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Burger wars: Five Guys bests In-N-Out in Zagat ratings

http://findlocal.latimes.com/images/content_items/4x3/214/ECE/DB7/in-n-out-burger-image-1.jpegBreaking news in the Southern California burger world!

Fast Food Maven reportsa shocker in Zagat's new fast-food restaurant ratings, where champ In-N-Out was beaten out by newcomer (to the L.A. area) Five Guys. Nancy Luna reports that Five Guys came out of nowhere: "The biggest shocker of the 2010 results comes in the “best burger” category, where Five Guys Burgers & Fries ousted In-N-Out Burger. The timing of the results come as many local burger fans proclaim Five Guys as a worthy rival to In-N-Out."

Another transit milestone: The Green Line -- known by critics as the light-rail line that goes from "nowhere to nowhere," turns 15. The line, which runs from Norwalk to just shy of LAX, gets examined by Metrorider.

Crackdown: The Grammy Museum at L.A. Live is getting tough on scalpers, according to L.A. Observed.

Will we miss the billboard: Mark Lacter, always a smart analyst of L.A. economics and business, takes a look at American Apparel's financial problems. 

Towing woes:San Bernardino debates controversial towing plan (LA Weekly).

Little Tokyo: The Japanese Village Plaza is back, reports blogdowntown.  "A roof replacement project kicked off the renovations back in 2008, which also saw the installation of new signage, trees, improved lighting, giant umbrellas to provide shade and abundant seating throughout the popular tourist destination. In a nod to the improving pedestrian environment downtown, a new retail space is available for lease on the plaza's formerly neglected northeast corner at First Street and Central Avenue."

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I've been to five guys twice and NO WAY are they better than In N Out!!

Five Guys is so over-rated it's ridiculous. I have been there many time (I live in their home market, Washington DC). I've been disappointed EVERY time. Their burgers are mediocre at best and their fries are almost always soggy. Fries should NOT be soggy. Ever.

Five Guys Burgers better than In-n-Out?? Nuh uh, no way. NO. Zagat has gotten it wrong this time. In-n-Out is by far and away the best burger -- hands down.

I just finished my double double spread only with animal style fries.......and threw the papers in the trash. Closely followed by this years Zagat rating.

I LOVE In-n-Out! But honestly, I think I've been there SO much, that I'm slowly tiring of it. Burger-wise, I'd be open to something new every once in a while.

In-N-Out has been junk for years. I'm amazed every time I see their Zagat rating. The burgers are tiny and over cooked. Enough is enough. The Emperor has no clothes.

I've only had Five Guys once. That was at the Dulles Airport. Way better than In-N-Out. However, Rally's is still my favorite fast food burger (Atwater Village) and if you want a really great burger go to The Counter.

I know. I'm way too into these burger wars.

Denny's has bigger and better burgers that In N Out. In N Out is so damn overrated. Their fries are dry their burgers are generic. Gordon Biersch has great big juicy burgers that put In N Out to shame.

LOOK!!! One local guy who pick FICE-GUYS don't account for anything! IN-AND-OUT is still the top dog especially when people from the East Coast come to CA and ask me to go to IN-AND-OUT! Now their fires aren't the best but there BURGERS are great especially when you only have one type of BURGER either with or without chesse or bacon!

A few years back In N Out reduced the size of their meat patties. I stopped eating there, I don't want to buy a double double to be able to taste the meat. There hamburger is the size of on Big Mac meat-patty. I wish Nation's had a place in SoCal.

pffff! thats silly, 5 guys does not come close to In n out. the fries at 5 guys are particularly terrible

In & Out all the way.

Five Guys has much better meat and fries than In-n-Out.

I've eaten Five Guys in Virginia and California.

Where is a Five Guys burgers and fries located? I never heard of it until now.

One reason: bacon.

Even my (6) Drs. recommend In-N-Out, due to their daily fresh food. Now that's what a hamburger's all about....

You have to be kidding!!! We have two of the around here and they have to be the worst burgers I ever had... Soggy, thin, tasteless, completely overrated. The new Angus burger from McD.... yastes better... Oh, do I miss In N Out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5 Who?

Never heard of the place...

Twohey's in Alhambra has the best burgers- expensive but delicious. They even share a parking lot with an In N Out.

That took guts.

Been to Five Guys twice! Very good burger, but is it worth the price? I can go to In N Out for less than half of what I paid @ Five Guys. ( Both times I went it cost me over $11.00 for a burger, fries & a soda). I'll stick to my In N Out burger any day of the week . Don't get me wrong . I don't mind spending some cash on good food. But the question is, Is Five Guys Burger that much better than In N Out that it can charge that much? In my opinion.... Not even close!!! Nice try Five Guys!!! As I drive by your place on my way to "My Burger Mecca" I'll wish you luck. Cuz once that "New Burger Place in Town" Luster starts fading you're going to need it!!!

I alternate between both In-N-Out and Five Guys. I think they both have their strengths. As a native SoCal resident, it's going to be hard to beat the nostalgia of eating In-N-Out as a kid.

However, and it's not proof of anything, clearly the residents of the greater LA region don't agree with that Zagat rating. I have never been to an In-N-Out, at any time, that didn't have every seat filled inside, and a long line of cars at the drive-through. I've been to the Five Guys during prime eating hours, and there's never more than a person or two in line, and plenty of seats available.

well, i went to five guys yesterday and i think they blow in-n-out out of the water. but that's just me. i was thoroughly impressed and will go again. in-n-out is second on my list.
i'm allergic to sesamee seeds so when i asked the youngster if all of their buns are seeded, he said yes so i just asked for a small order of fries. the guy asked me if i was allergic to the seeds and when i responded, he asked if i would like "two bottom buns" for the order. i said yes and more importantly, i like the youngster's attitude. the in-n-out folks rate up there as well in regards to customer servie, no doubt but five "dudes" burgers taste better. JMHO

The In-n-Out near me is terrible! The 5 Guys burgers and fries are to die for! To me, In-n-Out is closer to MacDonald's and that's really poor.

California native whom loves his in-n-out double double animal style with fries and a strawberry shake.. I had a five guys for the first time in san Diego in January, wow! I have to admit loved the homestyle burger with quite an array of toppings and the cajun fries are amazing.. honestly the only area that in-n-out has five guys beat is the special sauce and they're strawberry shakes.. for a life long in-n-out loyalist I am sad to say the east coast finally has something better than the west coast.. and guess what five guys are already here on the west coast! In-n-out keep doing what you do you are still a close second and please never open up in-n-outs on the east coast or out of California..


I've moved to the East Coast and all I can have is Five Guys. Five Guys costs more, doesn't taste as good, and most revealing, never is jam-packed with customers. On the other hand, In-N-Out is almost ALWAYS packed with customers. I think you have to go with the consensus on this one. Maybe you guys in California can say you think Five Guys is better because you can always still go to In-N-Out, but when you can't, you would realize that In-N-Out is better.

Maryland resident here. I've never had In N Out, only Five Guys. It's pretty good, as far as chains go. One of the things I personally love about Five Guys is that you get freshly cooked patties. Your meat doesn't hit the grill until you order it. Though sometimes the fries are left under a hot lamp, resulting in a less than crispy texture.

The ZAGAT is obviously partial to chains. There are better burgers out there.

I've lived in Southern California for two years now, and in spite of the fact that there is an In-N-Out less than a half mile from my house, I still haven't gone back to one since I moved here.

I just don't get it. So they cook their burgers when you order them. What's the big deal? The burgers are average. Fries are lousy. Having lived on the east coast (high school), the south (college), and now California I can honestly say I'd rather go to Burger King over In-N-Out any day of the week.

Five Guys is good, but as some of the other posters have mentioned it's expensive. What SoCal really needs is Whataburger. It's as good as Five Guys for half the price. Pair a Whataburger with some Chick Fil-A waffle fries... NOW WE'RE TALKING.

In-N-Out is all hype and marketing.

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