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Unusually cold July in L.A. brings more drizzle, less sizzle


The cool air, the low clouds, the dewy breeze on the windshield -- got to love that June gloom! Oh, wait, it's July.

The thick marine layer, cloudy skies and less than scorching weather that is often a hallmark of not only June, but also May ("May gray") is not ready to go away. On Tuesday morning, commuters drove Los Angeles' freeways under a steady drizzle.

"The June gloom that forgot to show up last month is spilling over into July," said Bill Patzert, a climatologist for the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in La Canada-Flintridge. "This is Mother Nature's air conditioner." Weather scientists say cool ocean air, aided and abetted by a swirling, counterclockwise mass of air around the Catalina Islands, has been keeping Southern California cooler than normal.

Instead of daytime highs approaching the mid-80s, downtown L.A. has been getting temperatures in the mid to high 70s, said Stuart Seto, a weather specialist for the National Weather Service in Oxnard. Seto said that from June 1 to July 5, the daytime and nighttime temperatures have averaged a relatively cool 69.8 degrees.

That makes that stretch one of the cooler ones for that time of the year in the last 10 years, just slightly warmer than June 1 to July 5 in 2004 (69.4) and 2002 (68.9), Seto said. The cooler ocean air earlier in the day is moderating the temperatures for the rest of the day, he said. And low-lying clouds have been tempering the sun's heat.

"There's just a very deep marine layer. Sometimes it's so deep, with so much moisture, you'll get drizzle out of it," he said. Seto and Patzert said a rush of warmer air from Arizona should warm things up by either late this week or the weekend, though it's unclear whether that system will be strong enough to reverse the July gloom.

But by the middle of July, Patzert said, L.A. normally reverts back to its quintessentially hot summer days.

"Enjoy the onshore flow," Patzert said. "The scorchers of August, September and the fall Santa Anas are in our future."

-- Hector Becerra

Map: National Weather Service

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What do you mean, "The June gloom that forgot to show up last month is spilling over into July"? I'm a cinematographer, and I definitely struggled with Day Exteriors in early-mid June starting out in deep overcast and then turning Sunny around noon or even 1pm. And I've shot plenty of August days that started out with the big HMI lights because of the morning clouds.

Loud clouds?

Stop seeding the clouds

I wish the media would stop complaining about "June Gloom" I love it! Soon enough, we'll be complaining about the heat. Untill then, I say enjoy the cool break for what it is..."Cool Break".

Once again, they hyped up the surf report to make parking sales.

I dont know what is going on but I love it! Hate the heat!

Al Gore, I guess you were wrong....no global warming! Don't line the pockets of this idiot by believing his lies, there is no such thing as global warming!

I don't care for the infinite sunny days for southern CA. We need more precipitation and vegetation. I am all for more verdant hills and streets. Less heat in the summer, less crimes, less irritation, less A/C usage, and more productivity. Coldness elicits better brain function for me, as does for the common evolutionary tract. Some of us do not fare too well in the heat. And, I detest what heat does to my brain.

More clouds, si vou ples, por favor, please, bitte, etc., etc.!

I am enjoying it. I dread summer every year here. No A/C in my house and knowing it will get unbearably hot at some point and stay that way for quite a while.

How 'bout that global warming! Do you remember all the snow back east as well? I love it when the weather proves Al Gore and the paid off "scientists" wrong again and again! Global climate change - a fact of life and we're just along for the ride. Global warming? Just another myth.

I love it! It could stay gray past Labor Day and I'd never tire of it. We've only got two weather choices this time of year: wonderfully cool or hotter than Hades. The former comes with clean, breatheable air, the latter with smog. I'm enjoying every moment of these lushious mornings and the drizzle that seems to sting when it strikes my skin. It's just lovely...especially when considering the alternative.

I like Tom proving his ignorance by not understanding that a single data point taken out of context proves nothing.

Using your own flawed logic, the heat wave on the east coast right now would prove global warming.

Jeez, idiots.

Yes, I will love to see what all you "global warming is a myth!" tools will be saying in August when it's 105 for ten or fifteen days in a row. I hate to interrupt your Glenn Beck rhetoric with facts, but global warming doesn't mean everything is just going to be hotter all the time. It's not that simple. It's a rise--man-made or otherwise--in the average global temperature, which means that more energy will be added to the ocean and atmosphere, which will mean an average increase in CRAZY WEATHER. This includes hurricanes, heat waves, monsoons, tornado outbreaks, and yes, winter storms like blizzards and heavy snowfall in colder areas--because more energy in the atmosphere means more moisture, which means more precipitation including snow. So there you have the winter 2009-2010 heavy snowfalls. LA, due to its unusual Mediterranean climate and the cold California current off our coast, will mostly be affected by becoming hotter and drier, unfortunately. And by the way, the June Gloom is actually driven by increased heat inland--so the worse the June Gloom, the hotter it is somewhere else. At least we have the June Gloom for the brief month or two it lasts--when the two opposing forces that create it are equalized, it's going to be a long, hot, nasty summer.

This weather is great.

But to commenter Tom, it was 103 degrees in NY today. It's not "so much for global warming," and besides it's climate change. This proves nothing.

Oh, all of you anti-global warming/Al Gore nuts, please - the earth has warmed, that doesn't mean that every day is one degree warmer in every place on earth. Give it a rest, will you? This stuff is what my father would call "farmer's weather," and it's delightful - especially up here in the Santa Monica mountains.

LMAO...to all the people saying this proves that global warming is a myth...have you talked to anyone back East? They're hitting triple digit weather, which is completely abnormal.

So, is global warming just happening in the Eastern states? What will you say come August in SoCal when it hits the 100's??

"Global climate change - a fact of life and we're just along for the ride. Global warming? Just another myth."

When you need medical care or an automobile mechanic you won't rely on amateurs. Why would you believe amateur weather prognosticators or right-wing radio comedians when they assert global warming is not anthropomorphic. This is one of the most complex systems ever modeled. We should have some confidence that professional climatologists are correct and if they aren't, the scientific method will take care of their theories.

Yup, well paid climatologists who know that in order to maintain their livelihoods through grant income, have to toe the line and politicize their "science" by issuing findings consitent with the popular sentiment that "climate change", "global warming" or whatever the term du jour happens to be, is "man made". You climate change chicken littles are the idiots. Just follow the money people, and you'll see why Al Gore, T. Boone Pickens (among many others) and the "scientists" continue to sound the climate change false alarm. While there IS "climate change" occurring, it's a natural cycle caused by forces much larger than we puny humans, and we are powerless to alter it. As poster "Tom" said, "we're along for the ride".

It always amazes me how many truly ignorant people there are in the world! They seem to get all tangled in the semantics and can't be bothered to actually delve a little deeper and possibly LEARN something...I am truly sorry that somewhere along the way someone coined the term global warming because for a vast percentage of the population they only take things at face value.

Global warming = CLIMATE CHANGE!!!! Get over calling it global warming because many (Jack Frost & Tom) are simply not smart enough to grasp a concept, supported by science, if the proper name is not placed on it!

How can you ignore the fact that Florida was thrown into a bizarre "ice age" this past winter which continued well into the Spring, their citrus and tomato crops are just now rebounding! They have also contended with an unprecedented drought and most recently have been experiencing heat indexes well over 100 degrees. This is not "normal" weather!

Hell I can see it in San Francisco where I live. Over the past decade the weather has changed considerably...Our weather has continued to be drier and warmer year after year. I'm not the only one to notice these changes! They are taking place all over the world!
Some places are hotter, others colder, some drier while some are wetter....but with these changes, whole ecosystems are being negatively affected which spells bad news for us as well.

So please, wise up, actually do a little reading before making asinine comments on a subject you obviously know nothing about.

Darwin isn't weeding the morons out fast enough!!

"Just follow the money people, and you'll see why Al Gore, T. Boone Pickens (among many others) and the "scientists" continue to sound the climate change false alarm."

Ninety-nine percent of the worlds funds in the climate change question come from fossil fuel producers and are going towards maintaining the status quo. That is the money trail one looks for. If the vast majority climatologists are wrong, they will proved wrong by evidence and data, not anecdotal weather information or opinions of the ill informed.

I love the gloom in LA! Always have. I went to college in Tempe, Arizona and left back to LA the night of my graduation. We love the grey skies and we are not a fan of the heat either.


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