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Mel Gibson talks to detectives about allegations that ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva tried to extort him


Los Angeles County sheriff’s investigators interviewed Mel Gibson Sunday about allegations that his former girlfriend tried to extort him by threatening to make public information allegations of domestic abuse and the much publicized audio recordings.

Gibson, who is under investigation for alleged domestic violence and child endangerment in connection with an incident earlier this year, spoke only to the detectives about the extortion allegations against Oksana Grigorieva, his former girlfriend with whom he had a child.

“He wanted to make formal complaint for the allegations for extortion and provide information to the detectives,” said Sheriff’s spokesman Steve Whitmore. “Detectives will investigate this wherever it leads,” he added.

Gibson’s lawyers last week met with sheriff’s investigators and presented evidence they said supported the extortion claim.

They also revealed that Grigorieva sought a multimillion-dollar payout as the couple split, according to law enforcement sources

Grigorieva last Friday angrily told reporters Gibson was lying about the extortion allegation. “Because Mel is lying. He is lying. There is no extortion. There’s is no texts and no emails.… I am fighting for my child. He’s just a liar, and it will come in the court, just wait.” 

She denied that her family had leaked recordings to Radar Online in which a voice purportedly that of Gibson hurls profanities and threats at her.

Sheriff’s investigators pursuing the domestic violence probe are focusing on witnesses, medical records and text and email messages to check the veracity of Grigorieva’s allegations that Gibson struck her earlier this year and endangered their child, Lucia, said two sources who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the ongoing investigation.

-- Richard Winton

Photo credit: Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department

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If you plug the keyword "gold digger" into the Google search box, Oksana Grigorieva's name is a top ten result. Poetic justice?

Put that Russian spy extortionist in jail.

Tricia Walsh-Smith became famous for dishing personal details about her relationship with Broadway honcho Philip Smith on YouTube.com during their very public divorce last year. Unfortunately for her, Philip (and millions of her online gawkers) got the last laugh when a Manhattan judge exposed her broadcasting as "a calculated and callous campaign to embarrass and humiliate her husband" and refused to give her more than their prenuptial agreement allowed. Ouch.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/gossip/galleries/nastiest_hollywood_divorce_battles/nastiest_hollywood_divorce_battles.html#ixzz0uuaUDBns

Why are you using a police mug shot for this story?

cluetrain: yeah - but that will fade away, just like the remnants of Gibson's career.

Persons who have been victims of abuse or studied abuse recognize the signs: the belittling, degradation, the punitive behaviour, mental and physical abuse, controlling and terrorizing victim with threats, seething and uncontrolled rage, demanding ultimate control and obedience, the manipulation, making victim feel unworthy, isolating victim from others, the lack of empathy or feeling, blaming victim to justify their abusive conduct, falsely accusing victim of inappropriate behavior, narcissistic behavior, misogynistic (women-hating) behavior, their cool and calculating demeanor when others are present, portraying themselves as the victim, etc. When a person tries to leave their abuser, this is when the victim is most at risk.

Mel's lawyers have attempted to deny that Mel abused and punched Oksana when the tapes, texts and physical evidence overwhelmingly supports Oksana's claim. Mel is now alleging extortion which Oksana emphatically denies which is also supported in the tapes when she states she does not want his money. I have grave concerns regarding Mel Gibson not having court-ordered supervised visitation with his baby daughter, Lucia, due to his uncontrolled rage, their baby was also allegedly a victim of his abuse when she allegedly received a mark on her chin when Mel was beating Oksana, and there are numerous cases of men harming their children as retribution to punish the victim of their abuse. According to the tapes, Mel allegedly threatened to burn Oksana’s house down, put (bury) her in a rose garden, and beat her head with a bat. Oksana has purportedly claimed that Mel also pointed a gun in their direction and then threatened to kill Oksana, their baby Lucia, her son Sasha, and himself. It is apparent Mel Gibson is a serious danger to others and therapy has not helped. Mel should NOT receive special treatment because he is famous: he should only (at most) have court-ordered supervised visits with his daughter due to his abuse and child endangerment, as well as receive the same sentencing as others serve time in jail.

It seems to me that unless a victim of domestic violence went to/called law enforcement, not a dentist or whatever,
immediately so that they could examine physical evidence and interview witnesses, they don't have a case they could possibly prove.


Its too bad that the one leg gold digger that cleaned out Paul McCartny should be on top of Google's search results.

Last laugh 2Crazy? I think her online diatribe has paid off in ways that her ex could never have imagined. Ms Walsh-Smith is currently starring in one of the biggest cult shows Sky have ever produced in the UK.

The first 6 tapes are absolutely awful! But, the recently released 7th tape sounds so "fake" and "staged". Yes, the words are mean, but they lack the anger and passion and craziness of the first few tapes!

Nope, cluetrain, in the real world, the first reference is to the Kanye West song. The lady doesn't even appear at all in the first full page of listings.

I hope she drains him of every last penny, and he ends up his days flipping burgers in Wollongong.

How much you want to bet, he comes out of this much better than she does?

Speaking as a woman, as much as it pains me to say this, she is the kind of woman, who gives women a bad name. She is a golddigger, and there are lots of worse things I could call her.

If all her claims are true, there were so many better ways of handling it than selling the tapes to a tabloid online outlet.

Sorry Mathew, don't think your dream will come true. However, I see Ms. Oskana on a slow boat back to Russia. Mr. Gibson attempted to give her a career by spending hundres of thousands of dollars. What an idiot. That is what happens when a man listens with the lower part of his body instead of his head and his ears.

Oh, so HE'S the victim. Now I get it.

YEh, but if you'll type GOLD DIGGER in the news section - OKSANA Grigorieva name shows up on the first page, in the first lines. And this is all OVER the WORLD! What a FAME! BRAVO!

You know.When I read about all of this crap about some celeberty having thier phone conversations taped and then played all over the media.I give thanks to God that I am who I am. Just some faceless person going about my business reading the paper,Smoking my pipe and staying in the shadows.I dont need to have some wana -be actor shaking my hand or having photos taken of me eating at Denneys or going to Home Depot.I feel for Mel and I also for his ex-wife who gets draged into this mess.Let this be a warning to all of you young folks who want fame and fortune.There is a price. Are you ready to pay?

Gina,I couldn't agree with you more. You Go!

Has anyone seen this Mel G. story covered on the show "Issues?" They have some experts on that have a very interesting perspective re Oksana. They are covering it all more tonight. Issues has been doing a very good job bringing up new angles.

Mel's people are still bashing Oksana online, I see.

Regardless of what she has done or not done, it still doesn't change the fact that he is a violent racist.


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