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Couple charged with posing as federal agents to trick an undocumented immigrant into leaving the U.S.


A Hemet couple have been indicted for allegedly tricking an undocumented immigrant to take a plane back to her native Philippines by claiming that they were enforcing a fugitive warrant issued by Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Gregory Raymond Denny Jr., 38, and his wife, Karen Evon Denny, 52, allegedly handcuffed the victim, Cherriebelle Magada Gabalonos Hibbard, and said they were taking her to San Diego's Lindbergh Field to be deported, according to a federal indictment unsealed Friday in San Diego.

Gregory Denny, a former bounty hunter, told Hibbard that he was a U.S. marshal and showed a badge and credentials when he came to Hibbard's home in Hemet, according to the indictment.

When Hibbard balked, the Dennys warned that she and her husband could be sent to prison for five years, according to the indictment. The husband then purchased an airline ticket and the Dennys allegedly escorted her to the plane.

The charges include kidnapping, conspiracy, impersonating a federal officer and making false statements to a federal officer.

The incident alleged occurred Jan. 15. The couple are in jail in downtown San Diego and slated to be in court Monday.

No motive is mentioned in the indictment but the incident may have involved a family feud. Denny is reportedly a cousin of Hibbard's husband. Hibbard has not returned to the United States.

-- Tony Perry in San Diego

Photo: Gregory Raymond Denny Jr.

Credit: Hemet Police Department

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Oh, you mean ILLEGAL.

Props for the couple for doing the right thing. One less illegal immigrant in the U.S.

We should hire these people to work for ICE. At least they are willing to remove illegals from the country; which is more than I can say for our government.

They are doing the job ICE isn't doing.

They are charging them for their job security.

Mr Denny's booking photo looks like a Tea Party campaign ad.

Thanks for the article. I was wondering what the career path of a former bounty hunter looked like.

Why is this news? That's right...because our allocated federal tax-payer dollars are not being properly governed and ICE is, in essence, limited in effectiveness. Certainly a 'state' on the border of a foreign country (or any state) should not have authority to confirm the residency of any individual using state or federal funded roads, housing, welfare, etc. That would be silly. I just released my housekeeper, who is originally from Mexico, as I no longer desire to contribute to individuals who will be sending proceeds to family in that country. I encourage you to do the same; please review population/ immigration projections for the coming 20 years and take action – take action NOW.

These people are heroes. Much more so than Obama who is holding our border hostage so he can grab votes from Latinos.

Should we give them a raise? Will they work on piece work?

Which is the bigger crime, stealing our jobs, scamming the IRS out of taxes, defrauding our hospitals, schools, firefighters, police?

Nah none of those are crimes right? unless an American commits them, then you can go to jail. I'm going to get a green card, just so if the IRS shows up, i'll claim I'm undocumented and they'll run away in fear.

Give these people a job forget jail time .

Note that the article says a phillipine native not a mexican!!!
Fact: Mexicans are not the only ones living illegally in the USA.

Viva la raza

True heroes. My applause to you!

Love it!
Can we borrow them for a coupla months to sort out the UK infestation?

Just what we need, more bozos acting as law enforcement officers. I hope these 2 get some serious time in prison. What they did is wrong and unlawful - period!

And what if Hibbard had had a heart attack and died during the "arrest". Would the Dennys have been ok with being tried for murder? This is a serious offense that could have been even more serious, and impersonating a law enforcement official is a very serious crime. Kidnapping is a fairly big deal as well. If they did the crime, they deserve the time.

They went about it the wrong way but atleast the government can see the people are tired of them not doing their job.

The government won't do its job, so someone has to do it for them.

Note these good samaritans may have been involved in a personal feud with the woman, not simply wanting to enforce our laws. Posing as a law enforcement official, including showing a badge, is illegal, even if one is doing something you personally approve of.

The face of SB1070.

The victim of these individuals alleged criminal actions is married to a US citizen and was at the time residing with him. We do not yet know what stage they were at in terms of arranging her paperwork and formalizing her residence in the US.
Even if she had been apprehended by ICE officials as the spouse of a US citizen she would have been able to file a petition to put in motion the legalization of her US residence, pay a fine, and update her status. It would have been extremely unlikely that she would have been deported. And that is probably the reason that these two thugs took the actions they are alleged to have committed.

As for hiring them to work for the Department of Homeland Security ICE, that is now very unlikely after they receive their convictions for impersonating a federal officer.

They should go to prison for a long time for impersonating federal officers. It's called the rule of law. Sounds like the person tricked was married to an American, therefore has a legal right to be in this country.

The immigrants have more right to be in this country than you do. At least they CHOSE this country. Would YOU have chosen this country had you not been born here?

So to people supporting the actions of this couple: whatever happened to 'rule of law'?

These people were wrong. They were not doing the job of the government. Don't be stupid in believing everything you read or hear in the news. News is no longer objective.

Firstly, this women was not in the US illegally, she was a Resident Alien, a legal status to be and work in the US. Secondly, her husband was behind this. He claims now that he didn't know his own cousin wasn't a US Marshall. Give me a break. This woman is pregnant and he wanted to get rid of her rather than go through a legal divorce (this is my guess). All three of these jokers need to be prosecuted for kidnapping, etc. The woman will be back because the US will bring her back in order to prosecute these people.


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