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At an annual salary of $232,426, Villaraigosa is far from L.A.'s top-paid official [Updated]

http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/culturemonster/images/2008/12/18/mayor_villaraigosa_2.jpgMayor Antonio Villaraigosa might be L.A.'s top official, but he's far from City Hall's highest-paid worker.

The mayor earns $232,426 a year, according to a new Los Angeles city salary database. But 19 other city workers make more. Of those, three -- the airport director, the police chief and the harbor general manager -- earn more than $300,000 a year.

Also on the Top 20 list are several deputy fire chiefs, deputy airport directors as well as the city's chief administrative officer and chief legislative analyst.

Council members, by the way, earn $178,789 a year.

Los Angeles City Controller Wendy Greuel posted the salaries Friday, saying that in the wake of the Bell salary scandal, it was important to get the numbers out to the public.

"I thought it was important for Los Angeles to set an example. We thought it was about transparency and openness," said Greuel, who makes $196,668 a year.

The Times took the salaries and created the database on Friday.

[Updated at 12:16 p.m.: A city spokeswoman said that the salaries released Friday do not take into account furlough days. She said the mayor has "taken a 16% salary cut, bringing his salary to $195,237.61."]

-- Ben Welsh and San Quinones

Photo: L.A. Times file


L.A. city employee salaries database [or Adobe Acrobat (PDF)]

L.A. County city manager salaries database 

How to turn $1,800 in part-time pay into nearly $100,000 a year

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It's no wonder why Caifornia and the rest os the U S is going down the toilet. You could cut all these salaries in half and they would still be over paid. It's time for the people of CA and the United States to put an end to this gouging of our tax dollars. Vote for salary cuts for all governmental workers.

Sounds about right for a big city like this one. Not sure however that the current mayor is worth that. Most likely not.

Let's see, L.A. is in the toilet. It is rated one of the worst cities in the nation to start a business in. Existing businesses are fleeing in droves. Crime is out of control. Grafitti covers the city. And these guys are getting quarter million dollar salaries?? They should be in jailed instead !! No wonder California is a disaster area with Democrats like these sinking the ship.

Maybe not highest paid on paper, but he has his scams going don't you worry... Anyone connected to Mexico has inner knowledge of how to game the system once you get some power, it is the old way from the old country...

Los Angeles is no better than Bell. Wendy Greuel thinks she's doing us all
a favor by being transparent and listing all salaries. Sure the salaries were lower
than Bell's, but the number of government employees, all 547 PAGES !!!, clearly
shows government is too big and government jobs and pensions need to be cut.
In capitalism, a good company operates lean so there is no waste. Get it together
Wendy! 547 pages of employees for LA County...you, the mayor and all city council members should be ashamed. You're a joke. And FYI, you make too damn much Wendy!!!!! I hope all of you get fired. Vote 'em all out people! VOTE THEM OUT!!

I fail to see any fringe benefits listed. A lot of top city officials drive city vehicles, get meals paid for, caddiliac health benefits, etc. You may say this is a 'perk' of a great job, but most 'everyday people' would not have these perks so imo they should be disclosed.

That is way California can't solve its financial problems nor balance the buget because toooooo much money is going to pay outragous salaries for politians who are doing nothing and have done nothing but talk, talk, talk, and talk about nothing at that.

I can't believe how high these salaries are! A bunch of mid-level unskilled superfluous positions making 150,000 a year and up... Public service is supposed to be about serving the public, not getting fat off their tax money. What a joke. These are the same people who rail against private industry salaries and bonuses going too high. At least the private industry has to earn their money. These snakes just siphon it off our taxes. Try making 200k as a skilled technical worker in the private field, it isn't easy. But apparently an LA government job is the quick path for unskilled workers to strike it rich. And we're not even seeing their ridiculously generous benefits!

I don't know who I love more, Peter Wolf, or Joe. Both of you are right on the Money ! Refreshing.

still way more than he is worth....poor thing can't afford to pay for all his free tickets...he is an embassarrment to Latinos and Angelenos.

Can someone post a clarification as to why we shouldn't be up in arms over a $178,789 salary for an LA City Council Member when everyone is so upset over a $96,000 salary in Bell?

The City of Los Angeles is using the Bell scandal to it's advantage by saying, "Hey, we're not paid that much. Look at Bell." The fact is Los Angeles council members are way overpaid as are many other city officials. These slugs don't know what a hard day's work is. Its' a poor return on investment for Los Angeles.

...and yet he's still being paid far more than he's worth!!!!!

The city of LA should be re-imbursed! He's a crook, same as all the rest of them!

I think everyone should be investigated no one should be allowed to hide because because it's our money. Period!

I know they get a cola cost of living adjustment but I'm sure it doesn't adjust for the economy going down..

The only way to get a guaranteed job, great pay, lifetime benefits and great perks is to be a government employee. The private sector of business and the hard working taxpayers are working so that they can pay all the government employees their cushy jobs.

And what happens when you call one of these government services? You get a lousy 'that's not my job' attitude. I love how Channel 4 is exposing all the workers with their company cars doing their personal shopping, texting, etc...on the timeclock! Try that in the private sector and see how long you last.

I remember a day when you worked for the government or becaome a manager because you did not want to work the jobs did not pay much but the work was easy...just show up..but now the managers toalked the workers out of pay and benifits so they gave themselves huge raises and not the government is the only that pays ? and had great bennies....can't last much longer it killeds other countries and this one is on the way down fast..

Financial Crisis is just the begining, Let not only expose their robbery of the people, but like steph said, expose their perks and other things they do...... I mean Villariagosa already became divorced and is now with the mistress.... Is that not corruption people? When a city official or any govt official does things on the scale of infidelity, shouldnt they be dethroned? They are making a mockery of our hard paid tax dollars, and broken system!!!! Change is coming alright Obama, but its even gona clean out those who believe they got an upper hand. What goes around comes around, and just how this world rotates around the sun, so will the people's back on the system, its what we've been conditioned for, unless we force that change!! We cant keep allowing ourselves to believe people who steal from us!!!!!

Wow did I choose the wrong career!

This is corruption exposed. Imagine the total amount of corruption in every level of our government. I don't believe we have enough known numbers in the current knowledge of math.


I'm the last person who would suggest the mayor gets a pay raise, but why are there people making more money than him? Like $70,000 more? No public official should be paid higher than the President (I think $250,000) and whoever is in office always donates that to charity. I doubt the airport director does that.


Still too much. LA is broken. Fix it before you ask for reward.

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