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Billionaire Donald Bren does not need to pay more child support, jury rules

An L.A. jury on Thursday ruled that Irvine Co. billionaire Donald Bren does not have to pay additional child support for his adult children.

Lawyers for the children — Christie Bren, 22, and David Bren, 18 — had been seeking retroactive child support of $400,000 a month each. They had contended that out-of-court payments Bren made to their mother when they were youngsters were well below what would have been awarded in a family court.

But Bren's attorneys had pointed out that he made four separate agreements with former girlfriend Jennifer McKay Gold, 55, and stuck to each, providing generously for the children.

[Updated at 1 p.m.: As the verdict was read in downtown L.A., Christie Bren, 22, interlocked arms with her mother, and stared blankly as the jury decided against her. Her brother, David Bren, flushed red.

“This is not over,” Gold said. “My children are doing the right thing, which is to stand up for themselves.”

Their attorney said they plan on appealing the decision. A family companion shielded the family from photos as they made a beeline out of the courthouse.

Bren is still expected to continue paying for the children’s education until the age of 25. The real estate magnate, who had been present for much of the trial, was not there Thursday afternoon for the 9-3 verdict. His personal attorney Jon Freund welcomed the decision with a fist pump.

“Mr. Bren is pleased that the jury listened carefully to both sides and found for him,” Freund said. “He wishes the very best for the adult children."]

In court last week, Bren, 78, had described his relationship with Gold as a loveless, infrequent romance that was never meant to lead to marriage or children. He said he was shocked when he learned Gold had become pregnant the first time and was even more stunned the second time around.

"I felt betrayed in that she promised me that she was protected," he said on the stand. "And obviously she wasn't."

Gold, who also testified, told another story. She said Bren knew she was not using contraception, and she described in detail Bren's preference not to use it either.

Bren has an estimated net worth of $12 billion and is 16th in Forbes magazine's ranking of the 400 richest Americans. He rarely grants interviews or gives public speeches.

-- Robert Faturechi

Photo: Donald Bren. Credit: Associated Press

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Thank God a jury finally realized that people need to stop coming out of the woodwork looking for money and said no to this woman's attempt to extort money from this man. No one can convince me that the mother was not behind the 'children sueing their father for back child support'.

Finally, a LA jury gets one right.

12 billion and he has to go to court to give his biological kids more money. Shame on this rich bastard!

Looks like some spoiled brats need to get off their silver spoon and get a job or go to school. Bren is being a good father in this case. Cheers!

Wow. Let this be a lesson to aspiring gold diggers and to rich, entitled guys who can't keep it in their pants.

Thank goodness common sense prevails....

this guy is a pig! If you don't want to have children with your mistress make SURE you don't get her pregnant!! STUPID OLD IDIOT!

Great outcome. The man met with his agreed committments and deserves to be relinquished of any further expenses.

That's what you get when you have a smart (expensive) lawyer. The ordinary schmuck in the same spot would get rung through the ringer because he can't afford a slick lawyer. Which goes to prove that rich people simply can enjoy more 'pleasures' in life than the rest of us. And that's ok. That's the way it is.

Those *poor* kids!

I guess if my old man was a billionaire and not currently supporting me, I'd have to sue him, too.

The rich don't become rich from being nice, cause it sure is not from being smart." I could not believe she got pregnant, twice" Probaly spent a couple of million on legal fees rather then give it to the kids. 78yrs old? What the biggest crypt in the cemetery? You can not take it with you and the love of a good woman and children are worth more then billions

Those greedy kids should now fit the legal bills for this. Their attitude of entitlement and their assumption that they somehow "deserve" dynastic wealth despite having been provided for is nauseating. An education, which he is affording them through the graduate level, is the ticket to the good life.

Good for him. He found his own way to wealth and so can his kids.

Don't you just hate it when the gravy train leaves the station.

Sounds like the kids grew up to be gold diggers like their mom.

$400,000 per month/each.....what planet these people lived on?

just another case of someone in america being greedy. its a shame our nation has become what it is today.

to donald bren you have worked all your life i am only one and i am very glad of this outcome you employ many you have given much enjoy the rest of your life stan huntington beach c.a.

See, now that is what I am talking about! Finally, a gold digger and her lazy kids are told to go get a life and quit trying to basically rob someone of their money. Bren is no saint but Gold and her kids got exactly what they deserved: nothing.


They're 22 and 18, and asking for money? They're a bunch of gold diggers! They should be happy they have their education paid for, and get a job.

So here's an example of a man (and unfortunately there are too many of these around) who feels that its not his reposnibility to "use protection" Its the woman's responsibility. And after "being shocked" the first time she got pregnant, he proceeded to continue having intercourse with her, knowing there is a risk of her getting pregnant again. And now, after not taking any responsibility for using protection, he doesn't feel that he has any responsibility for the kids he produced out of this relationship, and wishes them well while sending them on their merry way. Amazing!!! What a JERK!

These 'children' are the lowest of human people. I hope these 'children' do not have other 'children'

Wow, it's spelled JOB. Two "adult" kids should go get one!

Buncha gold diggers. $10,000 a month child support each isn't enough? And he's still paying their college tuition? Where I come from, that much money supported a family of four comfortablly. Get a job.

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