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Villaraigosa back to normal routine after bike accident

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa probably will need three to four months for his broken right elbow to fully recover from last weekend’s bicycle accident on Venice Boulevard, a spokeswoman for the mayor said Friday.

Villaraigosa was launched over his handle bars Saturday after a taxicab abruptly pulled in front of him as he pedaled along with a member of his security team. Villaraigosa was immediately taken to UCLA Medical Center.

The elbow was broken in eight places and doctors treated him by inserting at least eight screws and a metal plate, said mayoral aide Sarah Hamilton. Villaraigosa later appeared wearing a sling and said he was glad he had been wearing a bicycle helmet because in the tumble his head also struck the pavement.

No charges will be filed against the taxi driver.

Despite the lengthy recovery period, Hamilton said, Villaraigosa has resumed a normal schedule.

-- David Zahniser at Los Angeles City Hall
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Back to normal?? HA!!!What's normal about that loser. Piece of crap.

Bunch of RACIST people he has done great htings for LA


What a loser. B gone already.

The Mayor's physical problems are one thing . His real issue is he isn't morally qualified to be a leader. He cheated on hs wife, said he was taking responsiblity and then continued the affair. He's going to social functions on the taxpayers dime...thats really his "normal schedule"...

The mayor is fortunate to have health insurance.

These are the serious and everyday injuries that bicyclists face riding in Los Angeles. Dear Mr. Mayor, we need safe and accessible bicycle lanes in Los Angeles. There is a sizable populous that exclusively commute by bike. There would be more, if it were safe.In my own neighborhood, in the last 10 years it has become impossible to ride on Centinela or Inglewood Blvd due to poor street improvements and my street Braddock is becoming impossible too. LA has the potential to be like Amsterdam with regards to cycling. It is time major blvds become one way streets and large bike paths are added to both sides of the street.

Must have been an Illegal that why no charges were filed. After all LA is a Save Haven City

I don't blame the Mayor for being who he is,I blame the voters and their voter apathy.Voters seem to be more concerned about Lindsey Lohan or American Idol,WAKE UP out their the Public Employees and Politicians are robbing us pennyless because we the citizens just don't seem to care..Let your voice be heard at the ballot box and city council meetings,and don't be afraid to call their office or e-mail them and let them know your watching their every move...

When you hit your head, will that make you smarter? There seems to be a lot more corrupt and carefree politicians running our country as if they are in Mexico.

More should be knocked off of their bikes. Maybe they will learn to stay out of the way!!!

"Villaraigosa has resumed a normal schedule" meaning dating girls left and rigth?

the cab driver should get a medal

I wonder if he got the bicycle as a "gift" from his special interest buddies.

Well...here was a perfect opportunity for the Mayor to stress the importance of how "important" it is for every driver to use their directionals for safety reasons! Once again the Mayor DROPS THE BALL! Not to seize this opportunity to make a "Public Safety Announcement" proves he has no common sense!...and does not send the proper message to people who break the law...by shrugging it off! This taxi driver who transports the "public" should have lost his license to drive a cab until he took safety driving lessons and learns the rules of the road! What is wrong with this Mayor! Why does he lack common sense! He did the same thing concerning the riots after the Lakers won...His statement was " Oh..we can expect some people to get out of hand and cause trouble..or something along those lines...What he should have said was..THERE WILL ZERO TOLERANCE FOR ANY VIOLENCE, LOOTING, RIOTING, ETC. He is not a leader that is for sure...he is a very weak individual who has a Ho-hum attitude about important issues regarding safety in a violent city! He is another useless politician who needs to be removed from office for being incompetent!

I'm surprised this punishment was so light. Usually adulterers get it much worse. May it's just a precursor of things to come for this con-artist sinner.
Oh, and I'm sure if he didn't have health insurance, he could always waltz into that hospital with a scroll in his hand and call it an official visit. No need for a bill because he is the almighty mayor of LA.

I wonder how many free tickets he missed out on while recovering? Good thing his massive ego didn't get damaged!

What do you have to do to be ticketed by a cop for injuring a bicyclist in Los Angeles? (Answer: Talk back to the cop.) OK, that was disrespectful. But, seriously, what does it take?!

I've seen some bikers out here blaming the drivers for all the "Bike/Car" mishaps....Well...you bikers need to obey the rules of the road also! I've seen you guys cut in front of cars...ride 2-3-4 abreast on little narrow road ways causing motorist to have to swerve out of their lane...THE LAW IS SINGLE FILE...I've seen you blow through red lights...just because you wear your little colorful tight outfits doesn't give you the right to blow off the rules of the road. What I never understood is if you guys are riding for "health reasons" what is healthy about riding in the middle of traffic? breathing in all that exhaust!! Risking your life riding on congested traffic ways..when there is a beautiful bike path along the coast that is safe from maniac drivers and exhaust fumes. Maybe you want the attention pedaling in your little tights right in the middle of traffic..its like.."hey" look at me...I think I'm Lance Armstrong. Look no one trying to get to work or their destination in LA traffic cares about your dumb little outfits or your expensive bike. If you have any brains you would not trust LA drivers to do the right thing and not hit you..you are taking an unnecessary risk with your life when you could just as easily go peddling in a safe environment. When it comes down to it...doesn't matter who's at fault if you are hit...because between a bike and a car...the bike is always going to lose..Even if you are lucky enough to escape with your life! So...some of us make smart choices in life and some make dumb choices in life...but once you are dead because you been crushed by a car or truck...it doesn't really matter to your corpse who was at fault now does it. So stop thinking you are special and you have some kind automatic rights just because you a cyclist....you don't....that will not protect you...the only thing that will protect you is to use your common sense if you have it.

So the dirtbag, criminal of a Mayor can resume his "normal duties" huh?
What exactly is that......
Is it cheating on his wife (now ex-wife) or current attention-seeking girlfriend?
Is is posing in front of another TV camera?
Is it spending only 11% of his time on city business as reported by LA Weekly?
Maybe it means resuming his lifestyle of FREE theatre, sporting events, concerts etc..... all while on "Official" city business.

*This incompetent boob barely won 50% of the vote and he had no competition!
Of course, because he is Latino he got re-elected. Fortunately for Angelenos it looks like his political career is over after this term. He and the clowns who run the City Council have buried this once great city and there is NO WAY OUT. Of course there is an opening in the city of BELL so maybe i spoke too soon. Even Tony Villar can muster up over 390 votes which would be more than the crooks in Bell got with their secret special election!

** For those of you who don't see the similarites let me spell it out....

This nincompoop should just retire and be done with it. What an abject failure, but a sweetie leftist that all the westside Jews love. The total grows, LA, San Francisco, Chicago, New York, and on and on and on. Loser pathetic leftists running cities into the ground because the tail is wagging the dog.

If by back to normal you mean freeloading off his office by taking bribes from local companies that have issues coming up for his city counsil to vote on, does any wonder why staples got to charge tickets to Michael Jackons funeral but why the city paid for it? or why he get free courtside tickets to every event at staples, something that would cost you or I around 4,000.00 dollars. Or how he gets free Dodger tickets, and Academy Award tickets and everything else. Our city is in the worst shape in history and it is only July and he has already attended 80 concerts and special events. And in the end it will be the tax payers that pay for it all in one way or another. Antonio freeloader Villaraigosa has been the worst Mayor ever that I can remember. Every word that comes out of his mouth he ends up having to take back, or it costs us the tax payer more money, like when he said the city would go bankrupt if we did not give DWP a rate increase, and so the city's credit rating was lowered and we got charged more for the city loans. what a guy glad to see he is back to normal.

"Well...you bikers need to obey the rules of the road also! I've seen you guys cut in front of cars...ride 2-3-4 abreast on little narrow road ways causing motorist to have to swerve out of their lane...THE LAW IS SINGLE FILE"

Actually, that's not the law. Bikes have every right to utilize the whole width of the road, just as cars do.

Just because you wish the law to be one way does not make it so.

I encourage the Mayor to keep on riding, maybe next time it will be fatal!

Wow! That is a painful injury! My sympathies to the mayor!

Now, will he re-consider his encouragement of a terribly dangerous method of transportation through his participation in cycling on congested streets? White lines for bike paths do not protect cyclists! The National Highway Safety Administration statistics show that a mile traveled by bicycle is 14.7 times more likely to result in a fatality than one traveled by passenger vehicle (don't even ask what they are for motorcycles and motor scooters!). As a politician, if he doesn't make it home, there is a whole system that will seamlessly replace him - but what if it's a dad or mom that dies? How responsible is it for those with real responsibilities to knowingly expose themselves to those odds?

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