, or commenting on what women (co-workers) are wearing.

Is no moral compass and total high school locker room behavior a prerequisite for a job there????

I knew this guy was a douche 20 years ago. Caddied for the clown when he was a self proclaimed "big time sportswriter at the Chicago Sun Times". He's obviously full of himself. And to top it off, after losing a ton of money gambling on golf, he blamed his caddy of all people for his bad play, gave a tip of $4 for a 5 hour round, and gave me the worst possible caddy rankings on the comment sheets. Guy has no problem blaming other people for his shortcomings, but acts like he is some sort of god.

Ahh, the love fest begins. Before everyone hangs him joyfully in the town square, think about this. He is a jerk, but he could also be innocent. Women commit domestic violence at the same rate as men, the police just never arrest them. She could have taken a lamp to his head and would still be the one in jail. I find it comforting to see his snarky butt in jail only if he truly did the crime.

People are overly critical of Jay and ignorant of Southern Californian culture. Punching your girlfriend in the face is normal behavior in Venice!

I've seen this guy out and about at various clubs in Hollywood. He thinks he's a big deal, even though most people aren't quite sure who he is. I've seen him acting pretty drunk (just my impression, no proof) and disorderly.

Ozzie Guillen is dancing on 35th street, good riddance hater!

mabye he should cover boxing or as a roll model for sports writers who give out heat to anyone but cant handle it themselves in private life..I am just wondering if he won on a knockout or points..ill stay in tune

Karma sucks...

He is as bad at not domestically violating as Gary Williams is at recruiting.

Great! I never knew who this guy was, but whenever I'd read his articles on Fanhouse, he always seemed like a jerk. So I'd let him know it and made sure to tell him that he sounded like he had no idea what the hell he was talking about. I always thought he was just some crappy, hypocritcal amateur writer.

C'mon Reali, bail out Jay. It's bad enough we won't have Kornheiser and Wilbon all next week.


I'm laughing as hard as the rest of you, but Kelly is right. He could have been arrested for raising an arm in self defense or doing nothing at all. Chick makes the 911 call, man gets arrested. Always.

Arrested in Venice and they bypass the Pacific Division station to hold him with the homies at the 77th Street station? I guess the police watch ESPN too.

I would have really laughed if it was Jim Rome, can't stand him...

Um, he is innocent until proven guilty, isn't he? If he is guilty, than he is a hypocritical, woman-beating jerk who deserves whatever sentence he gets. However, this hasn't even gone to trial. I think it's irresponsible for the media to print stories every time someone is accused of something. They give it all this attention, but when the person is innocent, the story is just a little footnote. The Duke Lacrosse team is a perfect example. And Kobe might have cheated on his wife, but he didn't rape that girl. Anyways, I'll reserve judgement until there's at least SOME evidence.

I have seen him around view times, he looks like a guy that would do such a thing

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