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Girl who died after L.A. rave didn't tell family she was going, spokesman says

The family of a 15-year-old girl who died after a rave at the L.A. Memorial Coliseum last weekend did not know she was going to attend the event, a family spokesman said.

Sasha Rodriguez's relatives remain in mourning and are still trying to piece together the series of events that led to her death. They have been stung by criticism from people who believe that Sasha's parents permitted her to go to the Electric Daisy Carnival, a massive dance party where the minimum age for attendance without a legal guardian was supposed to be 16.

The spokesman said neither Sasha's mother nor father knew of her plans. It was not until they were contacted and told she was at California Hospital Medical Center that they learned she had attended a rave, the spokesman said.

According to the spokesman, the family friend who told The Times on Tuesday -- shortly after Sasha's family removed her from life support -- that her parents knew she was going to attend her first rave had intended to say only that to their knowledge, the rave was Sasha's first.

The Los Angeles County coroner's office said Friday that Sasha's case has been deferred and an official cause of death would not be available for six to eight weeks.

Friends held a bake sale at the Alessandro Elementary School in Silver Lake this weekend to help Grace Rodriguez, Sasha's mother, with funeral costs.

Scores of people who attended the rave required medical attention for drug intoxication. Coliseum officials have announced a temporary ban on new contracts with rave operators as they consider whether to allow another such event.

-- Sarah Ardalani 

Photo: Sasha Rodriguez. Credit: Rodriguez family

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It's tragic, very tragic. But should be expected at an event like this.. I remember several years ago someone was interviewing a doctor who attended to the medical tent at a Grateful Dead show and he mentioned that most of the people admitted were there for heat exhaustion etc., not drug overdoeses. He said that the people there new their limitations with drugs.

Okay, tragic situation but I'm pretty sure the first article I read about this last weekend indicated that the family knew she was going to a rave...

So sad. I remember attending rave events pretty much every weekend during the early part of the 2000's. Although party drugs were rampant (and I will admit to using them as well), I don't ever recall so many people requiring medical attention. I wonder if the party drugs have gotten stronger over the years. I am so thankful that I stopped doing this. Now my only fear is the repercussions of these drugs in my later years. Only time will tell.

Hope this article helps everyone to try and be more careful. RIP Sasha

May she rest in peace that poor young girl. Its so sad when thing like this happens. My thoughts are with the parrents.
Hugs. Jesper. From Denmark
RIP. Sasha Rodriguez.

Is the problem "raves" or is it teens taking drugs? Because the difference is HUGE and the LA Times is clearly missing this. This event was nothing more than a concert - A music event like any other. The only difference is that som know-nothing at the Times is singling it out by calling it a "rave."

Let's focus on the real issues, shall we? Teens taking drugs. Clueless parents. Promoters going too big with an underage crowd.

sorry about the loss, I truly am. But at an event with almost 200,000 visitors, the amount of people ill or sent to hospital (that we know) is about .1%... I still think that, all in all, it's a pretty good outcome for an event so large.

Bill Graham would have medics in bright red jackets or t-shirts running around his concerts up in San Francisco back in the day. They weren't 'narcs' or anything, but they were well trained in handling any type of overdose, heat exhaust, etc. Doctors, EMTs, nurses, etc. would volunteer to work the concerts because they got all access badges. I remember a nurse friend saying that they had a waiting list of people who wanted to volunteer! Maybe they should bring this back for a new generation.

All These HELL HOLES Should NOT BE ALLOWED To Exist .... Because Thats Just What They Are ... HELL HOLES! ... That Poor Child .. DID NOT... BELONG THERE ..... And Thats Just What She Was A Beautiful Child .... Now ... She's Gone Forever .... What A Tragic Loss .... Life Is Sooooo .... PRECIOUS ! Our Children ARE PRECIOUS And DO NOT AND SHOULD NOT BE EXPOSED TO ALL THIS GARBAGE ..... I Say BAN THEM ALL !! FOREVER !

Not too much you can DIE of at a rave, other than drug use, or violence. My guess is that someone convinced her to take something, maybe ex, her 15 yr. old body couldn't handle it, or maybe she took too much of it, or maybe it was another drug altogether, and whatever it was killed her. Sad but true.

Seriously, there's all kinds of wrong in this story.

Where do I begin...

Mother said, in pretty decent english, I can tell she was born here, she said that she knew her daughter went but accompanied by her father.

Initially TV news reports said the mother said she was sleeping at 3 am when she got the call from a daughters friends mother. Which leads one to believe that the mother knew - and she spoke as if she knew when she was interviewed by local KCAL news.

But my question to that is, as a mother, you were sleeping at 3 am nice an tranquil and not worried about your daughter?

You, the mother, obviously grew up in Los Angeles, can speak pretty good english and you don't know what happens at Rave's?

And the father, what's his story?

Then the mother, starts blaming ONLY the Coliseum and or the Police and that the Coliseum is at fault, but, that just deflects your failure in parenting.

If I had a daughter going over to that thing, I'd be cruising the coliseum up and down contacting her, letting her know to watch the drugs, have fun, if you need me, I'm outside, I'm your parent.

Now, as for the slipping of the overdose - I have to wonder if it really was some slipping her an overdose or too much of whatever drug they were slipping people. If this is the case, they need to find that person and others involved.

If the girl was participating in drug usage, well that says something very loud and clear about BOTH parents and how much they failed as parents.

And it also says something about each and everyone of those who attended and are part of that culture, which mind you, I'm actually surprised rave's even still exist as that whole Rave thing seems so incredibly passé and dated. So 1992 to me. So... out.

So my only assumption is that then, these parties are really a really big excuse to do illicit rave drugs and party. Nothing else.

There were other Rave parties around 10 years or more years ago at the Olympic auditorium where the police came in in riot gear to disperse all these junked out ravers, there were overdoses and someone also died, something like that. They stopped doing raves there. Now its a Korean church, but the thing is that these parties are never free of tragedies, its part of the culture, its going to happen.

A shame, so many to blame and no one wants to accept their hand in it. Kind of cowardly if you ask me.

When someone breaks a law they say ignorance is not a defense. These parents may not have know where their daughter was going or she might have outright lied about what she would be doing. It only goes to prove that a significant number of parents don't interact enough with their children and become very involved with their lives. Parental responsibility once again is at the center of this story. Ignorance is not a defense when a 15 year old girl dies needlessly.

She leaves her house never to come back. Perhaps other kids can learn from this. Do you want to be remembered for your final actions? In this case deception to your family and drugs?

This is every parents nightmare. Who put the RAVE together? Someone paid big bucks to use the Coliseum? This is part of America's next lost generation.

It is child endangerment pure and simple. The parents are responsible for the care and upbringing of the children they put into this world.
Child protective services needs to bring charges against these parents. There is no excuse for a 15 year old female to have died because she broke the rules.

So her parents weren't parenting and didn't know where was she was. Irresponsible parents = everyone suffering. On our nation's birthday, we are contemplating banning raves in the county. What a joke! Why don't parents do their job and watch their kids and the rest of society doesn't have to pay for a moron's mistake. You people value human life too highly and you have to realize that not every life is worth saving. In fact, we should have more drugs handed out at public places so more people die and there'll be less traffic. Steve Lopez, you're up first.

They shouldn't be allowed to host these large scale for profit drug parties and the promoters should be sued along with the venue. The city should be sued for allowing it at their space.
Everyone knows what those rave parties are for and the music can only be listened to while on party drugs.

It's all one big drug party filled with illicit drugs made from unsavory sources who don't care what is in them. The promoters should have to give back all their profits and run out of town but this is L.A. The land of weed shops on every corner.

The Coliseum holds 92,000 for a football game. Why in the world would the commission allow this type of venue?
They knew the revenue would be lucrative, but there was always a chance for a tragic consequence. Now, we know.
15 years old, what a waste. But, then again, this type of tragedy has been happening for decades....Nothing new.

I'm sorry but I don't believe them. They're attempting to cover up their poor parenting and are clearly attempting to launch a lawsuit to make some money. For shame.

Rave losers united

The girl is gone and nothing is going to bring her back. This should be an eye opener for parents who allow their kids to have to much freedom. Parents are ultimately responsible for the up bringing of their children. You as a parent have a responsibility to know who they are going with, where they are going and what they are going to be doing when they get there. If you dont keep track of your kids goings and comings, then dont blame others when something tragic happens to them.

Yes, Michelle, but if the family "didn't know" they can then place all blame on the party promoters and the city and then sue them for liability. Cha-Ching!

First of all RIP Sasha and my thoughts go out to friends and family.

However if the parent's didn't know, they should have! If your child is at that age it is your responsibility to know where they are and what they are doing at all times. That's part of what parenting is about.

If the event is 16 and over who is responsible for checking. This is more shame on the City of Los Angeles. The City will sell there souls to the Devil for more money. They need the pension. They rant and rant about our children then do nothing to protect them. Pigs all of them.

I'm sorry to say this but it's true, the girl knew what she was getting herself into. For years people have been going to "raves" and everyones been fine with it up until a young girl passes. She knew what she was doing and she still decided to take it, as for her friend, she should have been watching her! The parents at first said they knew she was going but now their saying they didn't. That's your fault for letting her be there. Don't ruin over 185,000 peoples fun because of one poor decision. Not everyone at these events take drugs, unlike some of you, we actually like to attend them sober for the music.

Very sad story.

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