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What summer? Record cold at LAX as July gloom continues

Unusually cold temperatures in Southern California continued, with Los Angeles International Airport setting a record low on Friday.

LAX got to only 67 degrees, breaking a record set in 1926, according to the National Weather Service.

Temperatures are expected to stay fairly cool Saturday, with highs around 70 on the coast and in the 80s inland. Conditions will be a bit warmer on Sunday, according to the weather service.

July has turned out to be cooler than normal.

Instead of daytime highs approaching the mid-80s, downtown L.A. has experienced temperatures in the mid- to high 70s. From June 1 to July 5, daytime and nighttime temperatures have averaged a relatively cool 69.8 degrees.

That makes that stretch one of the cooler ones for that time of the year in the last 10 years, just slightly warmer than the same period in 2004 (69.4 degrees) and 2002 (68.9 degrees). The cooler ocean air early in the day has a moderating effect on daily temperature conditions. And low-lying clouds have been tempering the sun's heat.

-- Shelby Grad

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This weather is great. I can still wear long sleeve clothes like I did in the winter!

Anyone seen the summer? Still waiting.....................

All that global warming! Its been so good in Orange County I haven't used my a/c at all this year. My electric bill is only $18 a month, my gas is $5. I'm living good this year!

Love it!!! Great weather

It's climate change........and it's here.

You guys are so lucky. It's 94º here in NC with 64% humidity. Well, at least we don't get earthquakes.

It's called GLOBAL warming as in average tempertures across the globe. In case you haven't heard the Eastern portion of the US has been experienceing record breaking tempertures, as has much of the rest of the world. Just be greatful that the changing weather patterns have temporarly resulted in lower then normal local tempertures. I'm sure you won't be crowing about the truth of Global Warming next month when the tempertures will most like be their usually brutal self.

this is great. no intense heat, no allergies like spring or fall. Don't need to use A/C. Cool nights with comfortable days. Truly what southern california is supposed to be like. If you don't like it here, you area always welcome to relocate to the east coast to stay in 90-100 degree heat. =)

More bad news for the Global Warming/Climate Change cultist

lol @ the people saying this disproves global warming - the extra heat in the rest of the country is causing a massive marine layer on the west coat keeping it cool...

Jennifer you only pay $18 for electric & $5 for gas? you either live in a box or have govt assistance.

You can't expect the weather to be the exact same every year.

Anyone take any science classes here?

It's normal.... record lows from 1926.... so it's been this low before..... before this so called climate change.

I love this weather. Let it continue indefinitely.

What about those of us suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)???

All these gray, overcast days are taking a toll on us!!!

Akane said the heat in the east is causing the massive marine layer in LA. God you man made global warming believers really are just ignorant fools. Use you brain. Educate your selves on the science of climatic cylces, of Sun spots, of the jet stream. I know. It's easier to listen and believe what sounds good and pulls on your emotions than to actually determine the truth and facts on your own.

Silly Sheeple, You will all still have to pay a carbon tax, hot or cold.

At least the American sheeple are waking up to their scams.

For example, I wonder how many of you noticed the legal definition for "Exempt income" that is ALREADY WRITTEN into tax law.

Funny that it takes a computer scientist just two minutes to find something that thousands of tax "experts" won't even bother. Its so easy, a child could figure it out.

WHAT IS TAXED dott comm

"All that global warming". Guess you haven't heard about the heat wave that's killed people in the east.

Shusshhh, don't remind summer that it's late!

How about "What Global Warming?" since that is what is blamed every time it gets really hot for a few extra days. Fair is fair.

Could it be the amount of stuff pumped in the sky by the Iceland volcano??

The fact that science has become fraught w/ knee jerk emotion and partisan politics is both sad and does not bode well. A majority consensus of scientists is good enough to trust your life to the technology it produces, but when it comes to climate change... it holds no weight? Making a distinction w/ the mainstream term "global warming and conversely concluding that hot=correct.... cold=incorrect is grossly over-simplistic and not at all in line w/ what climatologists are warning about. Climate CHANGE is. That the vast amounts of changes we are introducing to the planet ARE and will effect and initiate changes to the natural order and stability of the planet is fact. That the repercussions are complicated and unpredictable is fact as well and rather frightening. Caution in how we proceed is conservative, wise and prudent.

You ingest a pill which introduces a chemical to your body in parts per million w/ utter confidence that it will initiate changes to your own natural system significant to save your life or greatly improve your health. In turn, you avoid introducing other chemicals with the knowledge that even minute amounts have the ability to upset the natural balance of your body enough to kill you. Why would anyone logically and rationally believe that the natural balance of the planet is any different?

It's been cooler here by LAX the past three or four years and I'm glad. I hated those "hot/warm" days of February/March and October/November we had the previous several years before that. It was warmer than normal then and now the temps have fallen back down.

We haven't been able to sell as many air conditioners and fans the last few years where I work, but I'll take this kind of weather anytime.

Yes its cool and wow its southern california..i left there in 1998 when all the gang graffitti was all over everything..every where you look it was a mess ..spray painted by hispanic gangs..the smog and traffic and the gang activity was terrible..its a real summer here in Orlando hot and humid..very little gang activity..no graffiti to speak of...the puerto ricans dont mind speaking english like the mexicans do in calif an dont have that La Raza attitude either...all in all a great move!!!

When most of the world experienced GLOBAL record breaking low temperature in the last few winters, no one said a thing.

Global warming is globally a joke. Even if the temperature do rise, most scientists do not believe we're going to sink deep into the ocean like Al Gore predicts. Moreover, the burger munching Americans who complain about having to pay slightly over 3 bucks a gallon (oh the travesty!) aren't going to turn off their AC and ride a bike to work to prevent the deadly CO2 emission.

I love it....it is keeping the traffic at a minimum here in Malibu on the weekends.

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