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Billionaire Donald Bren says he was shocked when he learned his girlfriend was pregnant

Bren Billionaire land developer Donald L. Bren told a jury Thursday that he was shocked when he learned his former girlfriend was pregnant with his two children, who are now suing him for retroactive child support.

"I felt betrayed in that she promised me that she was protected," he said of Jennifer McKay Gold. "And obviously she wasn't."

The years-old legal battle has opened a window into the intensely private Bren, 78, who has an estimated net worth of $12 billion. On Thursday, the Irvine Co. chairman described his relationship with Gold as an infrequent, loveless romance.

"Did you ever tell Jennifer you loved her" asked attorney Hillel Chodos, who represents Gold and her adult children.

"No, sir" Bren replied.

"Are you sure?" Chodos asked.

"I'm sure," Bren said.

Bren's children with Gold -- Christie Bren, 22, and David Bren, 18 -- are seeking retroactive child support in the amount of $400,000 a month each. They contend that out-of-court payments Bren made to them and their mother were well below what would have been awarded in a family court.

Bren's attorneys claim his financial support has been generous.

Bren's daughter and son looked on as the real estate magnate recounted how he met their mother. The two were introduced by a mutual friend, and several weeks later Gold sent him a note asking him to get a drink, Bren said.

They had been seeing each other infrequently for a few years when Gold told him she was pregnant with their first child, he said. Because of their "unconventional relationship" and the risk his wealth posed for kidnappings and extortion attempts, they agreed to have the baby discreetly, he said.

Gold left Los Angeles for Aspen, Colo., where she spent the final months of her pregnancy and gave birth, Bren said.

The potentially massive payments Bren is being asked to pay are deserved, attorneys for the Bren children say, given the $3 million to $5 million a month they contend he was spending during the years he would have been paying formal child support.

Bren's attorney has disputed that amount, but Gold has said that Bren enjoyed a luxurious lifestyle, including a fleet of five jets with two full-time pilots, a 240-foot yacht with crew, lavish homes in Bel-Air and Orange County, a ranch in Idaho and a large staff of servants.

-- Robert Faturechi at L.A. Superior Court

Photo: Donald Bren leaves court Wednesday. Credit: Reed Saxon / Associated Press

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You'd think for a billionaire he might be a little bit smarter, she said she was "protected". Yeah right, and I'm sure she would have been with him if he were a door man and not super rich. Typical gold digger.

dont these "adults" have nothing else better to do than to extort "daddy" for his money!! why not try working for it you lazy poor excuses for human beings!!

Hey Don: mabe somebody had it in for you.

So a guy who became a billionaire is too dumb to figure out how to prevent his girlfriend from becoming pregnant ?? Isn't this the kind of excsue we scoff at when used by the "lower classes" ? Yet further proof that intelligence is not a pre-condition to wealth.

You want to play? Time to pay. Belly up to the responsibility and pay up rich man.

He was shocked and she lied about being protected - so he has a second one? Evidently, he is a lot smarter in business affairs than in personal affairs! BUT, the 'kids' are 22 and 18 and are NOW trying to cash in? This should be thrown out as a frivolous lawsuit just on the face of it! Just where does it say that the 'kids' have to live as good as the parents?

Took them 18 and 22 years toget to court??

Sounds like greed and extortion

$12 billion and no vasectomy??

Gold Digger hits jackpot.

Just another rich a-hole. Why can't he be man enough to just write the check. When he was pumping her I'll bet he was telling her all the stuff he needed to to get in her pants. These rich jerks are never man enough to stand behind their actions. I'll bet he is rich because he has no morals in business either. Remember when Lee Marvin would not pay his long time girlfriend/common law wife the $1 million dollars and then died shortly thereafter. I wonder if his last thoughts were ' I am sure glad that I didn't have to pay her'. F him make him pay through the nose since he doesn't seem to care about anything but money.

I hope he kept track of how much money he gave them and how much of their expenses he paid. I do not believe that a child is entitled to a lifestyle that was never his. What I mean is that they were never a family unit. Who cares how much Mr. Bren spent or how many planes he has? They should not be automatically entitled to the same lifestyle as he simply because Mr. Bren was the man their mother trapped. She's probably been whispering in their ears their entire lives about how much money their dad has and aren't they deprived? They probably had pretty good lives with his support and now they want more? Greedy if you ask me.

Gold digging inconsiderate children who are now adults. If their momma didn't bother to get the money from him when she was raising those kids then she didn't NEED it. Obviously they were taken care of. I think it is ridiculous for ADULTS to try and claim back child support from when they were children. The support is for the mother to raise them, pay bills, rent, food, clothes, etc. It's not for them to INHERIT millions of dollars now just because he had it. This is a bunch of CRAP. I pray the judge throws this out and makes them pay for the DAD'S attorney! Just cause he can...

She obviously had something special if he went back for seconds and didn't learn from the first pregnancy ... Men like these have the brains to make billions ... But when it comes to "loveless romance " and their little brains they become clueless morons ... Sorry but horny induced stupidity is a lame excuse and basically you need to pay to play .


Stranger than a soap ... Bren employs a lot of people ... has paid out more to the off-spring than almost anyone earns ... what's love got to do with it ... it would be nice if the two bastard children actually used some of the money to earn a useful education ... and could consider supporting themselves in a fashion they can afford ...

Why retroactive? She should have asked for the money while raising them.

What? Surprised that she was pregnant? What do you think happens when you don't leave it in your pocket? What a dumba$$!

If he has 'already' been PAYING her something then THATS IT ! Just because he's worth BILLIONS does NOT give her the RIGHT to ask for more. Neither do the children have the 'right' to ask as well being that they are NOW well past the age where they CAN receive support. What was 'given' the mother was supposed to used for her AND the children. What did she DO with the money given her ? How MUCH was given ? Trust me when WE find out, SHE and her children will look like the gold-diggers they REALY are. She MUST have KNOWN who he was and 'purposely' got herself pregnant. What he made and how he spent it was HIS business NOT hers. She was NEVER part of that world and CANNOT justify asking for monies that she does NOT deserve NOR say that just because HE lived that lifestyle she SHOULD have as well !

Another Orange County Gold Digger looking for a free ride. $400k a month for each of them? Get a life! Go out make your own money losers!

Tell them kids to go and get a job like the rest of us poor B @ S T @ R D S!

OH wait a minute.. there aren't any jobs. Tell them to go get some unemployment like the rest of us!

Now I ain't sayin' she a gold digga....

They had a casual relationship yet he believed that she was using birth control. He's never heard of a condom? And it happened to him twice?

Yes, the two kids are probably rotten, the ex is rotten, but so is he. Make them all live on $20,000 a year each, give his billions away to charity.

...he should have gone to the "oar" house..for a paddle!...no questions asked...that's what he gonna get now, expensive paddling!....hahahaha!!!!

Spoiled little OC yuppie gold digging brats.

it is interesting how some people are in need of a doller to get fed and to survive hunger and how some have 12 billion dollers in their hands. I mean life is not fair for everyone, and he doesn't really need to have 12 billion dollers.

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